The Wisdom Diner

Last month my brother, Tim and I all decided to go to the Wisdom Diner in Bordentown, NJ.  I have driven by several times but never stopped.  It’s always been on my “diner to do list”.  It’s much closer to my previous house so when we moved it got put on the back burner until we happened to be in the area.

Atmosphere: B 

The outside is clean and modern looking.  It’s a tall, white building on the corner of the road.  The building certainly catches your eye and makes you want to stop.  That is a good thing because there are about 5 other diners within 5 minutes of the Wisdom Diner.

From the Wisdom Diner Website
From the Wisdom Diner Website

The inside is festive and heavily decorated for the closest holiday.  Judging by several photos, it appears the Wisdom diner decorates for every season.  I like that sort of hometown feeling!

Service: C 

The service at the restaurant was one of the most awkward experiences I’ve ever had. I ordered a typical coffee with whipped cream.  The first waiter brought over an entire can of whipped cream.  The second waitress seemed very upset we had the container of whipped cream at our table.

Wisdom Diner Coffee

Wisdom Diner Coffee 1

We were the only ones in the restaurant, but the service was still extremely slow.  You would have thought it was a packed house!  At one point we saw every staff member behind the counter chatting and watching TV.

Food: C 

The Wisdom diner has a lot on their menu but stick with simple foods and menu items. There was honestly nothing too unique or to write to home about. They had breakfast options, lunch and dinner.  There wasn’t anything unusual from the restaurant.

I ordered the large Greek Salad with salmon.  It was clear they gave a piece of frozen salmon.  The middle of salmon was still slightly cold.  The salad wasn’t very large and I finished feeling hungry.  With the exception of the frozen salmon, it wasn’t a bad salad but I do wish it had actually been larger.

Wisdom Diner Salad

It looked and tasted like food I could have made at my house.

Cost: $ 

For my salad, my brothers wrap and Tim’s burger the cost was $35.  It was a relatively cheap diner but the quality of food reflected that.

Overall thoughts/Would I come back? 

The service at the Wisdom Diner wasn’t great and the food was just okay.  There are a few diners right down the road (such as Mastoris, Daphnes or Town & Country) that I would go too before the Wisdom Diner. It’s not a bad stop but there are better choices down the road.

Cliff notes: 
Atmosphere: B
Service: C
Food: C
Price: $7-15
Overall: C

Question for you: What is the strangest experience you’ve had at a restaurant?


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  1. The whipped cream experience you had is so weird!! I would have to say the strangest restaurant experience I’ve had was when I ordered coffee and it came with little half and half containers. I stacked the containers in a pyramid while I was waiting for my food. The (young, teenage) waiter walked by my table and casually slapped down my pyramid and walked away laughing!

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