We ended up going on 7 day cruise on the Royal Caribbean: Oasis of the Seas.  When we booked, we had no idea that the Oasis of the Seas is the largest cruise ship in the world.  Including the crew, the ship had about 6,000 people on board.

royal carribean oasis of the seas

Being on such a large ship meant we never ran out of things to do…As I said earlier, we opted to spend our cruise relaxing.  We didn’t want to be doing something all of the time.  That is overwhelming! Neither of us like giants crowds and weren’t looking to go to the 12:30 am (yes am) singles meet and greet.  That is some people’s thing but wasn’t ours.  We relaxed, drank and just enjoyed life and our honeymoon.  It never felt overwhelming or too crowded though (which was nice).

As runners it was nice to be able to go for runs (on treadmills) next to each other too.  Part of the reason I do like treadmills is we could run our own pace and do our own thing but still talk.

Some random Cruise events:

I was somehow nominated to be a judge for the “Worlds Sexiest Man Contest”.  I had to sit in front of hundreds of people and judge the contestants.  It was a comical show and when they asked me what I looked for in the “Sexiest Man” I said he had to be able to booty pop.  So in the contest I became the judge of good booty popping and even got to show the cruise how it was done…it was an hour of my life I’ll probably never forget.

Dancing on stage showing them how it's done...
Dancing on stage showing them how it’s done…
Being danced on
Being danced on
Judging the Contest
Judging the Contest

The Cruise Ship also had a .43 mile long track and had a sign that said “joggers don’t forget to stop and stretch”.  I found it hilarious and had to take a photo with it.  I actually used the treadmill more often than not because I found it easier to run without getting motion sickness (like running around in a circle while moving).

Don't forget to stretch
Don’t forget to stretch

We went to quite a few shows including an aqua show.  It made me (almost) miss swim meets and seeing divers perform.   It took me way back to my swim team days when I would watch during swim meets.

They did it in black light outfits too!
They did it in black light outfits too!

My personal favorite nights on board, were the formal nights.  Everyone got to dress up and look fancy.  I always love a good excuse to wear a really nice dress so this was perfect.

formal night

Posing with the towel animal afterwords.
Posing with the towel animal afterwords.

The cruise was a lot of fun and I cannot wait to go on another one.  It was my third cruise and certainly the best to date.

Questions for you:

Have you ever been on a cruise?

Where has been your favorite vacation spot? 

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  1. We were on oasis of the sea in April 2013 for my mother in laws birthday and I recognize all of it! I also was a month out from my first marathon and spent a lot of time on that track, love the stretching picture. Looks like fun 🙂

  2. I’ve never been on a cruise. It looks like fun! My best vacation was to the Bahamas for my honeymoon. It was gorgeous and the resort was all-inclusive, so we enjoyed lots of drinks and yummy food. And I loved that you had to dress up for many of the restaurants. Like you, I love an excuse to get dressed up.

  3. I’ve been on 5 cruises and we’re considering the Oasis of the Seas for a future one! I love that you went on it and posted this. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. The formal nights are fun because we don’t get dressed up either! Plus, the old cars to take pictures by on Royal Caribbean are so cool.

    I also like running on the treadmill on the ship. The track was always full of people walking the whole width of it or people pulling chairs out into it, so I found it hard to run there. Plus with the treadmill, you can see the water as you’re sailing and it’s really beautiful. When we were on our last cruise I actually saw someone I knew from Charleston in the gym which was crazy, they were on it too!

  4. I’ve been on two cruises when I was a kid and I LOVED them. So much to do… can’t imagine how fun it would be now having a bar there 24/7 😉 but in all seriousness, I’d love to go on one again soon. Looks like you both had a fun and incredibly relaxing honeymoon, which was needed after the 2014/early 2015 you both had! <3

  5. I’ve never been on a cruise but I’ve always wanted to. That’s the boat I would take because there are just so many things to do! I still can’t help but laugh at the contest picture. You have me wanting to go cruising now!

  6. I’ve never been on a cruise but this looks like so much fun! glad you enjoyed yourself…and now I shall go do some cruise researching 😉

  7. Ah, I went on a cruise when I was in high school and i LOVED it! they are so much fun. my boyfriend gets seasick though heh so i can’t make him go on one with me…

  8. We went on a cruise with our whole family up to Alaska. It was beautiful! Except my daughter was a baby at the time and was awake ALL NIGHT LONG so we did laps through the Casino in the middle of the night. Sigh… the food was glorious though.

  9. My parents are addicted to going on cruises. I want to go on one SO badly. There are 7 day cruises for around $600 (before taxes + other things) which leave Bayonne, NJ. ANYTIME YOU WANNA GOOOOOOO. Hahaha. I need to sell my soul for money. I think it’s at least worth $600, so as long as I can keep it for the cruise it’ll be worth it. ;oP…

    (I’m so weird.)

  10. The towel animal, LOL! I’ve never been on a cruise. The ones that take you to different locations–when you wake up in a different city/country everyday–sound kind of cool.

  11. This looks like such a blast! That’s actually such a good point about how running with someone else on side-by-side treadmills is the best of both worlds. PS: It looks like we’re going to have a GORGEOUS day on Sunday! I can’t wait!!!

  12. I’ve been on 2 cruises, one to the Bahamas and one was a Western Caribbean cruise to Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. However my favorite vacation spot is probably California – last trip to San Francisco/Santa Rosa area was the best – between the beautiful views of the bay, wineries, local craft beer, the beaches, and all of the food. No other food compares to what you can get in California.

  13. That booty pop story, though 😆 That’s amazing. And I’ve never been on a cruise, but I’d seriously love to go some day. I love how you have just everything you could possibly want to do, like, right there. I’m curious about the running and motion sickness, though. I wonder if it’s like jumping in an elevator…

  14. That looks like such a fun cruise! I went on one when I was 11 and it was only for 1 night, but I remember enjoying it other than being sea sick the entire time.

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