Summer Running

Running is a funny sport because when you think about it, there is no “perfect” time to run. We are always complaining no matter what season it is! Even though we whine and complain, nothing can take away from the success and feeling of a great race or PR.

In the winter we complain about how cold it is.

  • When not running, cold weather can be miserable…
  • Running in the cold can also be miserable….
  • Not to mention if there is ice, sleet or slush on the roads…
  • Running in the snow is like running in the sand…except you can’t run in just a sports bra in cold temperatures…

To keep it short we won’t even get started with running into the wind on a cold bitter winter day….

Sure this will be fun...

Sure this will be fun…

Personally when it comes to cold weather running, I prefer the treadmill. I’m not sorry because that is what makes me a happy fake runner (kidding running is running).

An artsy version of running on the treadmill.

An artsy version of running on the treadmill.

Finally Spring comes and running outdoors becomes enjoyable. Spring races are fun but occasionally windy. Be careful if you choose a beach race because you might blow away! At least Spring has the perfect temperature.

An artsy view of running into the windDon’t forget about the allergies that cause you to blow snot rockets bigger than the cars whizzing by.

spring meme 2

Moving onto Summer running…

I mean who doesn't love the beach?

I mean who doesn’t love the beach?

The summer is awesome…

The beach, the BBQ’s, the family time, the warmth…

Exccept for the running

Pouring sweat isn’t fun….

One word…C H A F F I N G…

Going into cardiac arrest because it’s over 100 degrees with 100% humidity…not fun…

If you live around woods then the bugs are crawling, swarming and biting and from personal experience that is $hit is painful… 

Also categorized as not fun is your pace slowing by 3 minutes because it’s so hot…that’s not fun because it takes a lot longer to finish an actual run.

Drinking water because you sweat it all…then having it slosh around for the entire rest of the run.

Moving into stomach sloshing because now your over hydrated….

Now that you are over hydrated with a sloshing stomach, you have to use the rest room…

And the porta potties are 20 degrees hotter than outside….

How did the post end with being stuck in a 100-degree porta pottie with stomach sloshing?

Your guess is as good as mine…

Always stay hydrated friends.

Always stay hydrated friends.

Summer running: Hate it or love it?

I love running in the summer, 100 degrees and all.


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  1. The drawings, YESSSS! I’m probably in the minority, but I prefer winter to summer running. Probably because I’m from the tundra and simply can’t tolerate the warm temperatures … because it’s never all that warm up here … 🙂

  2. I’m with Carrie! I’d run in a snowstorm and 15° (and have!) before I’d go out when it’s sunny and 90. Heat…I can generate that. Cooling…not so much!

  3. 15F isn’t all that cold … my issue with the winter is all of the -20 to -30 days I had to contend with … so yeah, I will take 60-70F at my 4AM run time any day over that! 🙂

  4. Much rather winter running over summer running. I get pretty overheated when I workout (always have) and so the summer is pretty miserable. Spring and fall are still sometimes too warm. My favorite temps to run in are 30-50. I will say that I don’t do running in the rain. Too much of a wuss and I will hit the treadmill instead!

  5. My favorite season to run is fall without a doubt but I do love summer running. It doesn’t bother me if its 100 degrees outside, although I usually run before it gets that hot haha I feel like your entire mood is just happier in the summer months so nothing seems that bad!

  6. I don’t mind the cold as long as there’s not wind or snow on the ground. I don’t mind the heat, either, unless it’s not humid or raining. Haha, I guess I don’t like precipitation.

  7. Haha I am always, always complaining about the weather! I think I actually like spring running the least because the wind can be downright outrageous and makes racing for time impossible. My favorite part about summer running is running down at the beach!

  8. Here in SC, all of our marathons are during the winter and so are most of our half marathons- but also tons of 5Ks and a few 10Ks so there’s something for everyone during that time. We have a lot of people who visit to run them so it’s fun that people visit SC to check off a state.

    My favorite time to run is Fall. I feel faster from the summer and the cooler temps, and I love getting up on Saturday, running in a race (hopefully placing in my age group or maybe even setting a PR), then coming home to a nap, a lunch, and a University of South Carolina football game. Not to mention, Sunday long runs then going out for brunch and drinks and chatting Fantasy Football.

    There’s no perfect time for running but it’s a metaphor for real life. There’s no perfect time to get married, have kids, switch jobs, go back to school, or do a lot of things. By taking things as they come with running, it helps us take life as it comes too.

  9. Cold over heat any day. No matter how frigid I get on a run, I can always warm up afterwards…but getting zapped by the heat and humidity and having the sloshy tummy (that is the worst) usually affects me the rest of the day.

  10. hahah. funny post.
    Hmm.. luckly we don’t have too many extreme weather here (Oregon) and I run in the mornings, so I don’t really mind the winter or the summer really.! Summer wins a little though because I don’t have to run in the dark. Longer days are the best.!

  11. I wish it was summer running all year round. I slip in the snow, I always get rained on in the Spring, but a 7AM summer run will always be fabulous. And yes, I too drink all the Kool-Aid when I get home 🙂

  12. Lol yup. You nailed it. Except Autumn running is perfect! I’m not a fan of summer because I have a hard time breathing in the humidity we have here. It’s tough and I start wheezing out of control! But something about a good sweat makes me feel good though… I don’t sparkle. Or glisten. Or glitter. No. I sweat!

  13. I am currently missing out on summer running because of the 100 degree days here at the beach. I have to run with 2 kids in a double jogger and the temps are just too much for that. Plus, the kids don’t fare too long in that weather either. 🙁

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