Saucony Triumph ISO 2 Review

Since I work at a local running store, I was given the opportunity to try the new Saucony Triumph ISO 2 before the shoe was officially released on November 1st. For those who don’t know, the original Saucony Triumph ISO was my favorite and primary shoe for most of last year. Over the last year, I’ve come to enjoy the light weight but cushioned feel the Triumph has. Like any runner, I was both nervous and excited to see how the new Saucony Triumph ISO would compete.  I was not asked to review the shoe, but I wanted too.  Remember what works for my feet might not work for yours since every foot is different.

Saucy ISO 2 Feat Everrun Review

The Fit:

I find the update to fit more true to size. I’m still wearing a size ten but I’ve found the lacing to hug the top of the foot better. The shoe is true to size.  It’s very similar to the previous model.

Saucony ISO 2 review feat overrun

Running in the Shoes:
I’ve now run just over 100 miles in them. Saucony added a new layer under the sock liner to the shoe, Everrun.  Everrun makes the shoe a lot more bouncy and responsive. With every stride, I feel like I pop right up. I’ve noticed several of my runs have been faster without thinking about it. As with the original Saucony ISO, I enjoy how firm it is and low to the ground the shoe is.

According to Saucony, the Everun material gives 83% more energy return in the shoe.  

One thing that was brought up with the original Triumph ISO was how long the shoe lasts!  The updated Triumph ISO 2 with Everrun supposedly has a much longer life expectancy. I have only run about 100 miles in them but haven’t felt as if they have lost any cushioning.

me running saucy

Supposedly lasts longer
Wider toe box and more cushioned
The upper fits better

As with the previous models, very light and must trust the cushioning.
The price point is $150 but in my opinion worth it.

Similar models: Nike Vomero, Brooks Glycerin, Asics Nimbus

Verdict: So far, I like the shoe.  I haven’t had any issues in it I like the update.  I’m excited to keep running it and see how the last fares!

Recommend for: A neutral runner who likes cushion.  If you like light weight shoes but don’t want to sacrifice the cushion.

Questions for you:
Have you run in the Saucony Triumph before?
What is your favorite running shoe?


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  1. I seriously can’t wait til they come into our stores here. Planning on making them my race shoe for my first marathon back in the spring, but to be honest, I’ll likely be on my second pair by then. 😉 Running through my second pair of the originals and still in love. As always, love your reviews! Thanks, Hollie. 🙂

  2. I’m excited to try these! I’ve also been waiting for the 1s to go on sale, so I’m looking forward to that. Yay!

  3. As I’ve mentioned, I LOVE the Triumphs!! I haven’t gotten the 2’s yet b/c I have very few miles on the original. But since I like to rotate shoes, I’d like to get the update. I’m interested about that fit difference from the original. I really do love mine but my foot slides a bit in them. I’ll see if the update regarding the hug of foot will be better for me.

    I also really like my Brooks Launch for anything longer and my Hoka Clifton for short recovery runs.

    Thanks for the review!

  4. I’ve never run in a Saucony shoe. My son used to run XC in them and I cannot remember which model. I’ve tried zero drop, minimal, cushioned and so forth. What I have come to truly like is the light weight, very cushioned Nike Lunar Glide 6…

  5. They look nice ..I’m using brooks ghost and Brooks t7.
    But I see brooks came out with a new shoe , not sure if u have it at your store or review it yet.

  6. My mom bought the Saucony Triumph 1s I believe and ran twice in them and hated the feel so she passed them on to me to try. I didn’t realize what a gem I had! After my Hokas tore my feet apart in my marathon last month I didn’t know which shoe to try next (I wear Altras usually). So I gave the Sauconys a try and absolutely love them! Very responsive and comfortable shoe for me. I loved reading your review. I will definitely be trying the 2s eventually.

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