Falling With Style

Last week started out as an extremely good training week for me.  I felt like I was recovering well from my 10k and my runs felt strong.  I thought it was going to be one of my strongest weeks in a while.  I’ll start with the positive parts of the week and then move to the negative.

Workout Wednesday: 2X2 mile repeats

On Wednesday I ran 2×2 miles with a friend of mine.  I originally planned on doing 400s but she asked if I was interested in doing a 2 mile workout.  I decided it would be fun and to join her.  Plus I had no idea where to do a track workout since school is back in session and the track I used is being ripped up.

Our first 2-mile average was 7:10 and the second 2 miles was 6:50.  I was pleased since the road was uneven. We also talked a little bit during the repeats so it wasn’t at 100% effort. I had a great time!

On Thursday Tim and I had a rare day off together.  We decided to drive out to Wissahickon park in Philadelphia.  Normally the day after a speed workout I take the day off but since we both had the day off we opted to run at the park together then go to one of my favorite diners: The Trolley Car.

me wisshickon park

Saturday I ran the Deborah 5k.  I already wrote the recap here but in summary I felt awful from eating late Friday night.  It was motivating because my “feeling awful” pace is where my “feeling good” pace was at the beginning of the summer.  Hashtag: Progression!

The other runs were just easy, uneventful miles.  Nothing too exciting too report!

So the first six days of the week were good.  Now on to the seventh…

On Sunday I planned to do a long run.  About .2 into the run I tripped and fell.  It was a very nasty fall and after immediately going home, I realized I needed to go to the ER.  I fell on my shin and cut the skin down to the bone.  Thank goodness the bone wasn’t visible but I needed to get a lot of stitches as well as shots.  I’m a needlephobe so believe me it was not how I wanted to spend my morning.

falling with style lolz meme

I’m really lucky that I hit the shin and not the knee.  All my damage is skin layer. The doctor thinks if I had landed on my knee I would have shattered the knee cap. I also scraped up my arms, shoulders and face.  I would be lying if I said I’m not self-conscious about all of the road burn on my face.

All of that being said I’ve chose to wait to run a couple of days.  They gave me a soft cast to keep my stitches in place for 24 hours.  Right now I’m not taking any pain medication but my whole body is definitely sore. My face, arms and elbows all have road burn which hurts far more than the deep cut.

It’s almost impressive how much damage I was able to do just falling.  I’m thankful I didn’t break my knee or leg but it still stinks.

Questions for you:
Have you ever gotten stiches?
How was your week of training?



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  1. Ouch!! That fall sounds nasty and really painful. Thank goodness you aren’t injured and it was just a bad cut! I actually fell during a race this weekend. Luckily it wasn’t bad at all and I finished the race. Now I have a huge bruise and scrapes all over, but no stitches thankfully. I hope your leg heals quickly!

  2. OMG girl, that is crazy! I am so glad you are mostly ok and that you didn’t break anything. I have never fallen when running but I know so many people who have – it’s scary! Take care of yourself and heal up. The road will be waiting for you when you’re ready!

  3. No stitches, but I fell on Saturday too! Hit an uneven piece of sidewalk and banged my knees and hip up pretty good. Luckily just bruised. Glad to hear you’ll be okay!

  4. I feel like the worst injuries happen in the most random ways. I’m glad that you are ok and that you didn’t get the knee! I have had stitches – when I was 8/9 years old I decided it’d be a fabulous idea to ride my friends bike (who was about a foot taller), well needless to say I fell off and the metal pedal cut into the tissue above my knee. yuck. Heal up quick!

  5. I’m glad you did not fall on your knee but it sucks that you needed stitches and you’re in pain. And even though it’s not a running injury, it affects your running and daily life but thank goodness it wasn’t worse! Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  6. I’m so happy you’re okay! Falling when running can be brutal… the uneven pavement, just catching a toe can be all you need! I’m sending you lots of positive thoughts and hoping you heal quickly!

  7. That sucks!! I hope you are feeling better today, that sounds like a major fall. You should be proud of your road rash face about how badass of a runner you are, or make up some crazy stories about how it happened. Wild animals, angry customers etc. etc.

    Hope you have a quick recovery and the pain goes away soon!

  8. Oh no! You have the most rotten luck when it comes to falling 🙁 We’re about as bad as each other I suppose, but I’ve never needed stitches for anything apart from when I had ovarian tumour surgery, so not as a consequence of injury or running. I’m so glad it wasn’t something more serious though, and I’m wishing you a speedy recovery.

    • That surgery sounds so painful though. I’m glad you’ve never had any major falling issues though Jess! I hope you never do either.

  9. Ohhh wow! That’s quite the fall!! I’ve fallen a couple times when running, but only ever rolled my ankle, not even scrapes or anything.

    I’ve had stitches once, when I fell off a stage in 5th grade. Had to get 7 stitches on my chin!

    Never broke a bone until I burst a vertebrate, I always wanted a broken bone when I was younger. For the cast, you know? Everyone signed it, it seemed super cool…. Nope. My only broken bone was in my spine, and I didn’t have a cast or anything. But since then, i’ve had staples, stitches, all that stuff but just for two back surgeries.

  10. I am so sorry you got hurt. It happens though. I am so scared of falling. Make sure you take the time to heal. Be careful girl.

  11. Oh no! that sounds like a nasty fall!! I have only fallen once and I was so scared of breaking something! I hope you heal up quickly, luckily you didnt hurt your knee

    • A couple of years ago I got hit by a cyclist who knocked me down. I actually ended up cracking my radial head of my elbow. Since then I’ve been terrified of falling!

      • i hate running by cyclists for that very reason they are real road hogs around me its a little nerve racking. geeze girl no wonder you are scared of falling that is a nasty fall!

  12. Oh my God I’m so so sorry! That sounds terrible and PAINFUL. Every bit of my skin cringed when you said you shaved so much off of your shin. Definitely take a few days off and heal. Sending positive, speedy recovery thoughts!

  13. Ouch. SO sorry about your fall, Hollie! Especially with you having to get some shots :(. Hopefully the soreness and pain goes away soon and you heal quickly!

  14. Aw, Hollie! That sucks. So sorry…but glad your injuries weren’t worse. Wishing you a quick and easy recovery!
    I once was tripped by a dog during a run and had to go to the surgi-center. They wanted to give me stitches, but I opted out and let it heal by itself.
    I’ve had two major surgeries in my life for a broken shoulder and broken femur (biking accident). I feel like half a terminator – my left side is titanium reinforced!

  15. OMG Hollie! I’m so glad you’re ok. That truly sounds awful. I have never had stitches and I’m sure it was very painful. Take all the rest time you need! Sending all my healthy, healing vibes to you!!

  16. Amg seriously one of my biggest fears while running, especially when it’s on trails. I’m glad to hear that you didn’t land on your knees and bust them up, but I do hope you heal up soon! Those road burns are no joke 🙁

  17. OMG I literally just stacked it off my bike this last weekend! So I totally feel for you – the stiffness and bruises are the worst 🙂 Thought I might have broken my wrist at the time, thankfully all clear…but in the days since everything else is screaming! Take care hope you recover quickly 🙂

  18. When I first read the title, I thought you were going to make a smooth segue into fall. (I guess that’s today’s post!) I was really shocked that you were actually talking about a fall that landed you in the hospital, getting stitches. That’s awful! But I guess the”guy upstairs” was determined you would have your seventh day as a rest day 🙂
    Super lucky that you missed the knee and “only” took a blow to the shin (as a soccer player, I know that hurts a lot too).
    I hate road burn more than anything else. It’s usually a pain to cover with a band-aid. Hopefully you’re feeling better today, and that you recover quickly!
    I’ve had more than my share of stitches because of a bunch of surgeries for cleft-lip and palate. They’re fun to play with, though 😉

  19. I totally wiped out while training running here in CO this weekend. Woohoo for road rash! (Also sorry you had to get stitches, though. No bueno.)

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