Tan Lines and Crabs

This week my husband and I made a trip back to my in-laws house. We always have such a great time visiting and they are always so kind. It was a nice and relaxing trip and we were able to have down time.

My month is starting to pick up quickly!  The theme of August is this wonderful rap lyric by Drake:

I go to Zero to 100 real quick…real quick…

July was not busy for me, however, August will be very busy. Work has already more hectic.  Cross country season begins and marathon training season begins!  Plus the fall weather brings a lot more people out!

Anyways it was nice to get a mini-catation before life gets hectic.  Who doesn’t like to relax?

One of our favorite things to do in PA is just relax. We enjoy sitting by the pool and catching up with his family.  I was there last month, however, Tim hasn’t been back home in nearly a year!

t and me

We also enjoy getting all you can eat crabs at Dave and Janes in central PA. Crabs are one of my favorite foods but they are a lot of work.  If you ever visit the area, Dave and Janes is a great seafood restaurant.  They have a lot of different specials but I highly recommend all you can eat crabs.  Who knew eating food could be so difficult?

all you can eat crabs Dave and Janes

More crabs…more problems…

During the day, I worked on my Runner’s spandex tan.  It’s not going well since most of my time outdoors is spent running.

me tan lines funny runner

Tan line level: Expert

There are only a few more weeks left until Belmar and I would rather avoid one of these moments:

The best tan lines ever

Tan line city from 2 years ago

As you can see it’s been a low key relaxing week.

Questions for you:

Do you like crabs?

Do you have any crazy tan lines right now?


10 responses

  1. Ha, that tan line photo is great. Emma Coburn had an Instagram video on getting rid of shorts tan lines. Made me smile considering this is an all around runner problem 🙂

  2. i had the worst burnline a couple weeks ago from staining someones deck. it was awful.
    i have never had crab. i am excited to get some decent seafood now that i finally am leaving for mississippi. one of the diners i was looking at specializes in seafood dishes 🙂

  3. My tan lines right now are absolutely ridiculous from all the biking. They used to be fine when I lifeguarded because I was always in the sun, but now that it’s limited to when I’m exercising, I haven’t been able to even it out at all. Oh well, I guess nobody really notices when I’m at work anyways.

  4. I always get those annoying tan lines as well. They’re the worst! I’ll have to visit Dave and Janes next time we stop by Dan’s parents house. It looks delicious! Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. I just wrote about crabs last week! Having crabs in the title sure gets people’s attention pretty quick! Lol I love crab though. We bought them fresh and cooked them at our campsite. There was too much eye contact going on for me so I’d rather just eat them at a restaurant. Sigh… poor little crabbies. I’ve got the same wicked tan lines too. It sucks because it highlights that fleshy bit below my butt. I bought a pair of racing bottoms which look like bathing suit bottoms and I sometimes run in those when it’s really hot and when I give zero fucks about the fleshy white wobbly bits.

  6. My husband has a crazy farmers tan line this summer from watching graduation in a t-shirt. They never seem to be fixable either.

  7. I have similar tan lines from cycling. My shorts are a little longer, though. 😉 The jersey tan lines are much, much worse. ‘Tis the season!

  8. Gotta love runner tan lines lol Back when I competed in both gymnastics and track, I had to wear a leotard for gymnastics competitions so I always was showing some lovely tan lines, I hope the judges never deducted points haha

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