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It is hard to believe we are through another week of the summer.  It’s strange to think how fast this summer is going.  A month ago, schools were getting out.  In another month, they’ll be starting again.

This week was unique for me.  My work schedule is beginning to change and I enjoyed a lot of unscheduled and unplanned fun.

Fridays have become a collage of random thoughts on LOLZ blog.  Some weeks I post articles, some weeks I post life updates and some weeks I don’t post…Hashtag so random.

Random Week Activities: 

I went to the track!  I’ve done a few track workouts before but not in a VEERRRRRRYYYYYY long time (think 3+ years).  I was pleasantly surprised with how much fun I had.

I went back to brunette.  Some people pull off blonde hair color well but I’m not one of them.  I don’t regret dying my hair but I don’t see myself ever going back to blonde.

I wanted to wait at least a month before getting it redone because it was such a chemical bomb to my hair…

This is the only blonde hair selfie that I'm not mortified at my rash decision.

This is the only blonde hair selfie that I’m not mortified at my rash decision.


me brown hair

Two days later and I’m already much happier.

I finally finished my DIY project of repainting my small night stand.  It’s my first DIY project and I think it turned out well.

From brown to white

From brown to white

diy night stand

and the final is a pale blue

Interesting Articles of the Week:

3 Ways to Run Easy   Great article by Tina!  I think it’s so important to do your easy runs….easy.  Who knew?

10 Habits of Insanely Passionate Runners I don’t know if I agree about the cross training.  I will say the cartoons are the best!

If You Run, You are a Runner Great post from Lauren about all different types of runners.

I also really liked this from Runner’s World: 

runners world

From LOLZ:

Nike Vomero Review
Some Runs Are Awful
The Year of the Quarter Life Crisis

Questions for you:
How was your week?
Do you have any weekend plans?


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  1. When I was your age (does that make me sound old? yeah, I thought so.), I dyed my hair strawberry blonde to see what it would look like.

    Answer: not good.

    Nothing wagered, nothing gained, or #yolo

  2. Love the hair and the nightstand!!! I think you look cute blonde and brunette, but I do like your new brown hair! I am in love with the article you posted about easy runs. I do my easy runs at about a 8:30-9 min pace, and my 10K pace is somewhere in the 6:20-40 range – based off the article, I am in the right recovery zone! I know of a few people who are around the same pace as me but refuse to run slower than a 7:45-8 min mile, always. Sometimes I get concerned that I should also be running faster on my easy days…but I’m not changing anything after reading how the 5:20 paced 10Kers do 7:30-8:30 paced recovery runs! Easy means EASY!

    • I cannot imagine running my easy runs faster. I love reading how elites train because I think it’s so helpful and insightful!

      • I literally just did one of my easy recovery runs and thought about your post the whole time! My pace was 8:42 and it just really got me thinking about how many people I know that seriously go out there and run sub eight minute miles or faster every single day. But those are the people that never get any faster in races, either! I read a bunch of the links on the page that you posted, that elite chick is awesome and knows what’s up. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Loooove your hair brown. You can totally rock the blonde, but brunette looks so pretty and natural on you! I’m a natural blonde and I died my hair dark brown in 12th grade and had a serious mental breakdown haha. It just didn’t work for me. I love that quote.. I have to constantly remind myself that every run does not have to be an all out effort!

  4. I dyed my hair red once. It never seemed to recover! I’m glad you got it redone and are feeling more like yourself with the new hair color (although it is fun to experiment 😉 ).

    I go to the track each week with a group and it’s a lot of fun. If I didn’t have others to run speedwork with, I wouldn’t. I’m not doing any races right now so I go every week but it is tough to fit in with races on the schedule.

    I don’t really have any weekend plans besides running tomorrow morning and going out to lunch with some friends.

  5. You can pull off the blonde or brown. I just switched from the red that i loved so much to brown-i figured the red would not stick around in the MS hot sun.

    this week was rough. sick dog made for sleepless nights, over caffeinating and a headache. but this weekend and next coming week will be much better 🙂

    • Awe I’m sorry to hear about your dog. I hope this weekend and week take a turn for the better. That stinks. 🙁

  6. Life long hair dye’er here! I can’t imagine going back to black… no one believes me but I have the darkest hair… coloring is such a process (and makes my wallet cry) but I can’t ever imagine going back to my roots (literally….)

  7. I could talk hours about the “If you run, you are a runner”. Seriously, hours. People agitate me so much with it, but it’s the world we live in. I’m super proud of your DIY project! Looks great!!!

  8. Yeah I dont know about that list of healthy habits… I mean, they do all sound good. But i certainly do not do many of them hahah. ebrace all tan lines?? maybe if you run in a sports bra and short shorts! i’m in capris, so i get suuuper cool calf tans. definitely great when going to the beach…. hahaha

  9. I think you look beautiful as a blonde but you look beautiful as a brunette, too! I think it’s good to experiment with different looks for a while, even if you end up switching back. I also love your nightstand!

  10. I went bleach blonde once for about 8 months… then realized the price was not worth it. While I loved it, spending $60-80 to bleach my hair every 6-7 weeks was breaking my bank. Not to mention hair cuts! It was about $125 every time… that is not practical. I love your brunette!

  11. I’ve TOTALLY done the blonde thing (more than once, too). Every once in a while I get the urge to bleach my hair again and stop myself. Brunette is where it’s at! 🙂

  12. Back when I had short chin length hair, I used to bleach it before I added colour (red) so that it would show up. It was so painful, and yet I would go back every few months and do it all over again. Glad you enjoyed the track and your new table looks great! I have yet to paint a piece of furniture. Not sure Mike would enjoy that. 😉

  13. Thanks for sharing my post 🙂 Changing your hair is always fun. I dyed my hair dark brown semi-permanently once in college and tried to let it run it’s course but it took forever for me to get back to my original shade.

  14. The brown hair looks awesome on you 🙂 Not that blonde was bad, but I think brown suits you better. I had blonde hair for a while when I was younger, but it’s the same for me with brown just looking better.

    Have a good weekend, Hollie!

  15. Woohoo for some #FireOnTheTrack! I haven’t been to the track in a while either. Brown hair is definitely more you too. 🙂

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