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I haven’t posted a life and articles blog in nearly a month.  What’s up with that?

This week was unique for me because i’s the week  I am moving.  I have spent a good portion of the week packing.  This move hasn’t been nearly as stressful as the previous few despite not beginning to pack before this week.  I’ve learned to just toss and donate things I’m not using.  Personally I find it an awesome method.

On a side note, does anyone think this week went by extremely slow?  I’ve seriously feel like it has been never ending!

On the rare day Tim and I had off together, we decided to head over to Wissihickon Park in Philadelphia and run.  While I was tired from doing 2X2 mile repeats the day before, we had a really great run.

me wisshickon park

My life this week: 

Song I’ve added to my playlist this week: Roses  (Chainsmokers)

Song I think is overplayed and obnoxious: Cheerleaders

Interesting Food I’ve Eaten:

Homemade fried rice

fried rice

Cinnamon Buns from the Trolley Car Diner. 

cinnamon bun trolley car diner

Posts I enjoyed: 
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Questions for you:
What are you up to this weekend? 


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  1. Thanks so much for including my post! I’ve been cleaning out closets this week and donating tons of stuff! It feels so good. Good luck with the rest of your move:-)

  2. I don’t know how you remain so unstressed by moving. You’re a moving pro I suppose! I’m moving in a few weeks time and I’m BEYOND stressed by the whole process. Streamlining all my stuff is the way forward…selling, donating, binning – it’s the way forward!

  3. I’ve moved house this month, it wasn’t too stressful but it did keep me busy for a few weeks. I only got the internet connected last night! I should have tossed loads of stuff before the move, it would have been a lot easier..

    Are you moving far from where you are now?

  4. Sending good thoughts for your move. I’ve been in the same place for about 3 years and I think I need to pretend I’m moving to help clean out and get rid of some stuff. I miss the natural ‘cleanse’ that happens when you have to pack up all of your stuff.

  5. Good luck finishing up your move! I’m definitely in the “throw anything away you don’t use frequently” camp. This was the longest week of my entire life, I’m pretty sure. I have no idea why it went by so slowly, but I thought today would never come.

  6. I actually think this week has been flying by! I had so much going on Monday-Wednesday, which are usually my slow days, so I can’t believe it’s already Friday. TGIF though! Good luck with packing and moving!

  7. Moving is never fun until it’s over! This week has been dragging for me because we just got back from our honeymoon on Monday, so I’m looking forward to a lot of downtime this weekend and getting our house in order after the wedding madness!

  8. I am not up to much this weekend, baking, spinning, running blah blah. OMG is that the icing on the bun running over the plate???? If it is I so would have licked that plate.

  9. I LOVE moving hahah. I have moved SO MANY times, it’s so easy for me. the physical move itself is hard, bc i cant lift heavy things (the rods in my back, doctors orders) but packing, getting rid of stuff, going to a new place? love it.

  10. That cinnamon bun looks AMAZING. Hope the move goes as smoothly as possible. Fortunately or unfortunately, you have it down to a science now. 😉

  11. I love being able to go through things that I haven’t used recently and get rid of anything unnecessary. I don’t like moving but I do like purging my house! And yes, this week was SO SLOW! I commented to my husband that the week was crawling by! Have a great weekend and good luck with the move!

  12. Where are your shorts from? (The ones in the pic with the pink top). I am on the hunt for shorts to wear during my fall marathon and those are adorable!

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