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Every few months I try and write a “What I ate Wednesday post”.  My food doesn’t change a lot. All of my dinners are simple and easy to prepare.  I would prefer to spend time doing other things versus cooking for hours.  I can guarantee that 90% of my dinners consist of meat, vegetables and starch.

So here is a typical day in the life from last Monday. I don’t normally photograph my food so I had to remember to take photos! Here is a day in LOLZ life!

Breakfast: 5:30am

I like to eat before I run.  I know a lot of people don’t but I am someone who prefers to eat beforehand.  My current breakfast is: home brewed coffee and a waffle with peanut butter and syrup.

Waffle topped with peanut butter/syrup.

Waffle topped with peanut butter/syrup.

Run: 7 am

I ran 10.75 miles locally.  One thing I enjoy about where I live is the ability to run so many places around my area.  I don’t get stopped by a lot of cars or traffic because I normally run around parks and neighborhoods. South Jersey is much different than most people think!

Shower, snack: 9am

Titled: "New me after a humid run" selfie

Titled: “New me after a humid run” selfie

Until this year I was not a smoothie person.  With the heat this year, I’ve been enjoying smoothies.  My favorite smoothie “recipe” right now is 1 cup of milk, spinach, 1 scoop of protein powder and trivia).

I buy all of my protein, most bars and other things like that from Netrition.  I’ve been a loyal customer since college in 2010.  We didn’t have access to decent protein powder because we were so far north.  I don’t get payed to promote Netrition but I do receive 20% off if anyone purchases anything.  It’s the cheapest place to buy protein and shipping normally takes less than 48 hours (that is my favorite part).

This does not look good at all...but it is...

This does not look good at all…but it is…

Work: 10-7

Eating at work is always tough for me.  Since I work in retail, it’s impossible to tell when people will come in the store.  We are normally busy around lunch hour and dinner because that is when people have breaks.

Personally, I cannot bank on having a “lunch break”.  Before working at this job, I was never a snacker (I would always eat 3 square meals).  During the work day, I normally snack throughout the shift. It keeps me from getting hangry, which is not good customer service.

I love my job but it’s taught me to be flexible of meals…sometimes my lunch is at 10 am…sometimes it’s at 3pm!  Snacking keeps me from never getting too hungry!

12:00 pm Powerbar and coffee

I normally walk down the Starbucks and get a coffee.  Right now it’s been iced and half the time it’s decaf as well.  It’s always got whipped cream though.  My coffee from Starbucks normally has about 200 calories (not an exaggeration) of cream.

The chocolate chip cookie dough ones are my favorite

The chocolate chip cookie dough ones are my favorite

2:00pm Peanut butter and jelly sandwich 

As I mentioned yesterday, I won a lot of peanut butter from my last race.   I forgot to photograph my boring sandwich!

earth balance peanut butter


I also had an apple and the Greek Gods yogurt…the yogurt was not my favorite because it was so tart.  I’ve been enjoying all the NJ (the garden state!!) produce lately.



We got busy again!  I was hungry around 4 but I can’t say “sorry customers, forget about you…it’s my food time”.  I ended up eating 2 apples and a pear.

Everyone should get a apple/pear slicer.  It makes eating them so much easier.

Everyone should get a apple/pear slicer. It makes eating them so much easier.

Looking back, I eat a lot of fruit, power bars and sandwiches at work. It’s easy, quick and fine for me.  It’s hard to eat big meals because you never know when people will come.   The worst is getting stuck mid bite and having to greet someone!

7:30pm dinner 

On days I don’t work, I normally eat dinner around 5.  On days I do work, I eat between 7:30-8.  It’s never a big deal but I don’t like to come home and cook.  I will either heat up left overs (normally fish or chicken) or cook something that takes less than 15 minutes.  I’m not spending an hour cooking after work (or ever LOLZ).  I have experimented with the crock pot too but honestly I would rather heat up fish.

On Monday, I heated up leftover chicken and put it on a salad. My “salad” staple is greens, goat cheese, onions, banana peppers, red peppers and a local creamy balsamic dressing.


After dinner, I like to catch up on blogging and watch a little bit of TV. My job isn’t stressful but this allows me to decompress. Around 9-9:30pm, I shut down all of my technology.

I like to relax in bed with a good book or do a little bit of painting. I think shutting down the technology (and not sleeping with my phone in my room) has allowed me to sleep better at night.

So there you have it…a day in my life! I’m not that exciting on work days but I love my job!

Questions for you:

What are some fun snacks you eat at work?

Do you have any smoothie recipes to share?

What time do you normally go to bed?


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  1. I loved your WIAW post! It’s interesting to see someone with a different lifestyle from me and see how they handle their meals. I can’t imagine having to worry about customers coming and fitting in meals. You handle it really well and really smartly. I love smoothies and try lots of different types, but I always have to have mango in it. It’s my favorite fruit! Hope you’re having a good day 🙂

  2. Your salad looks delicious :). So does the waffle, although I can’t imagine eating a big waffle before a run- I would devour it afterwards, though. You made a good point about lunch breaks and things at work- typically that is when stores are busier because people go to them to shop at lunch (I’m one of those people). I also have an apple slicer and it makes eating them so much more fun.

  3. I’m a huge snacker throughout the day, and I don’t even have the excuse of having to deal with customers walking in 😛 But that’s just how I prefer to eat, and it works for me so I stick with it. Usually it’s fruit or some kind of baked goods that I have lying around, but I’m a big fan of trail mix, dates with nut butter, cereal, and sometimes even hummus and chips if I’m in a savoury mood.

  4. I love that you eat a lot of smaller meals/snacks throughout the day. That definitely helps me avoid the hanger and maintain a pretty balanced glucose level all day. I usually eat oatmeal and nut butter for a snack (especially if it’s a particularly long day), sometimes a cup of granola, and other times my homemade date balls. They are addicting. I really need to work on getting to bed earlier. I think that’s my biggest goal for my next marathon training cycle. I get into bed by 10 but I am either watching TV or on my phone. It usually is far too distracting and I don’t get to sleep until it’s late. I think I need to do what you do and remove the technology.

  5. I keep tons of snacks at my desk to keep my from getting hangry, haha. I love Trader Joe’s trail mixes and granola bars. As for bed, I’m usually in bed by 10 and go to sleep around 10:30! I used to be a night owl but now I get sleepy way sooner!

  6. Yum! So fun to see a day of eats from someone who has such a different schedule/lifestyle than I do. For snacks at work I love carrots, radishes, anything (carrots/celery/apples/pears) with peanut butter, blueberries, trail mix, nuts and granola bars. Nom nom!

    I tend to go to bed between 10-11 but with the NBA playoffs this past few weeks I have been staying up much later. Not fun considering I wake up at 5:45 😦 I’d love to get to bed earlier!

    Yay for your “WIAW” – I love seeing everyone’s eats and sharing mine:)

  7. I remember having a hard time figuring out when to eat when I used to work more at the running store. You really just never know when it’s going to be slammed so when I do work all day, I end up snacking all day too. I personally don’t like to eat before I run but occasionally if I’m really hungry I will have a little bit and I’m always amazed by how much energy I have!

  8. NJ Produce is the best-I always stock up when I go home. I’m waiting for some good blueberries and jersey tomatoes to be in season! Also, I like eating before runs or my stomach rumbles the whole time, haha. I need to work on being dilligent about shutting down tech a bit before I go to bed.

  9. I can see how it would be difficult to plan on a lunch time. I guess with me working at a desk I do get spoiled by that! Bed time has been between 10:30 – 11:00 lately because my kids have been staying up until 9:00 or 9:30, which leaves me little “me” time after they are in bed! I have to fit it in somehow.

  10. Snacks at work – oranges, apples, Larabar, kind bars, carrots/broccoli w/hummus, applesauce, etc
    Favorite smoothie – frozen blueberries, half banana, spinach, 1 scoop almond butter, milk
    Bed time is usually between 9:30-10:30pm.

  11. I know they are all the rage right meow, but I really like the cookie dough Quest Bars. And any really good cookie dough bar, really. It gives you staying power plus some sweetness.

    Love the picture! Embrace the selfie haha!

  12. Wow on the 10 miles, I don’t think I will ever be able to run that far! I have always tried to not be a ‘snacker’ and eat square meals, yet sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Plus it can be fun to try different bars/little foods!

  13. Oh man! It would drive me crazy if I couldn’t eat whenever I wanted! My favorite work snacks or anytime snacks for that matter are Quest Bars and Krave Jerky. I can’t get enough of them!

  14. I get so hangry after work too! That’s why I’m such a fan of meal prep–you get home, pop everything in the microwave, and boom, done.

  15. So much food! I love it. I can’t workout without eating. I don’t get people that don’t eat before a workout. I die if I don’t.

  16. I work in food service so I snack on messed up sandwiches, specialty drinks and smoothies that happen to come my way and are vegan. My go-to smoothie is a banana, vanilla almond milk, peanut butter and spinach. I usually go to bed around 10:30-10:45 or when I get done reading blogs/eating a snack. Tummy goes to bed happy.

  17. I always like reading these Hollie! And yours was no exception, it was really interesting. I am definitely a breakfast eater before I run, no matter what time I am running at, and I also go to bed by about 9:30…..not that I can usually sleep, but I try haha.

    As for smoothies, I felt the same way until this year too, although now I put mine in the freezer the night before, and then pull it out the morning of, so it is like ice cream:)

  18. I am a TOTAL snack person and pretty much always have been! I also love fruit! I usually snack on fruit or some type of cereal. I also like string cheese and yogurt (and peanut butter m&m’s 😦 ). My go to lately has been oatmeal squares. I like smoothies a lot but hating the prep so I don’t do them as often as I would like.
    I go to bed far too late….like midnight :/! This puts me at 9-10 am HOT summer runs
    I have thought about doing a day in the life/ what I ate post ,but I always feel like I’m too boring :)…but I love reading them 🙂

  19. I am smoothie obsessed right now! Its my go to for lunch as im always leaving for work mid afternoon and am usually in a time crunch. My smoothie recipe is:

    5 ice cubes
    1 cup almond milk
    1 scoop chocolate protein powder
    1/2 an organic banana (sliced prior to blending)
    1 Tbspn organic peanut butter

    Its heaven!

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