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Is today already Wednesday?

I have been working all week so I feel like the week is flying by.

Per blog culture I feel like anytime I talk about food it must be on Wednesday…I only participate in WIAW (What I ate Wednesday) once every few months because I almost always forget to take photos of my food on a daily basis.  The food I consume is also extremely boring and not photoworthy 95% of the time.  I’m a terrible cook and if something takes more than 10 minutes to make I don’t want too…

When I went on my honeymoon, everything was cooked and made for me so therefore it is more exciting!  Anyways, one thing we both enjoyed about the honeymoon was all the great food we didn’t have to make!  It was all perfect from the cookie nookie in key west to the several diners and restaurants we went too.  Everything on the cruise was perfect and I have no complaints about that either.

Instead of posting about how good the food was, I’ll just post some photos and caption them.  I think that is how you blog about food…This obviously isn’t everything I ate nor did I focus on taking photos.  These are the most interesting though and the photos I remembered to take!

I really enjoyed the never ending amount of seafood and dessert (as you can see).  I tried a lot of various fish (including dolphin…not the mammal dolphin but fish dolphin).  While out, we really tried to have as much as seafood as we could.  We knew it was fresh and local and there is nothing like fresh seafood!

I also had dessert every single night and have no regrets.


Fish and salad in Key West

Lobster Prime Rib

Prime Rib and Lobster…so this is what the fancy and expensive 60 dollar meal life feels like 😉

Lobster Prime Rib 1

Another visual of the Prime Rib and Lobster…

Seafood Platter

Terrible lighting but clams, bass and scallops all in one


Duck and “fancy potatoes”..IE french fries

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate almond cake…it tasted a lot like a big piece of fudge but I don’t mind

Carribean Salad

Caribbean Salad

Bread Pudding

The best bread pudding ever

Can't forget the drinks!

Can’t forget the drinks!

Bad Ass Coffee

Not gas station but BadAss Coffee in St. Maartin…have to end LOLZ blog with coffee right?

Questions for you:

What is your favorite seafood?

What is the most expensive meal you have ever eaten?

I think prime rib and lobster might be it for me!




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  1. Ooh all of that looks so good! I love love love lobster so I would’ve definitely splurged on that! Fanciest most expensive meal I’ve had was a few months ago in Macau- six course Michelin starred chef meal. Worth it!

  2. I was like “Why is she showing Bad Ass Coffee on her honeymoon pics?” Cool to see there is ANOTHER Bad Ass coffee besides the Virginia Beach one. Those food pics are killing me….so good!

  3. I’m hungry right now so I shouldn’t be looking at these photos! Looks amazing. I love good food and having it cooked for me! And my most expensive meal ever was last year at Volt (famous chef) but thankfully it was on someone else’s nickel! : )

  4. When Clay and I were on a Carnival cruise, we did a chef’s table dinner that was $90 a person. Pretty sure that was our most expensive meal ever but it was also an “experience” touring the kitchen, etc.

    My favorite seafood to eat on a regular basis is shrimp, I also like salmon though. Scallops are a bit pricer here so that’s more of a treat but they are good! I also like crab cakes lately. I like seafood in general, I guess it comes from living so close to the coast.

  5. All looks so fancy and yummy. and I am totally the same about food. I am the most impatient cooker. I hate when things take too long to make. lol definitely not a foodie.

  6. The best part of eating on vacation is definitely not having to worry about doing any cooking. My meals are crazy simple as well, and I really prefer not to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. But then the worst part of eating on vacation is that I have to pass on dessert 99.9% of the time because most things aren’t friendly to my nut allergies. Womp, womp.

  7. I love me some fishy, fishy on vacation. Salmon or crab for me, especially things stuffed with crab imperial! OR SUSHI. Aaaah, yes. lol I get about two good photos of food a week. #winning

  8. Nothing says vacation like drink out of a pineapple! The most expensive meal I ever had was mahimahi. It was on a date so I didn’t have to pay for it 😉

  9. I love your swimsuit in that photo!!!! I love fish- probably salmon and cod are my favorites. Jon and I have eaten a few expensive meals together, but I think my most expensive was my first night in China. We got scammed into a tea house meal that was $70 per person. And we had rice, broccoli, and tea. It was legitimately a neat experience, but $70 is like megabucks in China (it was a few hundred yuan). That food all looks REALLY good! I was never impressed with my food on the one we went on, other than this AWESOME strawberry soup stuff.

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