November Training

Month of November Training: 

Total miles: 275
Shortest run: 2.5-mile warmup
Longest run: 15.1 miles
Range of Paces: 5:54-10:45-untimed**
Fastest mile since August 2014

Thank you Erica for the photo!
Shortest run: 2.5 miles cooldown
Longest run: 15 miles
Favorite run:
6X1 mile repeats made me feel strong
Favorite Race:
I don’t have a favorite race per say, but I’ll default to the Medford Colonies 5k (18:48). It was my fastest 5k of the month, despite not feeling the greatest.

medford colony turkey trot

Nov 8: A Bold 5k (19:34)
Nov 14: Memorial 5k (19:30)
Nov 15: KISS 5k (19:00)
Nov: 18 Base Turkey Trot (19:23)
Nov 22: Philadelphia Half Marathon (1:25)
Nov 26: Medford Colonies 5k (18:48)
Nov 27: Haddon Township 5k (19:23)

I was surprised that I had a few fairly fast races. While I did a mini-taper for the Philadelphia, I was untapered for all of them. In my October training post, I mentioned I plan to train through all of my races this month. I essentially did just that.

me run 5k

I did fall by the wayside more than I would like in core and extra strength.  I stayed healthy through November, but I know if I don’t keep core/strength somewhat regular with my running I’m bound to get injured again.

December thoughts:

I have a few races this December.  As the months get colder, the fewer races exist in the area.  The weather is unpredictable, and we close roads if there is ice.  Plus considering I fell on a gorgeous day in September, I don’t think racing on ice is my thing.  I’ll still be running and racing often, but there won’t be as many two races in one weekend.  I have a few 5ks in mind that I hope one will bring the PR I’ve been chasing.

I also plan to get back into the little things such as strength, plyo, and core.  Through November, I gradually stopped doing those things.  While I’m not injured now, I do know I will head that way if I let it completely go.

In summary, I’m happy with how November went.  I do feel like a broken record, but I’m looking forward to seeing how December goes, hopefully with a PR.

Questions for you:

What is your fitness related goal of December?

Do you have any family plans for the Holidays?  Are you traveling or staying home?