Welcome to New York…

This weekend my husband and I made a short trip up to Syracuse, NY. I did not realize how short until I plugged it into the computer, and Mapquest said it was only a 4.5-hour drive. It’s funny because that is only an hour longer than when I went to college in Upstate NY.

welcome to new york

After I had got my stitches out on Saturday morning, we traveled north. The weather was 45 degrees and pouring rain so I can’t say I minded leaving the area. We got to Syracuse with no issues.

When we entered the state I, of course, played this song:

I was lucky that Heather was in town, and we got to hang out all weekend. Heather is a great friend of mine and was a bridesmaid at my wedding. It was great to finally catch up after a whirlwind summer.

We decided to go to Modern Malt and then walk around Syracuse…so much excitement!

Heather and IObviously Saturday we went to the 5k and then hung out for a bit after that.

On my drive back we stopped at the Woodbury outlets. They are doing more construction, but I can honestly say I could have spent an entire day there. Luckily for my wallet we were on a mission to get home, and I couldn’t stay too long. I plan to take a vacation there soon.

A vacation to outlets? Sure…why not.

woodbury outlets

After the outlets, we drove home. It was a great weekend sometimes it’s fun to just get out of town a weekend!

Questions for you:

When was the last time you got out of town?

Are you an outlet shopper?