Historic Fairview 5k (19:47) 

My husband and I decided to sign up for this race on a whim.  When we looked online, we noticed that there were 13 race participants signed up!  The race ended up having about 50 people in it.  We thought it would still be a lot of fun so went anyways. 

The race started at 9 am and we arrived at 8:15.  On our way, a police car began following us.  We were worried we had done something wrong but he was actually headed to the race as well.

After getting there, we warmed up and headed over to the start.  When they said the race started at 9, I believe they meant the race events started at 9.  At 9 am, they started a dance warm up routine.  Then at at 9:05, the local high school marching band marched a lap around the race.

Around 9:15, the National Anthem was played and we were finally off.  

Four men (including my husband) darted off in the lead.  I found myself forever alone.  During the first 400 yards a small kid came cruising by me.  He was no more than 10, running in basketball shoes and probably running a 5:30 pace.  I chuckled as he passed me effortlessly, caught up to the leaders, got winded and began to fade.  I nearly went into cardiac arrest laughing to myself.

The first mile felt like it took forever.  There were a lot of turns, I felt awful and the back of my throat was clogged.  I knew I was not feeling good.  I ran the first mile in 6:30.

During the second mile, I noticed I was in 4th overall.  There were a few race spectators and one even asked if I could be his girlfriend.  I felt honored! Around the halfway point the superintendent of the local school district caught up to me.  I had no idea who he was.  I told him he looked familiar.  It wasn’t until a kid pointed to him later and said “that’s the superintendent” that I figured it out.

There were a lot of turns on the course and neither of us could see anyone ahead.  He was extremely friendly and it was nice to talk to someone during the race.  Just before 2 miles, we got stopped by a car.  I guess they forgot to close off half the course to drivers.  I ran the second mile in 6:25.

The final mile was just focused on not getting lost and finishing.  I felt better then the start of the race but not great.  We powered through and ultimately ran the last mile in 6:20.  There was a small child (around 6 years old) that came out of nowhere and sprinted with me to the finish.  I was cheering him on saying “you can beat me”.

I finished the race in 19:47 and 7th overall (first woman).  I was proud of Tim for running 18:05 and finishing second overall.  Due to his schedule he hasn’t been able to do a lot of consistent running lately.

Picking up the coolest trophy ever.
Picking up the coolest trophy ever.

Thoughts: This was my fastest 5k so far this summer but I felt the worst.  I guess that’s a good sign for my fitness.  My body is starting to absorb the speed workouts (IE: races).  Hopefully soon I break through this plateau! I have no complaints and I’m glad to do another 5k.

Edit to add: Since Saturday, I’ve come down with a minor head cold.  That makes sense of why I never felt great during the race.

Questions for you:

Have you ever been stopped during a race (for cars, trains, whatever)? 

What is the biggest trophy you have ever received?