Pineland Striders 10k (41:21)

I ran this race last year too.  It was the last race before a string of multiple injuries including plantar fasciitis and a stress fracture.  It was also the race I met Liz.  This year I was looking forward to finishing the race injury free.  (Spoiler: I finished slower than last year but injury free)

Since last year I moved across the state.  This year the race was actually further away. I got to the race around 7:45 and to my surprise I saw a lot of my coworkers!  I knew two of them were running but it was an exciting surprise to see more of my friends.  We all warmed up together and made it to the starting line just in time.

Colleen and Julie
Two of my coworkers and I
Liz, Chris and I
Liz, Chris and I

The 5k and 10k started together.  We didn’t know who was running which race but it was nice to have a lot of people together.  I ran side by side with both Liz and Chris for about a mile.  They later turned to run the 5k.

The first mile went by quickly since there were so many people.  I ran a 6:25. I wasn’t overly happy with it but I wasn’t upset either.  I was indifferent.

Pineland Striders 10k 1

The 5kers turned around halfway into the second mile.  I saw my coworker, and founder of Team Tindall, who ended up winning overall female in the 5k.  After the 5kers turned around, I found myself as first woman in the 10k. I stayed there the rest of race.  It became a lonely race and I ran the next 5 miles almost all by myself.  There were several men in front of me and several behind me.  There was no one within 20 seconds of me. The second mile was my fastest and I ran a 6:18.

During the third mile, we turned into a very wooded section. If you have ever taken a race out too quickly and paid the price, then you will be able to relate to how this race went.  I ran my third mile in 6:36 but I knew I was in trouble.

Pineland Striders 10k

I crossed the halfway point in 19:55.  I was happy that I broke 20 minutes but I knew the last three miles were not going to be enjoyable.

The third and fourth miles went by very slowly.  I ran the third mile in 6:56 and the fourth mile in 6:53.  There wasn’t anything too exciting about them.  In fact they were both rather painful and I regretted taking the race out so quickly.

The fifth mile headed back on the main road.  One thing I distinctly remember about this portion of the race last year was the volunteers not being on the same page.  This year they were not on the same page either. Some volunteers yelled at me to be on the sidewalk and others instructed I was to be on the street.  It got really confusing and I was getting opposite directions every volunteer! Ultimately I ran on the sidewalk because I am a safe runner.

The last half-mile headed onto a grassy field and finished on the track. I finished the sixth mile in 6:43 and sprinted as hard as I could around the track.  The last .2 felt like it took forever.  Everyone was congregated around the track as we finished.  It was nice to see Liz and Chris since they had finished their race. Chris got some good shots of me finishing as well.

I finished in 41:21 and first female overall.  I had to work directly after the race so I wasn’t able to stay after finishing.

Pineland Striders finish

Post race thoughts: 

It’s 21 seconds slower than last year but I finished injury free.  Last year my plantar fascia had a big flair up.  I’m happy with the race but it was a painful second half. My speed is coming back slow and steady.  I’m not overly happy with the race but I will take an injury free race over a faster and injured one.

Questions for you: 

Have you ever taken a race out to fast? 

Do you like the 10k distance? 

Saucony Triumph ISO Review (Update)

Saucony Triumph ISO ReviewFor the last few months I’ve been running in the Saucony Triumph.  It’s my staple training shoe.  I’ll occasionally run in the Nike Vomero and Asics Nimbus but 90% of my mileage is in the Saucony Triumph.

I posted a previous review about the shoe in April. Since posting that review I still really like the shoe.  In fact the Saucony Triumph ISO is my go to trainer. I’ve bought another pair and I’ve run 300-400 miles in both shoes.

Wow, I’ve run a fair amount of miles in the last few months! 

As with ANY shoe reviews keep in mind that what works for me, might not work for you. The Internet does not have your feet. I like a lot of cushion and am a neutral runner. Just because a shoe is good for me does not make it a good shoe for you.

The Fit: 

I like the upper material of the new Saucony ISO.  The new ISO fit allows you to get a better and more personal fit.  Your foot swells during a run and the ISO stretches to match that during a run.  Therefore the shoe fits well before, during and after the run.

In my experience at work, the ISO material also allows the shoe to fit lot of different feet.  ISO is also in the new Saucony Hurricane and Zealot. The tongue of the shoe is attached and it gives it a more glove like fit.

The Saucony Triumph runs pretty true to size. I bounce back between a 9.5 wide and a 10 regular in running shoes. I wear a 9.5 wide or 10 in the Triumph too.

Running in the shoe:

As I said previous review, this is by far the lightest shoe I’ve trained consistently in.  At first I was uncomfortable with training in it because it was so light. I thought I was one step away from a racing flat!  Unlike many other heavier well cushioned shoes, you must trust the cushion is there in the Triumph.  The cushion is there and it is awesome.

It has an 8-millimeter drop so you feel as if you are being supported and catapulted which each stride.  After running in Newtons for years I like the catapult feeling.

Does the heel to toe drop matter? It adds more of workload to your calves so expect them to be more sore.

Overall Thoughts:

I obviously like the Saucony Triumph a lot. It is a very cushioned shoe  which is something I need to keep me healthy. If you are looking for a lightweight but neutral cushioned trainer, this is a great shoe.

Pros: Wider, Cushioned, Glove like fit

Cons: Lighter, “trust the shoe cushioning”, hard to maneuver through the lacing at first

Similar options: Brooks Glycerin, Nike Vomero and Asics Nimbus

On one of my many runs.  These shoes have seen a few places.
On one of my many runs. These shoes have seen a few places.

Questions for you:

What shoe are you training in?

Do you prefer more cushion or less?


A Survey and Training

Despite the power outage this week, I had a solid week of training.

Monday: 13.1 around
Tuesday: 10.7
Wednesday: 10.7
Thursday: OFF
Friday: 11.11
Saturday: Independence 10k (6:40 pace)
Sunday: 10.7
Total:  66


I felt good throughout the week. Last Sunday I took a rest day.  I felt great on Monday and ran longer than expected. It was the furthest I have run since the Shamrock Half Marathon!  That run was my favorite and most enjoyable of the training week. I felt good and everything went smoothly. My rest of the week felt good as well.

I also added a few fartleks and various 15 second speed bursts into each run. Last week I had informal speed work such as fartleks and fast finishes. Depending on my schedule, I might try and go to the track sometime soon!

On Saturday I ran the Independence Day 10k.  Cliff notes: I took the race out to fast and paid the price.  It was still fun and I had a great time with friends.

Pineland Striders finish

Next week:

I plan to add a few more fartleks and fast finishes. I feel my legs starting to get more comfortable with running and informal speed work. I haven’t felt this strong since January when I was in the depth of marathon training. It’s time to focus on more speed and get back into races.

Other then that it was an uneventful week!


I haven’t filled out a running survey in a while and it made sense to add it to my Sunday training log! Instead of doing a lengthy training post for the week, I thought I would fill out a lengthy survey.  

Janae posted it last week and I found it fun. I’m nosy and like to learn more about people’s running life so feel free to answer any or all of the questions! 

Would you rather run along a beach path or on a mountain trail?

I would rather run on a mountain trail.  I enjoy hill work. Running on the beach or in the mountains will make you sore…so pick your poison.

secret trails...
secret trails…

If you could choose the flavor of gatorade at your next race’s aid stations, what would it be?

I like strawberry, raspberry or kiwi. 

If I gave you a $100 gift card to a running store, what would be the first thing that you would purchase with it?

I don’t know because I work at a local running store. I would probably donate it or give it away.

Do you prefer to follow a training plan or wake up and decide then how far and how fast you want to run?

As Beyonce says: I woke up like this.

i woke up like this

I normally have a rough idea of what I want to do each week but I don’t follow an exact training plan.

Would you rather start your run with the uphill and end on the downhill or start your run with the downhill and end with the uphill?

I would rather start downhill and end uphill.  It takes me a few miles to warm up and my body is not ready to run uphill out the door.

When you can’t run, what type of cross-training do you choose to do?

Hashtag ellipical for life.  I can mindlessly creep on twitter and watch trashy TV.


What is your preference—>  Out and back, point to point or loop runs?

I feel like out and back runs go by faster!  That being said I don’t have a personal preference.

If you could recommend ANY running related item to a new runner, it would be a—>

A good pair of shoes. That’s all you need to run.

Do you ever see any wild animals while out on your runs?

Since I went to college in the Upstate, NY I have seen a lot of different animals.  I’ve seen bears, turkeys, turtles, dangerous dogs and cats, raccoons, geese (the worst). I’m sure I’ve seen more that I can’t remember.

Just hanging out...
Just hanging out…

Ever gotten lost while out on a run?

I have gotten lost several times.  If you haven’t gotten lost, I’m really impressed.

If you could have one meal waiting and ready for you each time you got home from a run for the next 30 days… what would that meal be?

I’m a morning runner. If the meal is magically waiting for me, than omelets.  Every time I try and cook eggs they become scrambled.

Capris or shorts… what do you run in most often?

Shorts!  I own one pair of capris but I normally just lounge in them.

At what mile (or how many minutes) into your run does your body start to feel like it is warming up and ready to go?

20-30 minutes

What do you do with your key when you run?

I leave it in my house or I hold it.

If you could relive any race that you have done in the past, which one what it be?

The Nike Women’s Half Marathon.

What type of run is your least favorite type of run?

The kind that I’m injured.

What has been your biggest motivation lately to get out the door to get your run on?

The motivation to try and stay consistent this summer.

When you go for a run, do you leave right from your front door or do you drive somewhere to start?

I like to leave from my front door.  In five out of six of my weekly runs, I leave from my front door.

When running in daylight—>  are sunglasses a must or an annoyance?

I think I have run with sunglasses a total of 5 times in my life.

When you get tired, what keeps you from quitting?

I’m normally not home.  So if I quit…I’m awkwardly standing there instead of being home.

Question for you: Answer any or all of the questions. 


The Chit Chat Diner (Hackensack)

The Chit Chat Diner (Hackensack)

While heading North last week for my brother’s graduation, my family and I stopped in Hackensack, NJ. We wanted to wait an extra hour for the New York City traffic to die down. Of course, it made sense to try a new diner.

My family is the greatest…stopping at a diner to waste time…

We easily made it to the Chit Chat Diner. After a confusing parking situation, we made it inside. The Chit Chat Diner, located in Hackensack near West Orange, is known as one of the best Jersey Diners. I have heard nothing but good things about the Chit Chat Diner, so I was excited to try it!

The Chit Chat Diner Atmosphere: A
It’s easy to drive by the Chit Chat Diner.  The outside has the sign “diner,” but other than that, the exterior is nondescript. It’s located in a shopping center near a Home Depot. Once you get inside, the decor of the Chit Chat Diner is awesome. I think the decor is my personal favorite of any diner. It is a black and white, modern, clean design (which is exactly my style).  It reminds me of a whimsical Alice in Wonderland.

From their website
Interior of the Chit Chat Diner from their website

Something I found unique (and went with their theme) was the box of talking cards.  There are decks of cards on each table with “conversation starters.”  My family and I enjoyed reading through a bunch of them and learning fun facts about each other.

chit chat diner cards
The Chit Chat Diner Cards

The Chit Chat Diner Coffee: A
The coffee at the Chit Chat Diner was delicious and the whipped cream was even better. It was homemade from the bakery. The coffee mug was small, but other than that; I have no complaints.

chit chat diner coffee

The Chit Chat Diner Food: A
The Chit Chat Diner menu has several different food options. They had a lot of seafood menu options from the mahi-mahi to lobster! They also had traditional menu options such as pancakes, sandwiches and eggs.  The Chit Chat Diner is known for several menu options, including grilled cheese, french toast, and homemade challah bread.

I ordered the Mahi Mahi salad. It had greens, tomato, avocado and mahi mahi. The dressing was a thick sesame dressing, which I found excellent. Overall the salad was great!  I enjoyed the sesame dressing a lot.

Chit chat diner mahi mahi salad
The Chit Chat Diner Mahi Mahi salad

The Chit Chat Diner Price: $$
The price of my coffee and salad was 20 dollars. The food was filling and the quality made it worth it. I would have liked a few more salad greens, but I thought the price was worth it.

Overall Thoughts/Would I come back The Chit Chat Diner?
I thought the Chit Chat Diner was delicious. I would come back, but Hackensack is nearly 2 hours from me. That being said, I do want to go back.  Next time I’m in the area, I will be back! I highly recommend it to anyone traveling to New York City or closeby.

Cliff notes:
Atmosphere: A
Coffee: A
Food: A
Price: $10-20
Overall: A

You can see all the diner reviews here.

Questions for you:

What is the unique restaurant decor you have seen? 

What is your favorite type of seafood? 

There isn’t a lot of seafood I don’t like.  I would say salmon, squid, octopus, and mahi-mahi are my favorite.

Summer Products

The summer has finally heated up and set in.  Not only has the calander summer came but it feels like summer.  On Tuesday it was 94 degrees here (although the thunder storms made it a little more bearable…until the power went out).

Last month I did an extremely late post about the items I loved for Spring.

Now I’m doing an early post thinking about items I am enjoying this summer. Maybe I’ll do a second post for items I like in the late summer too.  [None of these products are sponsored]


Saucony Triumph:

I’ve mentioned I’ve been enjoying the Saucony Triumphs a lot more than initially anticipated.  I’ve gone through 2 pairs already and am on my third pair.  I think I should do an updated review because my thoughts have changed drastically on the shoe itself (in a good way).

A photo of the Saucony triumph on some flowers...
A photo of the Saucony triumph on some flowers…

The R8 Roller

This 120 foam roller is the best thing I’ve purchased for my running.  The roller blade wheels physically clamp onto your muscles (don’t do your Shins, that will result in pain!).

We first started carrying these at work a few months ago and since then I’ve been obsessed.  I realized early that I needed to buy myself one.  I’ve had everything from the stick to an actual foam roller, honestly these get the deepest of anything.  The only real drawback is that they do have a $120 price tag.  It’s well worth it in my opinion. 


Sanuk Sandels

I like them because they are an open toed sandal but do provide a little bit of arch support.  I always tell people that working at a running store has made me a diva about what goes on my feet. If it’s not comfortable…I’m not wearing it.

ha I even wore them on my wedding day.
ha I even wore them on my wedding day.

Saucony Kineta Relay Shoe

I think Saucony has done great updates to all their shoes lately.   I was excited to see what they were doing with a “casual” nonrunning shoe.  I walked around NYC in the Sacuony Kineta relay and it was extremely comfortable.

Taken from their website because I didn't take a photo when they were clean.
Taken from their website because I didn’t take a photo when they were clean.


It has memory foam at the bottom so it molds to your feet.  Plus they are a little cuter than running shoes (with more support than flats). I can worry about fashion versus comfort for non running shoes right? 

Saucony's in NY action.
Saucony’s in NY action. You can see how bright their shoe laces are)

So right now those are a few things I’m enjoying this early summer.

Questions for you:

What products are you enjoying this summer?

Do you wear or are you a shoe diva like me?

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