It’s All About the Network.

One of the easiest ways to grow your blog is to network..

And by networking, I mean spending more time on the internet.  

blogging meme

By reading more blogs (1-2 hours).

By commenting on more blogs (1 hour).

By logging in more to Facebook, twitter, instagram, Pinterest, Google plus…(3+ hours)

Oh and don’t forget neglect to actually blog!

Do you know what?  

All of that shit is overwhelming and tiresome. Somewhere in all of the social media fits living in the real world.

Of course blogging is only as overwhelming as you make it.  No one is holding a knife to your neck telling you to blog.  For most people blogging is not a full time job and main source of income. I did write a post a while back about “how to grow your following“…lolz

Lately I’ve been thinking more about how much time I spend online and if the time spent is justified.

The common question I receive is: how much time do you spend online?  

Honestly this was a hard question for me to answer. It caused me to look in depth at my social media usage.

Blogging: (writing, editing, comment on posts) 1 hour

Social Media (throughout the day): Collectively and recently about an hour

If you would have asked me last year the answer would have been very different.  I used to spend a lot more time blogging and on social media.  I used to spend at least 2-3 hours daily writing and commenting on posts. As well as blogging time, I found myself online doing “excess stuff”.  Excess stuff that is best described as wasting time and being unproductive.

Don’t get me wrong, blogging is great, but I enjoy my life outside of blogging.  I enjoy my life outside of the Internet.

It’s important for people to have hobbies that make them happy.  Maybe that is running, swimming, biking, painting or blogging…maybe it’s all of those things! Whatever your hobby or hobbies are, you should seek balance in your life. When you are too focused on one aspect of life, it causes you to lose sight of other things.

Question for you: How much time do you spend online? 



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  1. I don’t think that most people who don’t blog realize how much time actually goes into it. Writing a post is just the tip of the iceberg — it’s all the extra stuff that goes into it that tends to add up. I’m not actually the best at keeping up with social media (oops), but it’s the recipes and the photography that end up taking up the most time for me. But then… I guess that’s not being online 😛

  2. I was just talking to someone about this yesterday. It’s tough because my job IS social media (not for my blog, but for a big company) so I literally HAVE to spend the day on Facebook, Twitter, etc. In some ways it’s nice because that stuff is kind of fun! But the downside is feeling like I’m NEVER disconnected. Lately, I’ve tried to set some “boundaries” like using the do not disturb function on my phone at certain times so notifications don’t overwhelm my life, haha.

  3. I only blog a couple times a week, at best so my online presence isn’t particularly impressive. I check out what’s happening on social media a few times a day and spend some time reading the blogs that I enjoy but that’s about it! I’ve always said that when I’m busy blogging is the first thing to get cut, it really is amazing how much time it takes to get one post done (even for a really basic blog like mine!)

  4. I just started up my blog and it is a ton of work. I did not think it would be that much work to be honest but the social media alone, doing challenges and keeping up with posts its a lot of work.

  5. Most people would think too much but, since I’m retired, it’s my time to “waste”. I try not to be that person who is online while “real” people are spending time with me.

    • I agree that finding balance is really key. I am the same way and try not to be online when hanging out with friends too!

  6. Balance is key! I find if I spend all my time on,one I end up with nothing to write about anyway! A blog post often takes me more than an hour to compose, especially when I have a large number of photos to upload as well. I usually post about 3-4 times each week and respond to each comment that has been left. I try and read blogs several times a week during all the odd downtime moments I get such as traveling to work and comment as and when I get the chance. Life has taken over just lately but it has been my online life that I choose to cut back, not the other way round.

  7. I feel sorry for the people that see blogging as work. From the beginning, I have found that it is a fun pastime that I can take or leave. I go through phases where I post every day for a week; then I can be MIA for a month or two. My blog is basically a way for me to document my life (for myself). If other people read it and comment, that’s just icing on the cake.

  8. I think we spend about the same amount of time online by the sound of it. Perhaps I end up reading blogs for a bit longer…I do write more than my lack of posting consistency might suggest, but I’m just rarely happy with the results and thus I’m often too ashamed to publish my ‘efforts.’

    I think spending too much time online, and also on producing ‘traffic-driving’ blog posts is a real problem. You can always tell when people have followed the standard tips on the subject and are obsessed with traffic, SEO etc. Their posts never have any soul. I deliberately avoid giving blogs that go down that path pageclicks. I only want to generate traffic for blogs that are original and obviously not soulless money-making schemes. I realized that I could never spam everyone social media feeds with ‘old post’ links and write clunky posts in the name of fitting in the requisite Google-baiting keywords, and if the price of that is to remain a hobby-blogger, then so be it.

    • I agree with you. I am trying to write a post about losing your voice to gain followers but haven’t finished it up yet.

      I would rather be a hobby blogger with my soul intact!

  9. Too much time I’m sure, and it does get overwhelming! There’s so much that goes into maintaining a blog it’s just unreal. I probably need to structure my time better but that said I’m not sure there’s a way to get away from the social media, when it piles up it’s even more overwhelming!

  10. I spend probably 2-3 hours a day blogging/reading blogs/social media etc. At this point in life, my job allows for me to do this, and I make a point of only posting in the morning, and spending the evening relaxing and unwinding from a day at work. I also use Friday night – Sunday night as a “no blog time”. I prefer to be a bit more present during my weekends. And if I feel like something needs to be posted, I write it ahead of time and schedule the post to be published. I think it’s all about finding a balance, and I’m still working on finding mine.

    • It’s funny because the night time is my unwinding time too. I like to just relax! I’m certainly a morning person 🙂

  11. I am online all. the. time. #workflow Because of this, I unplug for at least two hours after work and try not to turn on my laptop when I get home.

  12. I think this fits into most things in life when a person gets into a “schedule”. Sometimes I realize I could have someone text me at any minute of the day and tell ME what I’m doing because I do the same things every day… At the same times. And I know, for sure, this causes a lot of my anxiety/depression. I fear going off my “schedule” and not getting in what I “want to be do”. Really, it just starts to feel like I HAVE to do it. Such a weird thing.

  13. I spend a lot of my day online because that’s a huge part of my job and we have a lot of downtime in the mronings to surf the web aka for me, reading blogs. But at night, I spend very little time online. Probably less than a half hour, if any and I’m much happier that way. I never believed the saying about happiness directly relating to how little time you spend on the internet until I stopped living my life through social media and started living in the moment.

    • I was just telling someone I think the majority of my tweeting and online is between the hours of 7-9am. After that I’m done!

  14. I spend wayyyy too much time checking social media throughout the day. Some days I don’t blog or read blogs at all, then I binge for an hour or so at a time. I enjoy blogging and reading random things on the internet, but I much prefer to be “present” in my daily life.

  15. I’ve just spent soooo long reading all the comments about spending sooo much time online! Aahhhhh. It’s never ending.
    Off now to read more comments about spending too much time online.

  16. I pretty much go through reckless phases of blogging and blogging-related stuff. I’m either on or off about it. I doubt that I have a consistent bone in my body, and therefore have to really be in the mood to open up the laptop and go HAM on blogging. I think that I’m getting better, but it’s like you said — forget about content, it takes A LOT of time.

  17. To blog successfully you must put a lot of time in. That’s why mine hasn’t gotten too big lol I don’t put much time because honestly, I’d rather be running or focusing on personal training business or going to yoga class or just letting my brain “breathe”. I’m still trying to figure out how to cut back on social media. Can’t there be a merge all social media sites button?! Find me here. One stop shop lol

  18. The interesting thing to me as someone who was ‘on the internet’ before the Web existed, is how much we are ‘passively online’ now. I mean, we always seem to have our phones, which are more powerful and have *much* faster connections than even a desktop workstation in the late 80s!

    So while I try to control my ‘laptop’ time, and have gotten rid of my iPad, in general my internet connection is almost always on my body. 🙂

  19. There are only a few blogs that I actually read and most don’t post very often, so I don’t spend much time doing that. I do spend a lot of time on Facebook for business- I’ve gotten almost all of my coaching clients through Facebook.

    • I meant to add that I currently follow 12 blogs and I have met 11 of those people. I like to know what my friends and family are up too more. I can only imagine with your clients too.

  20. #truth

    I have found since beginning blogging I am on the computer WAY TOO MUCH!! I am trying to find the balance and just enjoy blogging versus feeling the pressure to bo super social all the time. A work in progress for sure!

  21. My time spent online varies quite a bit day to day. Most days I spend about an hour in the morning reading and commenting on other blogs, and then some days I am writing a post of my own. Some posts take more work than others, so that depends, but I don’t put alot of time into my photos so that helps a bit. Most of the time suck for me is instagram and facebook- anytime I have a free moment Im scrolling through those apps on my phone!

    • I agree that my social media usage really depends on the day. The days I’m working I don’t have nearly as much time!

  22. I am so glad not to use blogging as my source of income. I love to write, but I like to do so many more things that if I had to cut one thing out, it would be the blog. I try to only check email and facebook once a day. I love Twitter (it’s how I get my news) but limit it to lunch hour and a bit a night. I love social media, but I think I am able to like it because it hasn’t taken over my life.

  23. Hmmm I don’t spend time online for blogging sake – or for increasing my “following”. I just enjoy the social element to it. Especially in the running community: hearing about races from other parts of the UK (or indeed the world), getting advice from other runners, giving advice, general sharing of interesting/fun stuff, easy contact with my running club… I think if someone’s just online to gain something for their blog it can be a very empty and superficial online presence. I enjoy it as a way to reach out and share. But yes, it can get all encompassing it you’re not careful. After all, if you stop living in the ‘real’ world you have nothing to share in the online world.

  24. I know I spend WAY too much time checking facebook, returning texts even! I wish I could set my phone to turn off for like an hour every few hours so I couldnt be on it, unless to call 911

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