Welcome to New York…

This weekend my husband and I made a short trip up to Syracuse, NY. I did not realize how short until I plugged it into the computer, and Mapquest said it was only a 4.5-hour drive. It’s funny because that is only an hour longer than when I went to college in Upstate NY.

welcome to new york

After I had got my stitches out on Saturday morning, we traveled north. The weather was 45 degrees and pouring rain so I can’t say I minded leaving the area. We got to Syracuse with no issues.

When we entered the state I, of course, played this song:

I was lucky that Heather was in town, and we got to hang out all weekend. Heather is a great friend of mine and was a bridesmaid at my wedding. It was great to finally catch up after a whirlwind summer.

We decided to go to Modern Malt and then walk around Syracuse…so much excitement!

Heather and IObviously Saturday we went to the 5k and then hung out for a bit after that.

On my drive back we stopped at the Woodbury outlets. They are doing more construction, but I can honestly say I could have spent an entire day there. Luckily for my wallet we were on a mission to get home, and I couldn’t stay too long. I plan to take a vacation there soon.

A vacation to outlets? Sure…why not.

woodbury outlets

After the outlets, we drove home. It was a great weekend sometimes it’s fun to just get out of town a weekend!

Questions for you:

When was the last time you got out of town?

Are you an outlet shopper?

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  1. Its been a few weeks since I got out of town. I have to go to Philly soon for work. Also my husband and I will be doing a long weekend in the mountains soon, which we are excited about. I like the outlets, but I don’t really make an effort to go very often.

  2. Not really an outlet shopping – I’ve been to the Waterloo outlets in between Syracuse and Rochester – but that is about it. I didn’t even buy that much. Technically, going into any sporting goods store is like an outlet for me because of how cheap running shoes are 😉

    Syracuse isn’t that far – it only takes me about 6-7 hrs to get to NJ from Ottawa – Syracuse is just before the halfway point for us.

  3. I’ve always wanted to go to Woodbury Outlets. I’ve heard they’re amazing and I don’t love shopping but they have some outlet stores that you don’t find most places. That’s one of my favorite parts about my hometown- we’re close to some of the best outlets so I get all of my clothes from there. Glad you had a great weekend up north!

    1. You should stop there after your marathon! I actually have no idea if they are close LOL.

  4. We’ve never been to Woodbury – we do outlets at Waterloo as Rebecca mentioned above, and hit the huge Destiny USA mall in Syracuse for the kids back to school.

    It is interesting thinking about distances – my brother lives in Princeton and it is ~4 or so hours to his house from ours (near Corning), and just under 4 hours to NYC (via PA and NJ ironically).

    Our last trip? To NYC this past weekend to visit our son at NYU and spend *way* too much money! 🙂

  5. When I lived in NYC I would make it to Woodbury Commons about once a year on my way to/from apple picking upstate. I got some really amazing Lulu tops there a few years ago and I still wear them!

    1. That’s awesome! They had a great lulu outlet but I didn’t find too much I needed actually. I’m in desperate need of more black leggings!

  6. Sounds like a fun trip! I love the outlets and go there as much as possible..usually at least twice a year. Luckily there are two great outlets less than an hour from my apartment. Super lucky!

  7. Ohhh outlet shopping. love it. We used to go up to the outlets in Freeport, ME every year, twice a year. School shopping and summer shopping! We’d rent a hotel room and my fam would spend the weekend getting aaaalllll of the stuff we needed for that part of the year. It was my favorite!

  8. I’ve never been there before! I love outlet shopping though. It’s something my mom and I would always do on vacations together.

  9. i love outlet shopping you can find some really great deals on awesome brands! we are going to Orlando next week and they have the most outlet stores I have ever seen!!

  10. I love that area of NY. My dad is from Groton, NY, which is just west of Cortland. My parents lived in a couple cities around that area (Ithica and Utica) when they were first married. Hope you’re having fun! 🙂

  11. I love the Woodbury Outlets! Do they still have a Lululemon Outlet there? I once drove the 2.5 hours from my house just to go to it! Sounds like a wonderful weekend…and love the T-Swift jam!!

  12. Oh em gee, Woodbury Commons is the best! I haven’t been there in awhile but now I’m dying to go!!!

    Hope you got some good stuff!!!

  13. Fun trip! Also, going on vacation to outlets is acceptable. I went to college just near at outlet mall (it’s still only about 45 minutes away) and that’s when I worked in retail briefly. I LOVE outlets! I mean, the Banana Republic Outlet is my all time favorite store. I can’t believe there’s a Lulu outlet!

  14. How fun! I was away last weekend too – in Maine to run the half marathon as part of a retreat for running bloggers. It was amazing! And yes, I love outlet shopping which is lind of strange since I’m not a big shopper…

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