The Spot Restaurant (Binghamton, NY)

The Spot Restaurant (Binghamton, NY)

Flashback time: One of the first diners I ever went to was in Binghamton, NY. The Spot Restaurant in Binghamton showed me how great diners could genuinely be. Every time I drive through, I make a special effort to stop at the Spot (Binghamton).  Despite not being in NJ, The Spot is one of my favorite diners to date.

The Spot Restaurant (Binghamton, NY) Atmosphere: A
The outside of the Spot Resturant is a very casual vibe and is made out of cobblestone. It can easily be seen from the 81 highway. The inside of the Spot Restaurant has plenty of light and booths. I always try and get a booth next to one of the windows.   You walk in next to the bakery, so get to sit within view of that most of the time.

One of my favorite parts of this diner is the friendliness of the staff. I have eaten at the restaurant alone and with family and friends. The staff is always so polite.  I don’t have a problem eating at restaurants alone and have done it a few times.

The Spot Restaurant (Binghamton, NY) Coffee: B
Each time I go, the coffee at the Spot Restaurant is always refilled quickly. The whipped cream isn’t my favorite, but plenty of coffee is still a positive thing.

Super old school coffee shot. Dates back to LOLZ drinking to 2012.
Super old school coffee shot. Dates back to LOLZ drinking to 2012.

The Spot Restaurant (Binghamton, NY) Food: A
The Spot Restaurant has everything you can imagine. The Spot has breakfast items like pancakes, omelets, and waffles, but they also have an extensive lunch and dinner menu. You can get shish kebabs broiled on a skewer, tender chunks of marinated beef,  peppers served on a bed of rice, and of course, the typical sandwich choices served with french fries.

Keep in mind I’ve been going to this diner for the last five years (way before I knew the glory of NJ diners).  I was always overwhelmed by the possibilities!

This diner Greek Salad is one of my favorites. The salad comes with pita bread, anchovies, grape leaves, feta cheese, onions and I always add gyro meat I like that the gyro is cooked in oil, so it’s very juicy.  I don’t post a lot about it, but I really like Gyro meat, but oddly enough it’s hard to find at diners!


The Spot Restaurant (Binghamton, NY) Cost: $
The cost for the salad (with gyro) and coffee are 12 dollars.

Overall thoughts The Spot Restaurant (Binghamton, NY): A

Would I come back to The Spot Restaurant (Binghamton, NY)? 
Whenever I am traveling through Binghamton, I always try and hit up The Spot Restaurant. It’s one of my favorite diners and a great stop along I-81. I always recommend it.

The Spot
Binghampton, NY
Atmosphere: A
Coffee: B
Food: A
Cost: $8-15
Overall thoughts: A

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Questions for you:

Do you have a restaurant you like to go to while traveling? 

Have you ever had Gyro meat? 


  1. Any salad with stuffed grape leaves is a winning salad! I don’t travel enough to have a favorite restaurant but I always try the coffee at local shops rather than chains. I have nothing against chain coffee, but even if I’m just passing through, I can get a vibe or the town without spending major dollars.

  2. I’ve never tried gyro meat but it looks really good! I wonder if there are any diners near us that offer it? If so, I want to go!

  3. I went to Binghamton for college and was about to comment be like “I didn’t know this existed!” but then I clicked the link and looked at the address. I realized I HAD been there, ONE TIME. Maybe two. I remember being very upset that there were no real diners in the Binghamton/Vestal area (there was Denny’s, and IHOP) but after a little research I found that one. It’s not close to the school or the downtown area students live off campus, which is why I only went once or twice. But I do remember going there!

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