Fall into Training

I guess it’s officially Fall. The season has officially changed and the temperature has become cooler.  It would make sense to have a goal race lined up by now.  The truth is I don’t have a single goal race lined up. I have been thinking a lot about training and have realized I have several races I plan to do but not a big single goal race.

For a while I thought there was a chance I would run the Philadelphia full marathon. I stayed healthy recovering from the Phoenix marathonand I haven’t had any major hiccups minus my fall (knock on wood).  I enjoyed running throughout the summer and I built up a large base.  I have been slowly inching towards my goals with speed work.

Oh Phoenix...
Oh Phoenix…

In summary, this summer was great for training. I trained hard, went to the track and I am slowly making improvements towards my PRs.

RnR Virginia Beach

My original goal for marathon training was to have the fitness of a 1:25 half marathon. I waited until I ran a 1:24 at the Nike Women’s half to sign up for the NYCM. I always believed that was a smart goal for me.  Right now I’m about 7 minutes away from a 1:25 half marathon. One of my core running philosophies is that in order to progress in a longer distance, you must also progress in shorter distances.  Marathon training is a lot of work and it’s not something I want to half ass.  I don’t want to put 6+ months of training in knowing I’m not starting in the fitness to PR.  I also don’t want to put a limited effort it in and just “wing it”.

After a lot of thinking I decided to nix the idea of training for a marathon.  I don’t feel ready, I have no interest to race that distance and I don’t want to run a marathon. I’m enjoying running shorter races.  There doesn’t need to be another reason however, marathons are for a lot of people but right now they aren’t for me.

Marathons are fun...or whatever...
Marathons are fun…or whatever…

So what are my goals?

Until winter I plan to continue to rebuild my fitness.  I’ll want to run different distances from 5ks to half marathons but I don’t have a “goal race”.  Ultimately I think I’ll choose a goal race next spring to build up too.

I’m going to use the next 6 months to continue building my fitness. I love running, racing and going on runs with friends. Right now I do have a routine of “track, race and long run” and I enjoy it.

Of course I’m happy for friends doing marathons and I know I’ll be a little bit envious to watch several compete in the Philadelphia marathon but the timing is not right for me. There is a marathon most weekends somewhere in the US so if I get desperate to run I’ll buy a plane ticket and hope it doesn’t end up like my Phoenix travels.

This fall I do plan to become reacquainted with the half marathon distance. If I went into the winter months running a 1:27 half again I would be extremely happy. I ran RnR Virginia Beach earlier this month in 1:31.48. It was a relatively flat course but it was also hot and I haven’t raced a half in a while.   I’ll continue to train and build upon that.

Here are a few races I have decided upon for the fall:
8/05 Festival of Races 5k Syracuse, NY
10/17-10/19: 3.8/5k/10k/13.1 Runners World Half Marathon Festival (I’m an ambassador!)
10/31: RnR Philadelphia
11/22 Philadelphia Half Marathon (maybe)

In summary my goal is to continue training through the fall. I don’t have a goal race but my “goal” is to stay healthy and injury free. I want to continue to progress towards my PR.

Questions for you:
What are you training for this fall?
What is your favorite race distance?