This week has actually gone by quickly.  My brother came into town on Thursday so we got to hang out on my day off.  It’s hard to believe I hadn’t seen him in a month and a half (last time was my wedding!).  It was great to see him though.

Matt and I

Other then that this week has been filled with work and staying busy.  We are preparing for T to leave again so lots of thing to do with that too.

I did find a few really interesting articles this week though.


What the Dad Bod Tells Us about How We Label Both Men and Woman 


10 Questions You Should be Asking about Your Health (And a lot of these aren’t questions you would think!)


Half Marathon With Qualifying Standards? (I actually think this is a great idea.  Almost every other distance has this from 1 mile (track meets) to the Boston Marathon.  To my knowledge, the half marathon does not.  For a lot of people (like myself) this is their favorite distance!)

How runners can protect their skin with food (It’s so important to protect your skin while running in the sun.  For some people, that is 3 hours outdoors unprotected!)

How to Respond if Attacked while Running (I think every person should know and be aware of what to do!)

LOLZ Blog: 

Running Gear and Shoes I’m loving (Spring Edition)

Weekend 5k Recap (20:15) 

Meet Gretchen

It’s All About the Network

Questions for you:

Do you have any plans for the Holiday weekend?

Which articles are you enjoying reading? 



10 thoughts on “Articles:”

  1. My holiday weekend plans are just to rest, chill, and spend time with Clay and some other friends. I’m also running a 5K in the morning so that should be fun! Glad you got to see your brother :).

  2. I would love to run a half that needs qualifying. I think it would give me more incentive to train even harder! I know you can use half times to qualify for marathons (NYC in particular), but a half to qualify for an “elite” half would be awesome! I’m heading up to Nantucket after work today and cannot wait to spend time with friends and family!! Hope you have a great and relaxing MDW!!

  3. This will be the first long weekend since my wife started her new job (predictable schedule, and off all weekend!) so we’re excited! Planning to go into Corning for GlassFest, kids play in the local parade on Monday, not too much else 🙂

    Definitely cool articles … I have to laugh about the ‘dad bod’ thing – I totally missed the boat, as I think most of my adult life I’ve had that bit of extra ‘squishiness’ … and now that I am the leanest and most fit and in shape of my life, being squishy is IN?!? (well, for guys only apparently, sorry ladies, you get to keep the unreasonable standards and expectations ). Oh well, I’ll take my current bod and fitness ! 🙂

  4. I was with my brother this week, too! I love the idea of a qualifying standard in the half. Honestly, I’d love to see a few more races with standards–makes things fun!

  5. I’m going to see my brother tonight! Hooray for awesome brothers!!
    I read the “being attacked on a run” article. Good stuff and hope I never have to use it. Thanks Hollie.

  6. I thought that dad bod article was really interesting as well, although I’m not so much a fan of the double standard. And our holiday weekend was actually last week, which I totally missed out on since I was catching up from travelling. Happy Friday, Hollie!

  7. The dad bod article just keeps coming onto my radar. I guess I’m not of age where I appreciate it yet. Perhaps one day…

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