Training: Consistency and Bad Races

Consistency is key.

Rome was not built in a day.

Those are two quotes that have gotten me through the last week of training when things such as bad races got mentally tough.

My training this week was good. I can’t say Belmar was the race I was hoping for but I have a longer post about that.

I ran easy on Monday and Tuesday. I rested on Thursday and ran easy on Friday.

Track Workout of the week:
2X800s (3:00) with 2:30 rest
2X600 (2:15, 2:12) (2:00 rest)
2X400 (1:23, 1:25) (2:00 rest)
2X200 sprint (2:00 rest)
2X400 (1:25, 1:25) (2:00 rest)

I’ve been doing track workouts with Tim lately. To be honest if I did track workouts by myself, I would probably stick to 400s every single time. He likes to do different workouts so it keeps it interesting. I felt good during the track workout but it was the hottest day we have had. I think I began sweating the moment I thought about running.

Saturday: Belmar 5k: 19:34 (5:53, 6:06, 6:41)
Sunday: Long run easy
Total miles: 68

I’m currently writing a post about my thoughts with my summer training. I am consistently training but not seeing the benefits.

Belmar 1

In cliff notes I didn’t lose my speed in a month. It took me two years of consistently not doing speed workouts to lose that fitness. I did not gain my 18:35 speed in a month the first time and I won’t do that the second time either. Hopefully it does not take 2 years though.

This week was good consistency wise and I kept to my track, race and long run plan.  Did I PR at Belmar like I had originally hoped?  No but I finished healthy and there are many more 5ks in my future.

I wanted to wait until the Belmar Chase to decide what to train for this fall.  Realistically, I think it’s smart to continue the method of doing 1-2 speed workouts weekly and see where it takes me. Personally I like my current training method a lot. I am able to race often as well as not give up speed workouts.

While I’m not 100% certain, I don’t think a fall marathon falls into this plan.

Questions for you:
What was your best workout this week?
Do you have any fall goal races?