Things that Got me Through the Winter

Guess what my blogging friends?

These are the last few days of Winter!   Insert 20 dancing emoji woman here.

dancing emoji

Long story short, if you lived on the east coast this winter was rough.

Running outside was rough. 

Walking outside was rough. 


December and January weren’t too terrible.  Then in February it got very cold, very fast.  After I got back from Upstate NY it just kept getting colder and colder.  I honestly felt like I never left that area.  The days we received snow were the better days because it meant it was warmer and less windy…

Now that I’m done complaining about the weather I thought I would talk about some of things that got me through the winter this year!

None of these products were sponsored or afflicant links.  Here are some of the top things I think got my through the winter.

Northface Jacket

I bought this jacket is November.  I didn’t think it would become my best purchase of the season.  It’s warm and I have no regrets.  It was staple jacket and most people at work don’t remember a time I wasn’t wearing it.  (No really…).  I like to add photos of my jacket in action and on dates so here we go.

My jacket and Theresa.
My jacket and Theresa.
My jacket and Christine
My jacket and Christine
My jacket and DadLOLZ
My jacket and DadLOLZ

Basically if you have seen me in the last 3 months, it’s probably been in this jacket.

Injinji wool Socks

injinji wool socks

These babies are long and warm (TWSS).  They kept me feet warm but also came above my leggings so that my ankles didn’t get cold.  I wish I had more pairs but alas Injinji was sold out when I went online.  They are my favorite sock in the history of socks.

Space Heater:

Without my personal space heater, I would have some miserable days.  The personal space heater allows me to control the temperature around me without causing everyone else to live in a sauna.


Two Vacations in the winter:

As most people know, T was deployed during most of the winter.  It was a cold, miserable and lonely month.  Having two vacations with friends really helped propel me through the months of January and February.

The end of January, I went to Rochester and visted Laura, Heather and Brittany.  Hashtag Dream team (#DreamTeam),

How did this even happen?
How did this even happen?

Then obviously at the end of February I ran my Marathon in sunny Phoenix.

Party foul...my eyes are closed but everyone else looks nice so this photo won!
Party foul…my eyes are closed but everyone else looks nice so this photo won!

I think having things to look forward too really kept me balanced and ready to propel through the winter.

Questions for you:

How did you get through the winter this year?


17 thoughts on “Things that Got me Through the Winter”

  1. I just kept comparing it to last winter, in Michigan at least it didn’t seem as bad until February. I ran outside when possible and sucked it up and got on the dreadmill when I had to. Now that its been like 40° everyday it’s been great!! So sad when 40 feels so good.

  2. Hooray for winter being over indeed! Running outside was so rough this year for me, and basically nonexistent. I also had a vacation in the winter, which helped get me through it as well. My favorite seasons are spring and summer! Basically anytime I can be outside for a walk or run and it’s comfortable.

  3. I answered Fall because of football, lots of road races, and that’s when my birthday is.

    I love your coat and I have seen it in those pictures! Space heaters are awesome too since I’m very cold natured and my husband isn’t.

  4. Funny story… I’m wearing that North Face jacket right now. We sold it at the store and I was eying it for months (employees weren’t allowed to buy it because it was so popular) and then it went on sale and we had one left and I had to buy it. Now I wear it every day. Best purchase of the season. This winter was brutal, I’m not going to miss it. I’m just glad i didn’t end up moving to Boston as planned…

  5. I am so over the winter! I am ready for spring, running more outdoors and going camping! I love your jacket 😉
    How nice to run off to Arizona for a race in the middle of the cold season. I bet you didn’t want to come home!

  6. The only thing that kept me outside this winter was my pair of YakTrax. I’m so afraid of ice and slipping and falling that I never run (or walk) outside unless I have to. Once I got these I had no fear going out!

  7. You look great in your jacket! I honestly don’t even know how I got through this winter. I probably just embraced the suck and stayed inside as much as possible to focus on the writing. It’s supposed to snow AGAIN tomorrow, which kills me!

  8. So impressed by everyone in upstate NY and upper New England – I think I’m tough because I ran outdoors in Manhattan, but you guys who keep at it when there’s 8 feet of snow are the real champs!

  9. The pic of you and DADLOLZ is too adorable!

    I’m on the east coast too (NJ) so I feel your pain! I spent most of February and March TRYING not to complain since last winter sucked so much harder….but I got through with the following:
    LEG WARMERS! And lulu savasana socks (thigh high. oh so warm)
    HOT YOGA. Spending 75 minutes a day in a 105 degree room warmed me up nicely.
    PERSONAL SPACE HEATER. I’d tie it around my neck if I could.
    HOT SHOWERS. And I mean scalding hot.

  10. I want a pair of ingingi socks so bad! They are great for trail running and like you say, keep ya toasty. I also was saved by my space heater this winter. Luckily the heat in my building is worked into the rent, so I could run it all season (next year will be interesting haha) I also got through the winter by going to my friend’s house every night to watch TV and play with her cats. I was not a recluse and that made me happy. Enough of this winter talk…time for spring!

  11. I had a personal space heater at work too! Everyone had a space heater and/or an electric blanket. (I also had a Snuggie.) Let’s cross our fingers warmer weather is on its way!

  12. I love my space heater! It follows me around my house! But it only works for like 2 min before shutting off now and nobody in GA sells space heaters in March! So I have to suffer through till next winter 🙁

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