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Fall into Training

I guess it’s officially Fall. The season has officially changed and the temperature has become cooler.  It would make sense to have a goal race lined up by now.  The truth is I don’t have a single goal race lined up. I have been thinking a lot about training and have realized I have several races I plan to do but not a big single goal race.

For a while I thought there was a chance I would run the Philadelphia full marathon. I stayed healthy recovering from the Phoenix marathonand I haven’t had any major hiccups minus my fall (knock on wood).  I enjoyed running throughout the summer and I built up a large base.  I have been slowly inching towards my goals with speed work.

Oh Phoenix...
Oh Phoenix…

In summary, this summer was great for training. I trained hard, went to the track and I am slowly making improvements towards my PRs.

RnR Virginia Beach

My original goal for marathon training was to have the fitness of a 1:25 half marathon. I waited until I ran a 1:24 at the Nike Women’s half to sign up for the NYCM. I always believed that was a smart goal for me.  Right now I’m about 7 minutes away from a 1:25 half marathon. One of my core running philosophies is that in order to progress in a longer distance, you must also progress in shorter distances.  Marathon training is a lot of work and it’s not something I want to half ass.  I don’t want to put 6+ months of training in knowing I’m not starting in the fitness to PR.  I also don’t want to put a limited effort it in and just “wing it”.

After a lot of thinking I decided to nix the idea of training for a marathon.  I don’t feel ready, I have no interest to race that distance and I don’t want to run a marathon. I’m enjoying running shorter races.  There doesn’t need to be another reason however, marathons are for a lot of people but right now they aren’t for me.

Marathons are fun...or whatever...
Marathons are fun…or whatever…

So what are my goals?

Until winter I plan to continue to rebuild my fitness.  I’ll want to run different distances from 5ks to half marathons but I don’t have a “goal race”.  Ultimately I think I’ll choose a goal race next spring to build up too.

I’m going to use the next 6 months to continue building my fitness. I love running, racing and going on runs with friends. Right now I do have a routine of “track, race and long run” and I enjoy it.

Of course I’m happy for friends doing marathons and I know I’ll be a little bit envious to watch several compete in the Philadelphia marathon but the timing is not right for me. There is a marathon most weekends somewhere in the US so if I get desperate to run I’ll buy a plane ticket and hope it doesn’t end up like my Phoenix travels.

This fall I do plan to become reacquainted with the half marathon distance. If I went into the winter months running a 1:27 half again I would be extremely happy. I ran RnR Virginia Beach earlier this month in 1:31.48. It was a relatively flat course but it was also hot and I haven’t raced a half in a while.   I’ll continue to train and build upon that.

Here are a few races I have decided upon for the fall:
8/05 Festival of Races 5k Syracuse, NY
10/17-10/19: 3.8/5k/10k/13.1 Runners World Half Marathon Festival (I’m an ambassador!)
10/31: RnR Philadelphia
11/22 Philadelphia Half Marathon (maybe)

In summary my goal is to continue training through the fall. I don’t have a goal race but my “goal” is to stay healthy and injury free. I want to continue to progress towards my PR.

Questions for you:
What are you training for this fall?
What is your favorite race distance?


26 thoughts on “Fall into Training”

  1. Smart idea to stay away from the marathon. I’m not a fan and don’t know if I’ll ever run another one…if I do I want to build up a really good base first! I have two races I’m hoping to PR in next month..a half marathon and 10 miler. I’m feeling great right now so I think I can do it! Good luck to you in your training and races..can’t wait to hear how it goes 🙂

  2. I think training to stay healthy is a great goal, probably the smartest one! It’s a lot more fun to run when you can actually you know, run.

  3. My favorite race distance is the half-marathon. Long enough to need good training, short enough to continue running the day afterwards.
    Right now I’m training for 2 5Ks in Nov. and Dec. and building up into training for a Feb. marathon.

  4. That’s smart! it’s good you know yourself well enough not to just run a marathon to run a marathon. I’ve got a 3 races in Nov and Dec (a 50k, half, and 50 miler) and then spring I have Feb (LA marathon) and April (50 miler). I don;t know which distance i like…. i think halves and fulls are my favorite. ultras have been fun and really easy on my knees, but I can find plenty of trail races for that!

  5. I don’t want to say it’l never happen, but I honestly have a hard time seeing myself ever running a marathon. No matter how much my running improves, I don’t think I’ll ever want to push my body to that extreme. I have made respect for the people that do it, but I just don’t think it’s for me… so I don’t think it’s a bad thing that you chose not to do one. It sounds like your running is improving a tonne, so you’re obviously doing something right with what you’re doing!

  6. I think some people need huge races as motivation to run, others just enjoy the journey of running. There’s nothing wrong with either, but sometimes it’s nice to take a break and just have fun doing local races with friends. I have no idea what I’m going to think after my marathon… maybe I’ll switch to triathlons lol

  7. I’m totally thinking about running the Philly half!! I think you have a great outlook on where you are and where you want to be! I’m excited to follow along with your training Mrs. Speedy!

  8. such great advice! I have the goal of one day running a marathon but I dont WANT to right now. Why train so hard and long if your heart just isnt in it. All the time and money put into a race you should be excited about it not “meh”. sometimes i get caught up in all the other bloggers training for a marathon but at the end of the day Im just not ready for it either!

  9. I decided on no marathons this year as I regain my health. I also don’t plan on another until I PR the half again and get back to where I was on shorter distances I lost my distance once I went to the marathon. Plus, I just have no desire to train for that at the moment, and at times listening to everyone else train I feel like less of a runner! I am a fan of the half distance. I don’t think I will ever enjoy the pain of a 5K and have no clue how to pace out a 10K. The half I am pretty good with figuring out how to pace it.

  10. I want to do the RNR so badly. I have to check my work schedule because I would even like to just spectate and cheer on those for the Philadelphia marathon this year!

  11. I have a love hate relationship with marathons. I really like 10k’s right now. Life is all about change, if you do the same thing over and over it gets boring. I get envious of others running races and I’m not. I think runners have so much in common.

  12. Because I’m still used to saying autumn as opposed to fall (UK dialect), I assumed you were making a pun about falling over. That would be really witty anyway! I hope you’re feeling less sore today and still recovering well.

    I could cheerfully never run another race under the marathon distance again. PR potential or otherwise, I wish I could be in the state whereby I could just roll over marathon after marathon and attempt more ultra distances. Burning out so badly and sustaining so many injuries has forced me to do more of the shorter distances, and it’s just reinforced how much I don’t care for them! If I could just beat my old PRs I’d be happy, but I don’t think that’s ever going to happen. I wish I could just plod round ultras for the rest of my life, but I don’t think that’s on the cards either.

    1. Thanks for your support Jess!

      When we lived overseas we would say autumn as well. I realized after posting two posts with “fall” in the title it could get a bit confusing too ha!

  13. I just wrote a post about ‘the marathon that wasn’t’ and choosing not to run a marathon for various reasons: sometimes the smartest races are the ones we don’t run! Sounds like you’ve got a good plan for your training for the next few months, enjoying it and getting faster- ideal!

    1. I think it’s important to think about your training for specific races as well. Shorter races aren’t any easier if you are looking for a certain goal or time!

  14. Training for a race distance you love is one of the best ways to improve and enjoy training more. Which for me is marathons, for others 5k- either way it doesn’t matter. Find what you like and see where it takes you. I love the thought of you really honing in on your half time as I KNOW you can get back to where you were (and faster). Down the road you change your path and choose some longer or shorter stuff again than so be it. But enjoying the training is important and I feel like I’ve seen you getting into this summer/fall of training more than in the past because you are working towards races/distances that are more important to you.

  15. DO THE PHILLY HALF WITH ME!! I mean, not actually run it with me, but you know what I mean. 🙂 In all seriousness though, I agree with your point about getting faster on shorter distances before progressing to longer ones. That’s one of the reasons I’ve held off on doing a 70.3 and marathon–I feel like I’m just starting to scratch the surface of my top-end speed.

  16. I really, really love the marathon. I just love the journey to the starting line. It’s so incredibly challenging yet so incredibly rewarding…having said that, after this marathon in Nov I’m giving my body a BREAK! My goal race is RnR Savanna in an attempt to BQ. I’ve tried once on a hot, humid, she hilly course came close but not close enough. So. Try again! When I BQ it gets me in for 2017 so I’ll have time to refresh my body and focus on building speed in the shorter distances. I’ve run plenty of 5k, 10k, 10 miles etc but never actually TRAINED for a shorter event. I’m curious to see what I can pull off next year with speed!

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