Thursday Thoughts:

This week has been low key and uneventful.  I’ve been slowly (very slowly) unpacking and cleaning up my new house.  

I’m linking up with Running with Spoons for thinking out loud.  It’s my favorite link up to do.

I’m still recovering from the Air Force ball.  I know…Despite looking like I’m 12, I’m not as young as I used to be and it takes me forever to recover from social events past 7pm  (kidding).

I didn’t say much about the Air Force ball last week but we had a great time.  It was a lot of mingling and talking with other spouses.  It reminded a lot of a wedding: cocktail hour, dinner then dancing and dessert.  I will say they had unlimited lobster tail…it was fabulous.  We were out late but it was a great time.  After having my fair share of Lobster tails, I had steak at 10pm.  Someone said “if you don’t leave her 10 pounds heavier, you have failed”.  That was probably true HA!

air force ball

Random thoughts of the week:

It is definitely getting lighter later.  I have to wait until it’s light to go out for a run.  That can be somewhat frustrating I guess.  I could run in the pitch black but due to my recent fall in broad daylight and uneven pavement…I would rather just wait and do less miles.  Less miles is better than no miles and back to the hospital.

I had my first workout since falling.  I ran 16X400s with 1 minute rest.  It wasn’t as fast as I would have liked but it was also on the road and with pouring rain.  I literally went through 3 changes of clothes for 11 miles.  (One after warmup, one after workout and one after cool down).  I didn’t feel like getting blisters or have my goodies showcased to my new neighbors.

Speaking of getting lighter later: It’s freaking October 1st.  Oh my stars.

On a really important note, my personal friend Amelia is a finalist for the Women’s Running Magazine Cover Contest.  It would mean a lot to her if you could vote!  She is truly incredible and while she does live in that other state of NJ (i.e.: North Jersey) I’m proud to call her one of my good friends.  Ha, in my two years of living in NJ I have realized that North and South Jersey are two different states with central Jersey just a rumor that it may or may not exist.

So (please) vote for her here.

Me, Danielle and Amelia.  We really are friends outside the internet (at least that is what they tell me)

Me, Danielle and Amelia. We really are friends outside the internet (at least that is what they tell me)


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  1. It’s always good getting back to running after an injury. There’s nothing like lobster and steak to make you feel better! You two looks so beautiful at the ball.

  2. Loved your dress from the ball! You two look fantastic! I don’t run when it is dark out generally either. Unless I’m running with people and everyone has lights, which rarely happens! Plus I like to sleep past 5am!

  3. I saw your IG pictures from the ball and you looked fantastic! Love that dress! I think running when it’s light is way safer! Not even for seeing the road, but because I feel like creepy people are less inclined to try and grab people off the side of the road in broad daylight. I can’t believe it’s Oct 1st!

  4. You looked so pretty at the ball! I’m glad you had a great time and that you’re setting into your new house. I’m having to wait to run lately too. It’s something I’m not used to. Today it was still dark when I finally went out for my run at 7. I miss when it was light out at like 5

  5. Look at you two gorgeous people! Loved the dress you wore, and I totally know what you mean about not being able to recover from those late nights quite as well as you were able to when you were younger. I can do the late night thing, but it’s a lot harder when you know the next few days are gonna suck 😆

  6. I love your ball pictures. It looks like you and Tim had an amazing time and that the ball itself was a great event if they offered steak and lobster tail! You definitely don’t look 12 but I feel your pain. Last night I went to a new bar and they didn’t even card me so I take it I must really look my 29 years…

    I too have had to wait to get my runs in and it’s been overcast here this week, which means it is still cloudy when I get out. It’s hard because it’s still very hot so I want to get out as early as possible, but not before 7.

    Glad you’re settled in the new house and will def. vote for Amelia in that contest.

  7. I hate it that it is so dark in the mornings! I’m a chicken to run in the dark out here in the country (I can hear badgers and skunks and all sorts of critters scurrying away). I’ve been waiting until it’s lighter out as well. I may have to invest in a headlamp!

    Love your dress for the Air Force Ball!

  8. Great looking photo and I love the dress! Cheers to be back running, and yes less miles > no miles. And yes to the lighter later, it feels like such a quick and abrupt change this year – like more so than previous years, which of course makes no sense!

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