2016 Race Bucket List

As 2016 begins, I have started thinking about a race bucket list.  In a world where I stayed injury free and my schedule allowed I would be able to do all of the races I’ve had my eyes on. Who knows, I doubt I’ll get to all of them this year, but there are a few races I’ve had my eyes on!

2016 running race bucket list

The Carlsbad Half Marathon
I’ve heard this race is scenic and beautiful.  I was born in San Diego, and I’ve been dying to go back.  The half looks much flatter than the full marathon, plus San Diego weather beats the East Coast.

The Shamrock half marathon
2016 will (hopefully) be my fifth year running Shamrock.  I love the race series, and J&A does an excellent job putting the race together.  I recommend it to anyone!

It’s a flat, fast and crowd supported course and I would like to better my best Shamrock time of 1:25.14, if not just flat out PR.

At least I look jazzy right?

From last year

Shamrock Legacy: 
Year 1: 1:33.30
Year 2: 1:25.14
Year 3: 1:25.29
Year 4: 1:33:06 (two weeks post marathon and having hamstring/hip issues)

The April Fools half
The April Fools half marathon is where I set my PR 1.5 years ago.  The Atlantic City Race directors do an incredible job.  For being in such a large city, I love how low key the race is.  Plus it’s in a decent time of the year, and the only thing to worry about is how windy it is.

Air force half OR full
It scares me to put potentially another full marathon on the calendar. The fall is a very long time away.  My training has been going well, and if I can remain injury free, I would like to run either the Air Force half or full this year.  I’ve run two marathons and not enjoyed either but maybe the third time is a charm…or maybe not.

But hopefully I'll be more prepared than this if I choose that route.

But hopefully I’ll be more prepared than this if I choose that route.

I won’t run another full marathon until I have not only Pred in my shorter distances but am satisfied with my progress. Marathons are always there, and there is no reason to sign up until I’m ready to run another one.

Those are just a few races that come to mind.  I do plan to fill my schedule with plenty of 5ks, 10ks and halves, but these are a few I’ve had my eyes on!

There will be many races I’ll train and race untapered as a workout, and there are many races I’ll run after tapering and resting.

Questions for you:
Do you have a race bucket list? 
What is your all time favorite race?


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  1. Sounds amazing…especially the San Diego race! Where is the Shamrock Half? I’m assuming NJ but it sounds great. I’m excited to see how speedy you are this year 🙂

  2. That’s a good list, lots of halfs for you.
    I see u have the shamrock in march, was hoping to see you at the ADRENALINE RUN on the 19th. Lol
    What a full MARATHON like ..never did that run.seems intimidating.

  3. Yesssss Shamrock. Unfortunately if you want to see me there, you’ll have to wait till I finish. Which is a LONG time.

    I’d like to do a race in the Florida Keys or something out on the West Coast. I’ve never done a race outside of VA…gasp!

  4. I just made a similar comment in my 2016 goals post: I don’t want to run another marathon until I’ve made substantial progress with shorter races.

    I hope you are able to stay injury free and cross most of these races off of your bucket list this year!

  5. I would love to do the Maui Half Marathon one day. This year, I’m looking forward to Shamrock (!) and my first Rock n Roll race (Half) in Nashville in April. I’ve always wanted to try a Rock n Roll race. The Falmouth Road Race (Cape Cod) used to be a favorite. I’ve done it 6 times I think. The last time was a PR so I may leave it at that 🙂 Plus there are so many destination races that I haven’t done and I don’t feel the desire to repeat a certain race.

  6. the race i am most excited for this year is the disneyland paris half marathon. its actually a week before my 30th birthday so i thought what better way to celebrate than running a half marathon in paris and spending some time in the beautiful city. this will be my first international half so im nervous and excited all at the same time. carlsbad half looks beautiful! i love races that have beautiful courses to keep you amazing through the whole run.

  7. You need to do the Sping Lake 5 Memorial Day Weekend! SO wonderful.

    That will probably be my first “race” postpartum (so, I’ll run slow). Other than that I only have RnR Vegas Half in November on my calendar! I hope to train and do well, but we will see how life goes with two kids!

  8. I really want to do the Shamrock half one day. I don’t think this will be the year but maybe next year… I’m trying not to plan too far ahead right now with races just because I have no idea where I’ll be and if I’ll stay healthy. I’m enjoying the go with the flow thing right now!

  9. It’s hard for me to pick an all-time favorite race, because there are so many races I’ve never done. I would say my favorite races are the Charleston Marathon races and the James Island Connector Run. Both offer something for everyone, they are competitive with awards (nice awards for overalls) but also do finisher’s medals, and reasonably priced. Neither are very big races, but they are big enough to be competitive without being overwhelming.

    Also, they both have free parking which is huge downtown!

  10. Although Air Force Marathon wasn’t my favorite race, this course is SUPER FLAT and I have my best time of 5 marathons there. It gets very boring/lonely on the second half of the course but nothing that you can’t get through. I suggest it if you are looking to PR. I have friends running the half this year and I may do the 10K so we should totally meet up! Let me know if you need anything if you do decide on this one.

  11. Those NJ shore races in the spring can be so windy. I ran the Asbury Half and the wind knocked the life out of me. Same with NJ Marathon. Ugh. Wind. But I am with you I refuse to return to the full marathon until I have my half time down and think that it won’t take away all the progress I have made with speed. It took forever to come back after focusing on marathons.

  12. I’ll be running Shamrock! I love that race! It is also my half PR, but no where near close to yours!

  13. Looks like a fun bucket list! I especially like the sound of the April Fools one!

  14. So much to love on this list! I would love to run Shamrock if I was closer. I def plan on a couple road marathons this fall, but am thinking to move to the trails for most of the summer. It gets too hot here in ATL.

    • I hope you get to run Shamrock one day Alaina! I have a few friends that live in Atlanta and I’ve run a couple of races down there. It gets so hot but the running community is awesome!

  15. I’ve been working on my 2016 races too. I’d like to do 4-5 marathons this year (I did 5 last year) but am having trouble picking out which ones I want to do! Some of them will involve a fair amount of travel, so that factors in also. Good luck with your races! I’m excited to read about them! 🙂

  16. Marathon are tough, it’s amazing you have a bucket list for it. Personally I’ve always hated running, I prefer doing stairs. Plus it’s easier on my knees.

  17. if you do the shamrock let me know! i was thinking of adding that to my spring roster as well. i think i can train well with 60 days and it could be a good place to start and see what i can do for the year

    • I’ll be there! I’m originally from Virginia Beach area so unless I’m injured, it’s a race I really want to do again.

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