Holly Jolly Christmas

My husband and I were lucky enough to spend last week and the Holiday with my in-laws.  Despite working most of the week, we were able to make the easy 3-hour drive to central PA.  One reason I enjoy living in New Jersey is because we are so close to everything.  Both my parents and my husbands parents are within a six-hour drive.  We don’t have to get on an airplane to visit.  Not that my husband hates flying…

It could have been the unusual weather, but this year was hard to get into the Holiday spirit.  The pouring rain and 70 degrees didn’t help, but December was also a busy month for me.  I keep thinking we “just” made our first Turkey, but Thanksgiving was over a month ago!

We set up our own Christmas Tree at home.

Christmas Tree

We arrived on to my in-laws home on Christmas Eve.  We were able to see my sister in law play the flute in the Church service.  She is a local music teacher and truly skilled at playing.

tim and I

Afterwards, we celebrated at my sister in laws house with dinner and drinks.  It was fun to relax and enjoy just hanging out.  I’m lucky to be so close to my husband’s entire family.

A few delicious Holiday Eats: 

My inlaws enchiladas are the key to heart (one of them at least)

My inlaws enchiladas are the key to heart (one of them at least)

Egg nog and ice cream.

Eggnog and ice cream.

Pumpkin rolls with cream cheese frosting is the best.

Pumpkin rolls with cream cheese frosting are another key to my heart.

We spent Christmas with both Tim’s parents, grandparents, sister and husband as well as their daughter.

My husband, father in law and I even got to go on a nice peaceful run.  Running in Central PA reminds me a lot of running in my old college town.  It’s open country roads with minimal shoulders.  You can see for miles and the only thing that might bother you are a few cows.  Since it was Christmas, the roads were a lot quieter than normal too.

We opened gifts under the tree and watched as my two-year-old niece was excited about everything. Many people might not know but I love penguins and my mother in law got me penguin slippers.  They are the best!

penguin slippers

I had a great Holiday in Pennsylvania.  Now for a few days of work and then I’ll be traveling to my parents for New Years.  I haven’t been down to Virginia since Labor Day and the Rock N Roll half marathon so I’m excited for that too.

Questions for you:
How were your Holidays?
Do you have a tradition for Christmas? 



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  1. I’m glad you were able to visit with your in-laws and all of Tim’s family! It’s always special to be with family for the holidays. It looks like you had a fun time, too. I’m glad you were able to get in a peaceful run… open roads are the best :). I love the penguin slippers, too. So cute!

    Hope you have safe (and fun!) travels when you visit your parents in VA!

  2. I had no idea you loved penguins, but those slippers are seriously adorable. And I know what you mean about the holiday spirit being a little hard to get into this year… I wasn’t feeling overly Christmassy either, but I really did enjoy all the R&R that comes with this time of the year.

  3. It sounds like a really nice Christmas and I’m glad you get to see both families over the holiday. Love your dress and I could totally go for one of those pumpkin rolls right now… I guess that means it’s lunchtime haha

  4. Yes, you are lucky! I have to fly to visit my side of the family but my in laws are here often… My husband and I have developed a take out Chinese dinner tradition lol but we really love our quiet morning on Christmas in our pjs all day. 🙂 our little family usually does a quick run but we’ve had nothing but monsoons lately!!! Happy new year to you!!

  5. I have never had eggnog and now that I have made it to this point in life it is kind of a challenge to see how much longer I can go!
    And love your dress! totally gorgeous.

  6. The rain made it so tough to get into the holiday spirit! We tried to get a Christmas tree, but it was so strange being at the snowless venue. It did not feel the same–and it definitely did not feel like Christmas. *Sigh* But it sounds like you had a great holiday overall!

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