Training: 2 Rest Days and 2 Races

Warning: This post is all over the place.  

Last week I had a lot going on. Running wise, I could tell it caused me to feel run down.  About three weeks ago, I started taking an antibiotic for my skin. The lat few weeks I haven’t felt great.  I’m running well, but I’ve felt lethargic, run down and even more anxious.  I’ll write another post about that sometime soon but in summary, the only thing that changed was beginning to take the antibiotic.  After researching side effects and talking with my doctor, we realized the antibiotic wasn’t a good fit for me.  Even though it’s not running related, it did affect my racing and training.


Monday: Easy run 15 minutes core
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 6X1 mile repeats 15 minutes core
Thursday: Rest 15 minutes core
Friday: Easy run
Saturday: Local 5k 19:47 (6:21)  15 minutes core
Sunday: Loop Run 8.4 Miler 54:00 (6:25 pace)
Total:  60 miles

My easy runs were just that, easy.  There was nothing exciting.

Workout Wednesday: 6X1 mile uphill repeats 6:45 pace

It was a hard and challenging workout. To be honest, the weather was windy, cold and rainy and I was mentally disconnected from the workout. I’m proud of myself for getting through it. Sometimes workouts feel effortless, other times they do not.  uphill mile repeats

Saturday: Local Memorial 5k (19:47)

As I said, I haven’t been feeling the greatest and was under instruction to tempo versus race. Honestly, that was fine with me because I don’t think racing would have produced a much faster time. I hung back during the race, and my mile splits were 6:11, 6:21 and 6:28. I was glad to get some faster miles on my legs. My legs didn’t feel bad, but my stomach didn’t great.  The goal was to finish in 19:45 and I ran 19:47.

I did win this neat award though
I did win this neat award though


Sunday: Loop Race (8.4 miles) 6:25 pace

I ran the loop race last year as my first race post stress fracture.  I ran the race in 59:05.  This year, despite running a tempo race the day before I ran 54:00 minutes which averages to a 6:25 pace.  I was pleasantly surprised with how the race went.  I’ll have a race recap this week, but it was nice to finish the week off on a better note.

Thoughts for Next Week: 

Next week I’m hoping to run another base 5k on Thursday. My weeks have been a little bit unusual the last month with a lot of mid-week racing. I’ll try and do a speed workout and race.

I’m also hoping that I’ll be able to start feeling healthy since I’ve stopped taking the antibiotic.

Questions for you:

How was your week of training?

Have you ever had side effects from medicine?