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To Don’t List

Negativity can creep right in at any time. I am someone who likes to make “to do” lists. If I write everything down, I find myself far more likely to get things done.

To Don't List

But what about a “To Don’t” list?

I was on an easy run a few days ago when the idea of a “To don’t list” popped up. I found myself brainstorming ideas and concepts that I could remove from my life to add quality to my day.  While thinking out loud, here is what I came up with…

Don’t rush life. Keep your mind in the present.

Don’t be afraid to say no and don’t overcommit yourself.  As humans we can only be good at a certain amount of things.  When we begin to overcommit and spread ourselves thin, we lose touch of what is most important to us. 

Don’t compare yourself to others. It’s fairly obvious but everyone is different and unique. This includes life, sports, relationships and just about everything. 

Don’t compare yourself to yourself. We all go through different life changes…It is impossible to compare ourselves at different points at our life.

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. This includes your career, sports or a single focus in life. Make sure you have something to fall back on. For example if you get injured with running, make sure you have other hobbies to keep you busy.

Don’t neglect family and friends. Family and friends will be there for you…don’t forget about them.

Don’t neglect yourself.  Always remember to give yourself credit and give yourself what you need to succeed. 

Don’t stress about a single day. The saying of life is a marathon not a sprint is relevant…it’s true and one day won’t make or break you.

Don’t be afraid to try something new. New things out of your comfort zone is what helps you grow. 

Everyone’s “To Don’t” list is different but it’s important to make it relevant to your life!

Question for you: What is on your “To Don’t” list?



27 thoughts on “To Don’t List”

  1. This list is awesome. Seriously! These are things I constantly think about! For me, I’ve been actively working on a few of these – the whole learn to say no thing is big for me. I used to say yes to everything, but then I started to become flakey because I was over-committed. Now, I try to say no when I know I am going to be overwhelmed. If I start to get pressure from someone to do something, I simply explain that I am saying no because I don’t want to commit to something that I will later bail on because I value our friendship/relationship and don’t want to let that person down. I also used to compare myself to others – especially with running. That ended with me being burned out and injured. That was the reason I began my blog a few years ago – to focus on what I can do (giving myself credit) and not on what others were doing. Now, I’ve met so many wonderful people here that I truly enjoy reading about what everyone else is doing because I am interested and it makes me happy to see everyone succeeding. Everyone is so positive in this community!

    1. I used to feel as if I had to say yes to everything but now I’ve realized it’s better to just relax and say no and not overcommit myself!

  2. Love this. I’m so guilty of comparing myself to myself. Like, well I did this workout at this pace at this time so I MUST be faster this go round. It’s self destructive behavior. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. YES! What Kris said. I compare my workouts to past years and compare my present self to my past self. Looking ahead rather than behind is a great idea. Awesome post Hollie!

  3. These are definitely “don’ts” to live by! My favorite is don’t compare yourself to others. I think this is where I struggle most. I compare everything in my own life to everything in everyone else’s and it’s mentally exhausting!! I’m learning to just appreciate what I have!

  4. Love this list. I definitely agree with don’t be afraid to try something new. Also, don’t be embarrassed to do something by yourself! So many times I haven’t done something because I couldn’t find a friend to go with. It’s fine to do things alone sometimes and you might even enjoy it or meet new people!

  5. I have to remember to not compare, myself to others or myself to previous times in my life. It’s hard sometimes to enjoy runs knowing that at one point I could run it x amount of minutes faster, but when I let that go my current running is so much more fun! My other To Don’t that I think of on race day is Don’t Be a Hero. If it feels risky and like you might injure yourself, it’s not worth it. Do Be A Hero when you can though 🙂
    Good list!

  6. This is a great idea. I think my #1 is “Don’t turn molehills into mountains” It’s something I definitely struggle with on my most days, particularly when it comes to my job. Great post, thanks for sharing this.

  7. “Don’t” take each day for granted… figure out what’s special each day and what has made you smile. Helps me appreciate all the small things and not get overwhelmed by the big picture 🙂

  8. I am a person who constantly compares. I know they say comparison is the theif of joy, and it is. Thanks this is a great idea

  9. This is a good list! With you, I know you struggle with overcommitting so I was happy to see this on your list! 🙂 Take some time for yourself!!!

  10. Oh wow, that’s a great idea. That is a great GREAT list. Such an amazing idea. I might benefit from a to don’t list haha. great things to remember!

  11. Not over committing is huge, especially in a society that praises us for always saying “yes” and doing all the things. Granted, I am saying “yes” a lot more these days since it’s the off-season, but I know it won’t last.

  12. Oh I love this list! I should seriously write it out and hang it where I can see it first thing in the morning. One of my favorite quotes is that life is a marathon…you have to take it one mile at a time, right?

  13. Absolutely love this idea! I need to make one of these.. lately my top item would be something like “don’t get involved with a guy wtihout conducting a thorough background check on him… because he may just be lying and have a wife” … yeah that’s how things are for me lately! 😉

  14. ohmygosh I love this and totally needed this today!! I’ve been working full-time in the pharmacy, trying to balance home, kid, family, and my personal training biz, blogging, and daily tweets *sigh* so my don’t is DON’T overcommit and the whole eggs in the basket thing…I’m ridiculous when it comes to “to-do” lists. I’m always making lists for my lists. insane.

  15. Great post, Hollie! Love the one about not comparing yourself to yourself. S many people get caught up in what they ‘used to’ be able to do..but I always say…find your new normal.

    My list includes Don’t Judge Others. You often have no idea what has happened in their past or what they are currently dealing with.

  16. I am guilty of always looking forward. This is great for some things (and probably better than always looking back) but I have a hard time with the present. Looking forward to the weekend, an upcoming trip or race dominates my thoughts rather than enjoying the moment. Love this!

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