Week 3: Team 5k 60 miles

One of my goals in my free time was to give the LOLZ blog an overhaul. A lot of the information is old and stale. Sometimes it’s easier playing “Where’s Waldo” than finding older blog posts. (I know the navigation is rough!)

I’ve been doing a lot of blog construction. I think I’ve finally settled on a cleaner layout. It’s easier to read and navigate than the one I had previously. I liked the previous but the function was awful.

The first thing I did was update my running story page. It needed a few minor tweaks (like running my second marathon and half of my life in New Jersey). So if you are interested in reading about how I began running in 2011, feel free.

Anyways to the actual training:

My goal of last week was to mix up training more so I didn’t get stale. I cannot say I that I deserve an A+ but I did at least pass with a C. Despite wanting to run with several people they either got sick or couldn’t in the morning. I deserve an A for effort though.

As far as actual training goes it was a successful injury free week. I felt pretty good during my runs after Tuesday. This was partially because of my deep tissue massage on Monday evening but also because I think my mileage is starting to benefit me.

Monday: 7.35 miles with T and deep tissue massage
Tuesday: OFF
Wednesday: 10.7 miles
Thursday: 10.5 miles
Friday: 10.5 miles
Saturday: Local 5k (19:47)
Sunday: 10 miles


Concerning the little things, I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked.

I like to do the Nike core training app. I created a small routine from the Nike training club app. It keeps me doing 15 minute core sets. I hate not having focus or a plan when doing any strength training. Like running if there is an end goal, I can stay much more focused.

Other then that I’m happy with how my training went. The 5k felt pretty awful but was the fastest one this summer. It’s still about 80 seconds from my PR.

My goals for next week are about the same:

I’m running around 60 miles weekly which is good right now. I will continue running more 5ks for speed and hopefully continue to get faster. It’s supposed to be extremely hot next week (so early morning runs it is!).

Questions for you:

How was your week of training?

For my blog friends, how often do you change the layout of your blog and “clean house”?







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  1. I like the new look! My week of training was not that great, but I was treating it like a recovery week after a half last weekend and the BolderBoulder 10k tomorrow. Then I am focused on the fall again. As for my blog…you know me. I can barely get in there in leave posts so the thought of doing a major overhaul is beyond my capacity! 🙂 Looking forward to a mid-July training run in or around the City of Brotherly Love!

  2. I really, really like your layout! A+ for effort and execution! I like the fact you know have an LOLzDinerMap. Hashtag winning

  3. Summer running, here you come! Totally digging your short “about me” blurb. So spot-on. 🙂

  4. My week of training was pretty bad. My legs have been hurting a lot and they started to swell. I went to the orthopedic doctor and I have two more stress reactions.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that Kennedy. I hope you don’t have anymore stress reactions or fractures 🙁

  5. I really like the new look of your blog. I haven’t changed mine up in years and I probably should. I just don’t devote a lot of time to it, I know I could make it better but I already do a lot of blog, design, and writing for my job and I just don’t feel like doing it when I’m not on the clock, HA!

    Congrats on the 60 mile week and the 5K. I am also having to move my runs to early in the mornings. This week 3 of my 5 runs were mornings. I’m better about it on weekends than weekdays because I just want to sleep on the weekdays since I have work (I work at home so I roll outta bed and into work).

    You’re definitely getting back in the groove and your sub-20 5K shows it. I’m all about Team 5K this summer too!

  6. I love this layout! I need to get a professionally-made one for mine, but I figure I can do that after I step away from Blogger (when I’m bored enough — seems like such a pill).

    SOLID WEEK, missy!

  7. I was able to begin running (very slowly) again so I consider that a great training week!

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