A Graduation, a Birthday and Father’s Day

My family celebrated a lot this weekend!

Yesterday my brother graduated college. I posted more photos on instagram; but it was a lot of fun to watch his hard work come together.  We could not be more proud of him.

(the once a decade family photo…)

family photo


Yesterday was also my mom’ birthday.  My mom and I are extremely close.  We joked around that this was one birthday that could not be repeated!  My mom works extremely hard in everything she does (of course raising us kids, was not easy ;).

I love you mom!

I love you mom!

And of course today is Father’s Day.

It’s nice to be able to celebrate Father’s Day with my dad as well.  My dad and I are also extremely close.

awkward father-daughter dance like we do...

awkward father-daughter dance…

It has been a great and unique weekend.  I my adult life, I cannot spend every holiday and birthday with my parents and family.  This weekend has been such a unique enjoyable experience.


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  1. That’s so nice you get to enjoy all these special events with your family! Today is my dad’s birthday (and also father’s day) so we’re all spending the day together. My sister recently moved home from California, so we’ll all be together again. Hope you have a great weekend with them! (and P.S. I absolutely love your outfit!!)

  2. I understand the “once a decade” family photo! The last family photo is from my graduation! Before then, I couldn’t even tell you. Haha! We all make stupid faces and hate getting our pictures taken so it never works out.

    Congrats to BrotherLOLz, Happy Birthday to MomLOLz, and Happy Father’s Day to Dad LOLz! It was a weekend of celebration for you!

  3. So glad you got to spend such quality time with your family this weekend. I’m not sure how I’m going to handle living 12 hours away from my family as I’ve always been within an hour… but it’ll be a good experience. Going to be hard to miss those special events though.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend <3

  4. Ah that’s so awesome you were able to do all of that! We also rarely get the whole family together. My brother lives in MA, my sister, brother-in-law, and niece live in RI, my parents live in WY, and I live in CA! Not only are we in 4 states, we’re in 3 time zones! Every couple of years we aaallll get together. We just did that last summer, so we’ve got probably 2-3 years till the next time.

  5. I LOVE that photo of you and your dad at your wedding, I love your smile in it! That is one of the moments of the wedding I am actually most excited for 🙂 Thats great your family was all able to meet up this weekend, everyone hates it in my family when I get the camera out…..there are always eye rolls, but they are so worth it! Your family pic is proof of that! happy monday 🙂

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