We ended up going on 7 day cruise on the Royal Caribbean: Oasis of the Seas.  When we booked, we had no idea that the Oasis of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world.  Including the crew, the ship had about 6,000 people on board.

royal carribean oasis of the seas

Being on such a large ship meant we never ran out of things to do…As I said earlier, we opted to spend our cruise relaxing.  We didn’t want to be doing something all of the time.  That is overwhelming! Neither of us like giants crowds and weren’t looking to go to the 12:30 am (yes am) singles meet and greet.  That is some people’s thing but wasn’t ours.  We relaxed, drank and just enjoyed life and our honeymoon.  It never felt overwhelming or too crowded though (which was nice).

As runners it was nice to be able to go for runs (on treadmills) next to each other too.  Part of the reason I do like treadmills is we could run our own pace and do our own thing but still talk.

Some random Cruise events:

I was somehow nominated to be a judge for the “Worlds Sexiest Man Contest”.  I had to sit in front of hundreds of people and judge the contestants.  It was a comical show and when they asked me what I looked for in the “Sexiest Man” I said he had to be able to booty pop.  So in the contest I became the judge of good booty popping and even got to show the cruise how it was done…it was an hour of my life I’ll probably never forget.

Dancing on stage showing them how it's done...
Dancing on stage showing them how it’s done…
Being danced on
Being danced on
Judging the Contest
Judging the Contest

The Cruise Ship also had a .43 mile long track and had a sign that said “joggers don’t forget to stop and stretch”.  I found it hilarious and had to take a photo with it.  I actually used the treadmill more often than not because I found it easier to run without getting motion sickness (like running around in a circle while moving).

Don't forget to stretch
Don’t forget to stretch

We went to quite a few shows including an aqua show.  It made me (almost) miss swim meets and seeing divers perform.   It took me way back to my swim team days when I would watch during swim meets.

They did it in black light outfits too!
They did it in black light outfits too!

My personal favorite nights on board, were the formal nights.  Everyone got to dress up and look fancy.  I always love a good excuse to wear a really nice dress so this was perfect.

formal night

Posing with the towel animal afterwords.
Posing with the towel animal afterwords.

The cruise was a lot of fun and I cannot wait to go on another one.  It was my third cruise and certainly the best to date.

Questions for you:

Have you ever been on a cruise?

Where has been your favorite vacation spot?