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Last week I mentioned I was all over the place.  I have to admit this week was no better and I’ve been just as spacey.  I’ve been working as usual but I’ve been also taking care of a few personal things (including buying a new car) on my days off.

I guess I’ll just randomly spew thoughts on the page and hope it somehow makes some sense.

These personal things involved traveling around the state of NJ…which led me to need days off from my days off.but also means getting to try several new diners.  I guess life isn’t too bad.

Luckily, Tim and I have planned a day off from everything today.  Today’s to do list includes: nothing.  Including you internet!  (Edit to add: Neither of work normal 9-5 hours so half the time weekdays are our weekends) 

It seems like we just got back from our honeymoon but that was nearly 3 weeks ago.  We haven’t stopped moving around since.  From working, to business, to more working…

I’ve mentioned several times I struggle with over planning and overcommitting.  I don’t seem to learn my lesson each time.  Luckily I’ve had enough time to myself that I’m able to relax.

So what has been going on?

I moved into the MAC world.  I miss my PC but I needed something small and portable.  I didn’t realize the difference between my giant Dell PC from 2008 (which still runs like a champion) to a small compact piece of technology.  Mac is hard to navigate and I’m still trying to learn the best way to write blog posts online…read: I know my grammar is worse than a 7th grader doing their research paper at lunch.

But not this computer...

But not this computer…

Last week I fell and bruised my entire elbow and knee.  I thought I had broken it but like I hoped, it was just seriously bruised.  This week I sliced my finger open cutting onions.  My sliced finger has actually been more painful. I’m not really adjusting to the married life!  If you have any bubble wrap to send me, please do.  Neosporin has been my friend lately.

We bought a car.  We have both been putting money away to eventually get a newer car.  Yesterday we purchased Gretchan.  They even gave us a free coffee mug (for obvious gas station coffee!)

The car is the biggest purchase of our life and we couldn’t be more excited.  We’ve been waiting for a while to find the “perfect” car.  I didn’t need a replacement car immediately so we were lucky we could shop around before committing. We sure had a lot of different experiences at dealerships.  I think I’ll write a post about it because we met quite some characters.

bmw 3 series

On another note, I’ve been cleaning out my closet a lot lately.  I’ve come to realize I had ton of stuff.  I have a junk that I don’t need.  If I haven’t worn clothing in two seasons, it has to go.  2013 Hollister polos…12 polos from high school…booty shorts…goodbye (insert waving girl emoji here).

Anyways, as you can tell it’s been a really busy week.  I’m glad to finally relax and not have a crazy amount of things to do on my off days.

Questions for you:

What kind of vehicles do you drive?

Do you like to Spring clean? 

I like to spring throw things away.


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  1. I’m also a big fan of spring cleaning 🙂 It’s so easy to accumulate “stuff,” and in a small apartment it’s really obvious. My roommate and I did something a few days ago where we donated our clothes to Goodwill through Uber (I guess they were doing some partnership thing for a day?). I don’t usually use Uber, but it was great to just have someone come and whisk our old clothes away, haha.

  2. Love your new car!! I feel you on having a lot going on in your personal life. It seems like spring always has a lot going on for some reason. I really need to do a closet clean out… apparently you’re not supposed to still wear clothes from middle school once you’re in your mid-20s for some reason.

  3. Oh my–you have been accident-prone lately! Be careful!

    We also got a new car recently (last week). For some reason, I like Volvos. I know, they’re not the sexiest cars, but I had one as my very first car in high school, and I guess that’s when I fell in love. We just bought a new XC70 wagon (which was also my last car).

    I like spring cleaning, but I do it in bursts. I can’t do it all at once.

  4. I drive a VW bug and I love it. It’s orange. Congrats on your new wheels, along with throwing things out. I’m lousy at this as I’m part hoarder. I’m getting better but sometimes it feels like such a daunting task that I don’t even know where to start!

  5. Congrats on the new car! My husband drives a massive dodge truck – I feel like a badass when I drive it. I have a Ford Escape, which my husband and I pronounce “Escap-a” to make it sound fancier 🙂

    • Haha, that made me chuckle a bit! Any vehicles that are super high off the ground always make me feel super bad to drive them!

  6. Ummm your new car is gorge!!! I am currently rocking my college car – 2007 jeep grand cherokee, total New England car, but I love it : ) You are I are very similar, every time I have to move or rotate clothes in my closet, I just find myself throwing things out because honestly, I don’t wear polo shirts or graphic t’s any more…

    • Before yesterday,I was rocking my 2000 Pontiac Firebird. She made it all the way through high school, college and beyond!

  7. that car is beautiful!!! congrats 🙂 I love my Honda CR-V but part of me wishes I had waited to get the grocery getter until I had a family… if I didn’t still owe a large chunk of money on it I’d trade it in for a big old pick-up!
    spring throw away is the way to go. moving certainly helped me purge a lot of stuff i don’t wear or need anymore. enjoy your day off ❤

  8. I love going through my closet every once in a while and thinning it out – it’s a refreshing feeling! I like to keep things minimal.

    I have a VW Jetta named Jema. I love car shopping – I bought mine over spring break with my dad before I graduated college. It was a great bonding experience (especially when he has me test drive manual cars…hint: I still don’t know how to drive manual).

  9. Love the new car!

    I drive a GMC pick-up truck, which is appropriate since I live in a town nicknamed “howellbama”. and yes it has a 13.1 sticker on it. LOL.

  10. I love the car and the coffee mug! Congrats on the big purchase. I’ve never bought a car but I went with Clay to buy his (we were dating then but not engaged or married). Much better to buy when you don’t “need” one but know you will than to have to buy in a hurry because of a wreck or a car that costs more to repair than what it’s worth. I spent $500 on repairs for mine yesterday and am now officially broke.

    I love that pic of you with the Mac!

  11. I drive a jeep! I’ve always driven Jeeps. My first car was a wrangler (i miss it!!), my second car was a liberty (hated it, actually ended up totalling it, not on purpose), and now I drive a Grand Cherokee Laredo. Love it.

    I also LOOOVE spring cleaning! I actually spring clean a little too aggressively sometimes…. I don’t have any more clothes to get rid of! So instead I help my friends spring clean their apartments…. it’s awesome.

    • I know a lot of people who love driving Jeeps. Personally they are too high off the ground me but they do look cool!

  12. Look at that new whip! I miss driving big time. When I go home, I always offer to run errands or drive people where they need to go.

  13. A day (or more) off the Internet is always a good thing. As is cleaning out the house. I love to do that but I’m married to a pack rat so that gets frustrating!

  14. Pleaseee do a post about car dealership experience. that would be so entertaining. I’ve worked at 2 different car dealerships, and I just love to hear other’s experience. I drive a crappy 96 Toyota Avalon. I work at a Volkswagen Dealership.. so it sucks seeing new cars all day. but I think next year will finally be the year for a new car 😉 Congrats on your car purchase.!

  15. Sweet car! I am always cleaning out my closet. I feel like I have too many clothes, but I just love buying and wearing clothes,haha. I always get rid of a couple things and buy a couple things each season. I constantly have a big bag of things to donate to Goodwill!

  16. Eek I have the same problem with always getting hurt, and always cut myself when I’m cooking. I love to cook but I’m really sloppy with my knife skills, so I almost always end up cutting myself. Love that car, and the name 🙂 (although my name is spelled gretchEn, but I’ll take it!) I drive a ford focus hatchback that I love, and his name is Franklin.

  17. pretty wheelz!!!! my hubby drives a bright red ford fusion and loves it. we just got me a new black mercedes but almost got it in white. if only we could switch out colors on a weekly basis, i love black and white equally. sigh.
    i love spring cleaning. actually i just love throwing crap away and clearing up space any time of the year. my hubby and i both have had hoarding tendencies so there is always plenty of crap to toss. lucky me!

    • Thanks for stopping by Danielle and a bright red fusion sounds awesome. We looked a few Merecedes as well.

      I’m glad I’m not the only one with hoarding tendencies LOLZ!

  18. We drive a Chevy Tahoe & a Kia Sorrento. The Kia is currently in the shop getting a whole new engine. I love the Kia the best, but we need the Tahoe to pull our RV.
    I usually do spring cleaning. Once the weather warms up and we can open the house, I want to get clutter out and clean everything!

  19. I loved cleaning out my closet recently! I’d really like to tackle our dresser that our TV is on (in our living room) because it’s full of junk! I also really want to get rid of my bookshelf entirely but that’s my big daunting task because I have thousands of dollars worth of books that I don’t just want to waste! We went through a bunch of stuff since being in this house and I’m so glad! It’s nice to get rid of useless things! Nice new car! I love new cars! I really want a bigger one! I bought a Honda Civic not really thinking about a future of road trips and maybe kids, but my car is just too small for all of that!

  20. I always take my clothes to a local consignment shop so at least I get some money for them. It really takes a load of the other $$$ I spend there on a weekly basis. I finally bought my first car (with no loans or help) last summer and it was the best feeling ever! There really is nothing better than something you can call your own

    • I’ve done that before too! A lot of it was pretty well worn that I don’t think they would have taken it. It’s okay though because at least it’s out of my house!

  21. I drive a little Hyundai Accent. It’s tiny, but it gets decent gas mileage. And it’s easy to maneuver. 😀

  22. I tend to hoard stuff, but I do love a good cleaning. I just watch an episode of Hoarders…then I get to work! I have a hard time parting with clothing, don’t know why. My weight tends to yo-yo a lot, so I have clothes from a range of sizes. I have learned that I just keep a few of my favorite pieces (especially if its something that doesn’t’ fit currently), and then just get new clothes if I need them.

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