The Lamp Post Diner

First Happy July Fourth!

“This was one of the biggest and most open diners.  The menu was equally as large. We wondered if the diner could live up to the expectations of the outside atmosphere.  The portions were huge and the food was delicious”.


A few weeks ago, my parents, brother Steven and I went down to the Lamp Post Diner in Gloucester Township.  I have been wanting to go to the Lamp Post Diner for a while but never made it down there. My parents visiting were the perfect excuse to finally get down there!

Atmosphere: A 

As dad said the Lamp Post Diner was the biggest diners, I’ve been too.  It can seat at least 200 people.  We were not expecting that at all.  It was well designed and we sat at a round table in the back.

Image found here

Image found here

The inside layout had several rooms with dozens of tables.  It was crowded but our waitress was one of the best we have had and very quick.

Coffee: A

The coffee and whipped cream was on point.  I have hit a lucky streak with how good the coffee has been.  I have absolutely no complaints.

Lamp Post Diner Coffee

Food: B

The menu was as large as the restaurant. They had everything from lamb chops to seafood to breakfast.  My mom ordered the lamb chop, dad ordered the Philly Cheese steak and I ordered the Greek Salad with salmon.

All of our food was delicious.  I ended up eating half of mom’s lamb chop the next day for dinner.

My greek salad was huge and really good.  It was one of the better salads I’ve had in a while.  The Lamp Post Diner Salad had greens, feta, anchovies, tomato, onions and olives.

Lamp Post Diner Salad

Despite the majority of the food being great, there was one thing I cannot overlook. The reason I gave the food a B was because the piece of salmon was tiny and clearly frozen and reheated. I was surprised at the low quality piece of salmon but the rest of the food was good.

Dessert: A 

I ordered the German Chocolate cake and mom ordered the Strawberry Shortcake.  Both were extremely good and I was a huge fan.  I haven’t had German Chocolate Cake for a while but it was definitely worth it.

Lamp Post Diner Strawberry Shortcake

Lamp Post Diner German Chocolate

Cost: $$

For my salad, coffee and German Chocolate cake it was 26.  I don’t believe the extra 6 dollars for the salmon was worth it but the rest of the food was worth the price!

Overall thoughts/Would I come back? 

I would definitely come back.  There are a lot of different menu items I want to try (not the salmon again HA).

Cliff notes: 
Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: B
Cost: $10-20
Overall: A  

Questions for you: 

Do you like German Chocolate cake? 
What is the biggest restaurant you’ve been too? 


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  1. Whenever you want to go back to a diner to get something different, I’m your girl! You know I am always up to try some new pancakes haha! I want to find pancakes better than my local diner! If it’s possible! 😉

  2. The biggest restaurants I’ve been to are usually at hotels. I’ve also had a few great meals at wineries in my area. Does the mall food court count? That would rank as pretty big 😉 I am a huge fan of German Chocolate cake. I once had a Blizzard from Dairy Queen that was the cake flavor. It was AMAZING!

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