Friday Thoughts

I felt like this week went by slowly.  Did anyone else? 

Current Thoughts: 
This weekend the Pope comes to Philadelphia.  They have estimated 2 million people will go see him on Sunday morning.  People are walking from my area and over the Ben Franklin bridge.  Running that route would take about an hour and a half…walking will take about 10 hours (with security).  Just leave your selfie sticks at home because those are band…

I think it’s good that the area is going into lockdown and protecting him but I do think it’s been overhyped too.  They closed far too many roads, streets and highways in NJ so I’m interested to see what the traffic will be like.

In Nonrelated Pope news: 
Unpacking is harder than packing.  We have now lived in our house one week but due to all my issues I haven’t unpacked my end.  All in due time (or before the next move).

In related to me not unpacking news: My shin is doing well and I’m recovering…I’m just frustrated that I cannot do normal things as fast as usual.  Basically I want to do everything faster and I can’t.

I was able to run a little bit and it didn’t feel any worse.  My stitches are still in tact and not inflamed/swollen. The doctor said due to the location of the stitches I could run.  If it was in an area like the knee that moves or bends with running I would not be able to run because the stitches would loosen and come out.  So in summary my shin was the best place to take a chunk out.

I was glad to see a coworker of mine on a run.  She was leading a stroller run and pushing a double but it was nice to see her.  Surprisingly the cuts on my face are healing quickly as well.

julie and I

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Music I recently downloaded: 
Lady Gaga: Until it Happens to You

I’ve always admired Lady Gaga’s ability to conquer certain topics and talk openly and freely about various issues.  In her latest music video she brings awareness to sexual assault on college campuses.  20-25% of females on college campuses have been sexually assaulted.

Weekend plans:
Tonight is the Air Force Ball. Even though it looks like I got punched in the face with my cuts, we are still going. I’ll probably post a photo on instagram but you might not recognize me without runderwear I guess.

Questions for you:
What are your plans this weekend?
Have you ever had stitches? 


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  1. I almost had to get stitches when I was a kid, but apparently I cried my way out of it and would not let go of my mom so I have an amazing scar above my eye. Really smart kid, I know. We had the Chinese President just come to Seattle and so many roads were closed and traffic was HORRIBLE. I wish you the best of luck in case you need to go anywhere. Gotta love those dignitaries!

  2. I saw all that mess about the Pope yesterday! But I think yesterday he was just leaving DC to go to Philly. I always hate it when big deal people come to Atlanta and it messes up traffic. The president comes occasionally and it’s a pain in the ass. I’m glad you were able to run with your injuries! I read that blog and you have the worst luck! It’s always totally random how you get hurt too! Good luck unpacking! I’m WAY better on unpacking cause I hate having boxes of stuff all over the place. I hate packing though. I actually hate moving all together!

  3. I had stitches in 9th grade. I had a mole removed from my arm that turned out to be a benign tumor (we thought it was skin cancer because weird mole). I have a scar from it but it’s not too bad because at least it wasn’t skin cancer.

    The VP Joe Biden comes here a few times a year because he owns a home on Kiawah so when he comes and leaves town, traffic is always a mess around town and around me because I live on the way to Kiawah. Obama was here after the Emanuel 9 tragedy as well.

    Hope you have fun at the Air Force Ball! Your face doesn’t look too bad in that picture and I’m sure you’ll look great at the ball.

  4. My life has revolved around the popes visit for months since I work in news but my office is right across from MSG and today = awful.
    I had stitches last year on my back near my shoulder blade after a very deep mole removal, so internal and external. I now have a very wonderful scar. I wasn’t supposed to run for a couple weeks and probably didn’t help that I said f it I will just run slow (upper body movement = stretching).
    Have fun at the air force ball! I took a nasty fall where my face hit the ground and looked quite similar to you now several years back, I didn’t let that stop me minus everyone thinking I was in a car accident and it was air bag damage. I ran with that 🙂

  5. I’ve only had stitches when I got my wisdom teeth removed, and I hope it stays that way! Good luck with all the traffic. I know when the president visits the burgh it gets crazy, so I can’t imagine that area with security for the Pope. Gonna be crazy! Enjoy the ball, can’t wait to see pics!

  6. I feel like this week was really weird too. It must have been the Pope anticipation. I’m not completely unpacked either, so don’t feel bad! I hope you have a beautiful night at the ball!

  7. I’m glad you’re healing up! I had to get stitches on my hand when I had an accident with an xacto knife. Oops!

    Good luck with the unpacking! We STILL have boxes I haven’t emptied from last year…

  8. You will look FINE. Go to Cherry Hill mall and get those bitches to do your face. They’re always gossiping when you walk into those stores, anyway! Give them something to do! Haha. I’m sure you look fine but I would be the same way… Probably worse.

  9. I’m sore to hear about your fall, I’m glad you are healing well,
    Congrats on your new home.
    The only stiches I have was when my appendix ruptured,other than that nothing else ..
    Happy running

  10. I hope you have a ball (hahah) at your ball tonight!!!! You look great, healing takes time. I just don’t get excited over things like the Pope, now if it were Channing Tatum we could talk!!! Have a great weekend

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