Haddon Township Turkey Trot (19:23)

In summary, it was the best of times and then the worst of times. In running terms, I took the race out faster than what my body was capable of and then rode the pain train home.  Unlike a marathon, riding the pain train home in a 5k is a mile or maybe 2…not 10 miles.Before the race, I knew I was sore from the Medford race two days prior.

The Haddon Township Turkey Trot is the most well known in the area. It’s so well known even the infamous Mike Rossi signed up for it!  (Note: I did not see him at all, not that I would recognize him).  At the Haddon Township Turkey Trot, there are normally over 700 people, and it’s organized and put together. My husband got to the race around 8:00 quickly signed up and were on our way for a warm up.

For such a big race they had no photos (taken from Liz)
For such a big race, they had no photos…My head is in there somewhere (taken from Liz)

The race started at 9. It would have been easier for me to get to work if the race started earlier, but luckily I was working close by to the Haddon Township Turkey Trot. After chatting with a few friends at the race start, we were off.

With 700 people, the race start was crowded.  It was sidewalk to sidewalk of people.  I found myself running entirely too fast during the first mile.  I was running side by side with a fast woman, and she was pressing the pace. My legs felt extremely sore from a solid performance two days prior. We hit the first mile in 5:54 which is my fastest mile in over a year. I was excited and thought, despite feeling awful could this be the day I finally PR?  The first six minutes were the best of times chapter of the Haddon Township Turkey Trot.

During the second mile, I quickly came to the realization PRing would not be the case. I began to feel more and more tired. My legs felt sore and tired, but I was not going to give up and stop either. I was still running with the first place women. We passed another female, and I saw my boss cheering. Around 1.75 the other woman dropped me. That’s three races in a row I’ve been dropped or broken. It made me realize I need to work on fast finishes. I hit the second mile in 6:07. I was pleased with a 12-minute 2-mile split, though.

The third mile progressed back to the finish line. My legs were extremely sore, and I was miserable. Many people began to pass me. I went from being tied for first place to being dropped to second. During the third mile not one or two women but three passed me. I knew I was riding the pain train all the way home. I crossed mile 3 in 6:24.  I was surprised I was moving that fast and it felt as if I was crawling.

During the final home stretch, I saw two of my coworkers who I hadn’t seen in a few months. They cheered go Hollie and instead of focusing on the finish I said, awe man great to see you guys! It showed how mentally checked out of the race I was.

I crossed the finish line of the Haddon Township Turkey Trot in 19:24 and 4th female overall. A lot of people mentioned the course was long, and I did have 3.15 on my Garmin, but I didn’t cut tangents well either.

It felt awesome to run my fastest mile in almost a year and a half even though my legs were sore from the Medford colonies 5k. While it stinks to take a race out too fast, I know I was sore and tired. I’m happy with how I’m progressing. A few months ago a race like this would have resulted in a 6:5X mile and felt crawling. I realized this race was the same time as my turkey trot on base the week prior.  It was a differently run race, though.  I don’t regret running the Haddon Township Turkey Trot and it was a great workout.

Question for you:
Have you ever raced a mile?
I haven’t in a few years, but I did run a 5:31 on track and a 5:35 during my 5k PR.  Then of course the many mile tests I took in gym class.

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  1. I’ve never raced a mile and I’ve always wanted to!!! Great job on the Turkey Trot. I spent last week pretty sick, no Turkey Trotting for me this year!

  2. Nice first mile! I am very impressed with your 5Ks. Of course they won’t all be a PR but you’ve progressed so well and are very consistent. A little disappointed in you for not bringing us the Mike Rossi scoop but I guess we will forgive you 😉

    1. I knew eventually something exciting would happen in a 5k I ran…I was more hoping for a PR than a marathon cheater LOL.

  3. Did you see that Letsrun.com has an article they just posted about this race and Mike Rossi? Adding fuel to the fire and some interesting stats.

    1. Did they post again? I linked to the first article in my blog but must have missed the second one. I’ll have to check it out, thanks Sarah!

      1. Oh duh. I didn’t know even click that link. I was just excited from having just read it. Love a good running saga 😉

  4. I haven’t raced a mile in a few months,
    Back in 1989 I ran a 4:55 in high school
    Back in May I ran a 5:53
    So I guess aged caught up too me..lol
    Good job at your turkey trot 5k..

  5. yes! there is a very popular race in nyc called the 5th avenue mile, when you run straight down 5th for a mile. I’ve only done it once and I was injured but its a blast

  6. my couch wants me to run a few local 5ks and i dont think i remember how to! its been so long since ive races short distances i dont even remember how my body handles a 5k. I need to get out there and do it more your progress is so inspiring!

  7. Check out that smokin’ first mile! We used to do timed miles for basketball in college to gauge how quickly/efficiently we recovered. I think it was a timed mile, then a three- or five-minute break, and then another mile. It was brutal!

  8. You did a great job in the race despite the fast first mile. Honestly, you didn’t fade THAT badly and it’s hard not to go out too fast in a very large race when you’re running with someone in the beginning. Congratulations on 4th place and a good time on tired legs.

    I saw the LetsRun article about Rossi and immediately thought of you and Liz also being at the race. But of course he’s not someone you’d notice at a race although they are thinking he may have cheated at this one too (both the article and you mentioned the lack of photos so it could be the kind of 5K he’d pick for that).

  9. I love racing miles… I ran one indoors last year. A lot of fun! I can’t believe your fastest mile was in a race… Don’t you ever do 5k race pace work to help make 5k’s feel easier??

    1. My fastest mile ever was on a track a few years ago. My fastest mile recently was during they race (which is probably why I rode the pain train home HA!). I normally do a speed workout on Wednesdays…I skipped it the last few weeks due to midweek races. I enjoy speed workouts though! Thanks Marc 🙂

  10. Great job and while it mightn’t have been everything you would’ve liked, there were some huge positives in there to take away from it. Well done.

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