Rotary 5k (20:12)

After my fall the week before I decided to run a local 5k in Runnemede, NJ. I had actually been signed up for the Ocean City half marathon on Sunday but with Pope traffic and not wanting to run a half marathon…I decided not to go to the half.

The evening before the race I had been out late at the Air Force Ball wearing 7-inch stilettos.  My eating and drinking left a lot to be desired prerace and I was more cautious due to my fall. In summary I had every excuse you can think of!

Anyways we got to the race around 7:30.  It started at 8:30 but there was no one there except for the race volunteers.  It was probably better we were alone because I looked and felt a mess. We warmed up and I realized my hair scrunchy had fallen out.  So I was stuck with my hair in a falling out side braid.  For some odd reason I decided I need to clean out my car and didn’t have any in there either…I don’t know what was more shocking, the fact I had cleaned my car or I had no hair scrunchies.  I took a silent prayer at the start and hoped my hair stayed in place.

In summery for a visual of starting this race (since I have no race photos):

I had makeup on from last night, my hair was coming out of a side braid and my knee had about 12 half falling off bandaids. I looked like that “cool aunt” that the rest of their moms keep their kids from hanging out with. Hashtag: GrimerHeimer

Then all of a sudden and out of nowhere the race began. There was no warning, just an air horn.  I made it my secret goal to beat all the kids wearing Nike frees.  My feet were cringing just thinking about it (The woes of working at a running store).

During the first mile I positioned myself as first women overall.  I felt decent but I was not expecting the wind or hills on the course.  For some reason I thought the course was flat but it wasn’t. I ran the first mile in 6:11. That was slower then most of my recent 5ks but after a night out, the weather and my fall it wasn’t a surprise.

During the second mile I began catching a couple of boys.  It felt good to catch people.  The wind was blowing directly into my face but I made the best of it.  There were also several hills and turns.  Around 1.5 we turned around and I could see the leaders including my husband.  Seeing people at the turn around kept me motivated.  I ran mile 2 in 6:21.

I was riding the pain train during mile 3.  I knew I didn’t have a lot of energy left and I felt that.  I was really struggling to make it to the finish line.  I always try and remember that there isn’t much time left until the race is over. My bandaid fell off somewhere in this mile. I don’t have any open wounds left but scabs still gross me out. I ran the last mile in 6:45 and turned the corner to power to the end.

I finished in 20:12. I was pleased with the race because I made it to both the start and finish. I had a few factors going against me that particular race:

  • Air Force Ball: Calves were pretty sore from heels, dancing and I ate a 24 ounce steak at 10pm.
  • My training the week prior was like playing Russian Roulette.
  • I didn’t really feel that tired at the end. I honestly feel like I could keep this pace for a while. I feel like I cannot get my legs to move any faster.  To me that signals I need to hammer down on more 400s and faster stuff at the track.

In summary I’m happy with the race.

Questions for you:
Do you like wearing heels or flats?
Honestly I’m a lot more comfortable in heels but I also walk on my toes.
What shoes do you race in?

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  1. I really wish you had pictures of the start of this race! I’ve run in the rain before forgetting that I had mascara still on and come home to black tears all over my face. And I wonder why people give me strange looks when I’m running. Good job with the great race on not so great pre-race conditions!

  2. If I didn’t have a hair tie for the start of the race I honestly think I would not start, ha! I can’t imagine and give you major props for running anyway. I always use 2 on my hair in case one pops.

    Your pictures of the Ball were gorgeous!!!! Hope you had fun!

  3. Can’t believe you won the race after a week like you had! So impressive. I would love to see those race pictures..I bet it looks hilarious! Keeper for sure 😉 I actually threw out all of my heels after I graduated from college, because I hate them and never want to wear them ever again. Flat for life!

  4. I have such a hard time with heels so I can imagine your legs were probably feeling a little tired! Worth it for a night like that though. Given everything that you had working against you, you ran a pretty fantastic race!

  5. What a great story. Good think you blog. It will make for a great start to a book someday.

    As you might imagine, I don’t wear heels or flats – but occasionally will wear my cowboy boots. 🙂 (Hey, you can take the boy out of Wyoming…)

    My current shoe is the Nike LunarEclipse, which is being discontinued. If I don’t die on Sunday @ Twin Cities, I’ll have to find a new shoe.

  6. Nice job and great assessment of your performance! It’s funny, I often feel that way at the end of a race – not necessarily tired, but unable to get my muscles to fire more quickly for better turnover. I think the track is definitely the key to fix that…but I am sure your high heels the night before didn’t help 🙂 Crushed it anyway, awesome job!

  7. I have to have my hair up when I run. I cannot walk in heels. If I could wear running shoes to all events without the ridiculous looks I would. I wear Brooks Ghost to run in. Great Job on your race!!!

  8. I live for flats. I’m not much of a heel girl unless it’s a wedge. Balance isn’t my strong suit haha. I’m glad you had a great race and I think that is an absolutely fantastic time post night out. I would have been crawling to the start/finish!

  9. I give you credit for doing this the morning after the ball! I wear a mix of flats/heels- my lower legs get cranky if I wear too much of either type too often without changing things up.

  10. I’ve been wearing Kinvara flats for my races lately. All 5K and 10ks. I have a half next weekend and I plan on wearing them.
    I’m a little concerned how my feet will react to 13.1 miles of pounding without the usual amount of cushioning.
    I love to run down the youngsters at races who think they are going to beat the old man. If they are going to beat me, they are going to have to work for it!

  11. I tend to prefer flats only because Im taller than my husband and Im pretty sure he gets self conscious when im taller then he is. great job on your 5k, thats a great time and with all your reasons to say no!

  12. I love that you wanted to beat all the kids in Nike Frees!!! Hilarious.
    And seriously, another great race despite not the best pre-race prep 🙂

  13. I can absolutely see why you’d be so comfortable in heels due to the way you walk and run. Conversely, I can’t walk in heels for sh*t 😉 Heck, I struggle to even balance standing upright in them…and I run with the worst heel-strike ever, so I suppose that makes sense.

    I still race in the most cushioned and structured Addidas Boost (Glide Boost? I’m not completely sure!), but I would like to try a neutral, lightweight shoe once I wear those out completely.

    Congrats on yet another fantastic 5K 🙂

  14. Way to “be a real person” at the ball and still show up for the race! Not having a hair tie would be grounds for a DNS for me personally so kudos for getting it done. And my feet hurt just thinking about seven-inch heels!

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