Power Outage, Reads and Music

This week I had a lot planned that didn’t happen.  The week from hell…o is finally over (maybe because I still don’t have power).  I had a lot to do on Tuesday and Wednesday that quickly went on the back burner when we get a huge storm in New Jersey and Philadelphia.  There was a tornado that touched down and my power was knocked out.

There are two types of weather patterns I am absolutely terrified of:

1. Tornados
2. Thunderstorms

The storm knocked out my power.  The same evening I got a migraine so I just called it a night and went to bed.  So on Tuesday I had one of the most miserable days of the year.  You have to have the good days to have the bad days right?

Hard at blogging work at a local coffee shop...whatever hard at blogging work means

Hard at blogging work at a local coffee shop…whatever hard at blogging work means (via instagram)

Since I’m not cleaning in the dark and 90 degree house, I spent time reading in local coffee shops.  I did find a few articles for the week.  They said the power would come back on Wednesday at 5am, then Thursday at 4pm and now the latest is today at 12pm.  I’ll post a bunch of dancing emojis when it does.

Five Articles I am enjoying:

15 Life Hacks I agree with all of them except making your goals private.  I actually think it might be a good idea to share your goals!

21 Signs You are a Grandma Trapped in a twenty something’s body 

Glute Med Exercises (My bum butt earlier in the year was caused by a weak glute meade)

Tiny Tweaks To get a Good Nights Sleep (I’ve been utilizing this a lot and found my sleep patterns becoming more consistent).

Janae’s Reflection on Injury (I thought this was a really interesting post.  We often think that our running injuries are because we are injury prone.  In reality, I think it’s because we train poorly…not that I’m always one to talk).

5 Recent Articles From LOLZ:

My Brother’s Graduation Part 1 and 2

Products of the Summer

So You Want to Start a Blog? 

Comparison: The Thief of Joy

Five Songs I’m Running too


iggy work

Who doesn’t need a photo of Iggy?

Change Your Life-Iggy

Bad Blood-Taylor Swift

taylor swift

Or Taylor Swift?

Anaconda-Nicki Minaj

Hey Mama-David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj

So anyways, it’s time to put this week to rest and move on.  Hopefully next week will be a little bit more enjoyable!

Questions for you:

Has your power ever gone out? 

How are you spending this weekend? 



20 responses

  1. I hope your power comes back soon! Luckily we haven’t lost power since we’ve been in the house (knock on wood).
    This weekend we are visiting friends we haven’t seen since October and going to a graduation party! Have a great Friday!

  2. Oh man, not having power suuuucks. We lost ours for just a couple of hours on Wednesday and I was already whiny, haha. Not having AC even for a few hours was awful. (It’s been close to 100 here!)

    Have you heard the Iggy + Britany song? (I think it’s called Pretty Girls.) It’s pretty ridiculous, but perfect for a workout playlist, haha.

  3. We’ve had the severe thunderstorm thing going on as an almost daily event, it seems. Two days ago, a small tornado touched down in SE Denver. Last month, a larger one touched down near the mountains (!) in Longmont. So that’s awesome…not. But through it all, the power has stayed on.

    This weekend is an 18 mile long run and an afternoon beach party. :). Sunday is a rest day.

  4. Power has gone out several times, one time for about a week – its the worst!

    Little man has a big track weekend… 1500m on Saturday & 800m on Sunday… top 6 qualify for youth USATF regionals!

  5. I hope the power comes back on soon! I once lost power for a week after a terrible wind storm, and it was the middle of winter so we were freezing.

  6. I kind of love it when the power goes out because I really like fireplaces and candles… but then it gets real old, real fast.

  7. I almost don’t want to read the 21 signs you’re a grandma…. because I know how this will turn out haha. I’ve also found a rekindled love for Nicki’s Anaconda… I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy pumping my jamz driving home from work. The worst power outage I experienced was after Sandy when I was living in Philadelphia. It was absolutely brutal and I think I lost power for 5 or 6 days. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy modern use of electricity!! : )

  8. I love thunderstorms.. that being said, I hate them when I’m alone. Which is always now days.
    Loving the 15 life hacks article! This weekend I get to babysit my old neighbors kids-they’re the best. Then a morning of goodbyes on Sunday even though I still have ZERO clue when i’m moving.

  9. So frustrating when you lose power for an extended period of time. It happens pretty often at my parent’s house (like a week at a time- my cousins lost power for 3 weeks this winter) but not much down in Baltimorebecause we have underground power lines. Thunderstorms don’t usually bother me (and my family’s house got hit last year knocking out pretty much every electronic) but tornadoes and hurricanes freak me out. Hopefully you get power back soon!

  10. This weekend my parents are leaving for ACity so it’ll be a relaxing one with LESS anxiety. Thank you, baby Jesus. Yesterday was a ROUGH one. I’m hoping things turn around for you next week. Anxiety is a big issue when things go coo-coo. I happen to love thunderstorms and will sit and watch them in our garage or in a car! I think the lightening is pretty!

  11. We had really bad storms here Monday and I did NOT want to leave for work! Not only am I super anxious about storms but my dog is too and it broke my heart to leave him when he was so anxious. I ended up going in later ;-). The power has gone out by me and its not fun! I am looking forward to my run tomorrow as well as grilling out with family and enjoying the summer weekend.
    Hope you have a great weekend too!

  12. Perhaps the migraine was linked to the storm? I’m always susceptible to migraines whenever thunderstorms are about. I hope you’re feeling better now and that your power is finally back on!

  13. OMG, that grandma article is me all day! Especially the part about caffeine after 6 p.m. … my cutoff is actually noon. 😉

  14. Its glute med, not Meade. You’ve made this mistake in several posts. Its fine but if you’re posting an article w it can you at least check it?

  15. My brother was home alone when the storm happened, luckily our house and all was okay minus the no power but there was other damage so many other places and people I know. One Wawa had power and the wait for coffee was 35 min the next day. I say worth it, haha. Our mall had flipped cars and stuff. No power is no fun, especially if it’s longer than a day.

  16. Power outages are the worst!!! Why do they always seem to occur on the hottest or coldest days of the year?!?
    Do you have a headlamp? Life-saver!!!

    We lost power for 6 days after a major snow storm once and for 8 days after Hurricane Sandy.
    Seemed like everyone in our neighborhood (except us) had generators, so all you could hear was the humming. It was so frustrating because hearing that sound was the indicator that there was still no power!

    And I’m not sure what is worse…the actual migraine…or the next day migraine-hangover, as I call it.

    Hopefully a better week ahead for you, Hollie!

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