Training: Workouts and Races

Last week was challenging, and there is no way to get around that. I worked hard and worked through some seriously sore muscles. Luckily this week is more of a step back week with Philadelphia Half Marathon on Sunday.

Monday: Easy Core
Tuesday: Easy Run
Wednesday: 6X1 mile repeats Core
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Easy Run Core
Saturday: Local 5k (19:30)
Sunday: KISS Cancer away 5k (19:00)
Total:  69 miles

All of my easy runs were uneventful and around the neighborhoods. There isn’t a lot to say, and I didn’t wear a watch for most them. I just ran the same route.

Workout Wednesday: 4-mile warmup, 6X1 mile repeats with 90 seconds rest, 4-mile cooldown

It was a hard workout to be honest. I averaged 6:23 pace. Since school starting this fall I’ve done my speed work in my neighborhoods. The majority of tracks are closed, and since I race on the roads, it makes more sense anyways.   I would like to get back to the track for a few workouts sometime in the future, but the roads have been fine too.

The loop I chose for my mile repeats has a hill at the end, and my quads felt it. I feel good knowing I could conquer that hill and still run a 6:38 mile. My range of splits (dependent on the elevation change) was between 6:05-6:39.

It caused me to be very sore on both Thursday and Friday.

Saturday I ran a race that helped fundraise for a fallen soldier.  It was right on the water in New Jersey.  This was important because it was extremely windy.  My splits were (6:06, 6:19, 6:15).  To be honest, because of the wind, I’m surprised that my middle mile was that fast.  When we hit the wind, I thought I might blow away.  I ran the race in 19:30.  Similar to last week but in harder conditions.  I think I’m heading into another lull of racing.  I plan to continue doing races despite none of them being as fast as the Bone Run or Runners World.  Hopefully, I break through a plateau again sooner versus later!

My hair is blowing away ha!
My hair is blowing away ha!

Finally on Sunday I went down to Delaware to race again.  To be honest, my effort the day before felt like a hard effort but I knew I had more in me if it wasn’t for the wind.  Despite racing the day before I felt good and I ran a 19:00 exactly.  I should have cut the tangents better I guess.  My splits were (6:02, 6:06, 6:11).

Thoughts for next week:

Today I’m extremely sore.  I’m getting a deep tissue massage this evening. My goal for the Philadelphia half next weekend is to run around the same time as RnR Philadelphia (1:25.45). I don’t feel as if I’m made any big fitness gains since RnR, but I did race not feeling the greatest last month at the race. RnR Philadelphia is one of the flattest and fastest courses in the country while Philadelphia half is a much harder course. So if I can run the same time on a more challenging course, I’ll consider it a success!

Questions for you:

Do you like hills?

Where do you do your speed work?