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Random Thursday Thoughts:

It’s been a long time since I did a completely random thinking out loud post.  By long I mean probably a few weeks…to be honest I have a lot going on.  I go to work, I blog, I wedding plan and I come home.  There is not much room for a lot of extra stuff right now I guess.


It’s the first Thursday off I’ve had in a while…normally I have Tuesday and Wednesday off but this week I have Thursday and Friday!  I needed the day off I think this week is catching up to me.  Hopefully sleep will do me well the next couple of days!

Instead of doing wedding related things I’ve been buying honeymoon related things like dresses and bathing suits.  I’m not sure where I think this money tree is coming from…between ART (not covered by insurance), wedding and honeymoon costs…I better plant one quick.  So long dreams of buying a new car soon.

Some random products I’ve been enjoying lately:

The Roll8 rollar.  I bought this roller from work last week and have no regrets.  I don’t think its magically fixing my butt pain but it is massaging everything else.  It’s honestly the best foam roller type of device I’ve had.  The biggest setback is the 120 dollar price point but to me it’s worth it.  Hashtag Roll8>New Car


Protein powder:

I was lucky enough to receive some free samples of this protein powder.  I’ve been searching for a good protein powder for the last year.  For me I like try to incorporate extra protein when I’m working out and running more.  I’m not fancy with my protein powder but have often had a problem with certain powders making me bloated.  I’ve never fallen in love with a protein powder but this pure whey was good.  It wasn’t overly sweet or chalky.  I would buy it. Protein Powder

I just mix it in a cup of milk and blend with ice.

Random Thoughts:

I’ve  spent more this month on life than the last 3 months combined.  Some months are like that I guess.

Do I need (a 300 dollar) sack of potatoes dress?

sack of potatos dress

Wedding planning takes up all my free time right now.

I’m all over the place lately.  To be honest I need to write a post about where I see my blog going the next month or so…maybe I will get on that soon.

Questions for you:

Do you foam roll?  What do you use?

What is a random fun fact about your week? 


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  1. I totally need a money tree too. My boyfriend and I are taking a 3 week trip to Europe soon and things really start to add up! I suppose life experiences are better than money though so just enjoy.

    That roller looks awesome BTW! I use a $14 one I found on amazon lol.

  2. I love my R8 (also known as the “leg smasher”) and use it almost every day. Money well spent. Btw, do you see ERR in your future?

  3. I do foam roll, but it’s just a pretty basic one that I don’t even think has a brand written on it. It works well enough, but I’m curious to see what kind of a difference those fancy torture machines would make. And I hear ya on the spending… that’s how March was for me with all the travelling, but it’s one of those things that you remember for the rest of your life, so it’s not horrible to invest a little more into it 🙂

  4. I WANT THAT ROLLER! I think I have the trigger point one with the bumps, but I feel like I never get my inner muscles when I’m rolling on it. And I think spending some money on your honeymoon dresses + bathing suits is worth it. GO TO TARGET! Seriously, I just found my bathing suit there (BOGO50%) as well as a TON of jumpsuits/crop tops/things 25 year olds probably shouldn’t wear but… #fuckit.

  5. That roller looks amazing!!!! I could be doing with a money tree at the moment too no purchases but currently saving for a house, a wedding, a car and hopefully a holiday… Saving sucks *sigh*

  6. I love foam rolling, but I’ve been majorly neglecting it lately. I actually wrote it in my workout plan this week to make sure I do it! Hopefully I actually will now…

  7. I do foam roll! Every single day now, whether I run or not, and it is helping my butt pain (my PT showed a good way to do it with my leg crossed over to really hit my piriformis). My foam roller isn’t fancy or brand name but I do own “The Stick” as well, which I use for my legs. I’d love to try that particular foam roller- $120 is a little steep, but I had to pay out the wazzoo for PT myself as it is not covered by insurance.

    I need a money tree, but I won a flower in a race recently and it died the next week. So maybe a money tree would not be good for me. No green thumb here.

  8. That R8 roller looks awesome! I use the “toothbrush” one (I think that’s what it’s called) with the stick with bead things on it. I like it but it’s hard to use on myself sometimes so I like to have a friend help! A random fact about my week… hm, well I got a new (old) truck! Not sure how long it’ll hold up but it gets me where I need to go and I love it.

  9. Random fun fact: I’m currently obsessed with LOST, as I didn’t watch it the first time around. I came pretty close to sobbing at the episode I watched last night. I’m getting very attached!

  10. Wait, so you work Saturday *and* Sunday. Oh Sweet Baby J, serious kudos for that! (Our staff usually work Saturday or Sunday, not both.) And the R8 is legit! Painful, but legit!

  11. It’s an awfully cute sack of potatoes dress, though! That’s one serious roller. I have a run-of-the-mill one, but I still like it and use it regularly.

    Random thoughts are always good.

  12. I am a big fan of the stick, it gets way deeper than the foam roller for me. On that point, I have seen that roller and really want to try it, it seems like a god send!

  13. That dress does honestly look like a medieval serf’s outfit. I do not see the artistry at all…but I also love converse, trucker hats and yoga pants so I’m no Dolce and Gabana. I foam roll when I am sore and just use the cheapest roller I found at Wal-Mart. Works like a charm!

  14. Love my R8 for when I’m exhausted and know I need to roll but am far too lazy to hold myself up on a foam roller or PVC pipe. I think a lacrosse ball often gets better into the spots I sometimes need, but am happy I have an R8 too. Though… It was a Christmas present a couple years ago because I definitely wasn’t buying it myself. #gimmemoresneakers

  15. I foam roll with a large probably $40 foam roller, but that roller looks amazing!

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