Five For Friday

Wow this has been a long week.  I’m exhausted from the marathon, travel, weather and life.  I don’t think I would have the energy to work out much if I wanted too.  I am hoping to get exponentially better next week.

To give a quick update on my hip and hamstring, it’s not feeling any better.  As I have said, “yes I gutted out a marathon and finished but no it probably wasn’t the smartest thing”.   I’m confident it’s a muscle issue with my hips, hamstring and possible butt too.

Moving on, instead of posting articles on Friday I am going to post articles make an alliteration and name it: Five for Friday post.  Maybe it will get me 1000 followers and trend or something…maybe not.

Five Things that Brought the LOLZ this week:

  1. Bloggers shilling kitty litter (#littershilling)
  2. This so relevant meme to Marchmarch weather meme
  3. This series of photos getting onto the podium last weekend:climbing the podium Climbing the podiumIMG_1523 IMG_1525 Phoenix marathon
  4. Reminds me of when I used to live in Upstate NY (I don’t miss it)syracuse meme
  5. Cat Treadmills cat treadmills

Five Items I bought this week:

  1. Deep Tissue Massage
  2. Saucony Triumphs Running Shoes-Once I can run again, I cannot wait to test these guys out.
  3. Gas (at Wawa)
  4. Groceries
  5. Race photos- I was once called out for not buying race photos and using them on my blog. It made me think about race photographers are payed to take photos. Stealing them and using them on my blog is not only a bad idea (duh, you will get caught) but it’s also rude.  Bloggers complain when a company wants them to review a product for free….Using race photos without paying for them is the same way (a lesson I’ve come to learn).

Five Articles I enjoyed this week:

  1. Why we should be saying “Like a Woman” versus “like a Girl” (Written by personal friend Liz, I love this article…so much truth!)
  2. Mary Cain: Growing Up Fast (Really interesting article and Cain and her progression).
  3. One Twin Exercises and the Other Does Not
  4. How Much Caffeine Should you be drinking race day?  (Funny enough, people always associate me with having more caffeine than I actually do.  A lot of my caffeine consumption is decaf!)
  5. How Alysia Montano won a national Title Six Months After Giving Birth (This has been pretty popular on the internet this week but never the less a great read)

Anyways I’m off to work.

Questions for you:

Are there are any articles/blog posts you really enjoyed this week?

What are your weekend plans? 


19 responses

  1. Well I really enjoyed your blog post today so boom one question answered! And my weekend plans are to workout and attend a ball my school is having- wohoo for getting fancy! Anyways, I hope your hip/hamstring gets better! Sounds like you are having a good time, although you don’t miss northern New York, some of us northern New York people miss your face in real life!

  2. I read that Mary Cain article and will check out those others. As far as blog posts I liked this week… I really liked your marathon recap! I hope you’re not injured but it’s smart to get the massage, the new shoes (I have heard that once your shoes have been through a training and a marathon race it’s time for them to go), and to take it easy all week long.

    I also love that Homer picture about Smarch and that’s how I feel about our weather. It was almost 80 yesterday and it’s like 40 today. Yikes.

  3. I love the ‘cat treadmills’ picture 😀 I also really enjoyed reading the ‘Like a Woman’ article because the points made are so very relevant. I’m not sure how one stops striving for the running physique of a girl because it is genuinely more aerodynamic and efficient. I know from enough personal experience that having more of a woman’s body (still pretty flat-chested though, thankfully :P) is a huge disadvantage and has only had a negative impact on my running. Running like a woman is indeed much, much harder than like a man…and like a girl.

    Sending many healing thoughts for your hip/hamstring.

  4. That article about the twins was super interesting. Just goes to show how important it is to maintain an active lifestyle. And I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for you about your hamstring! Hopefully a little rest and time is all it needs to heal up. Happy Friday, Hollie.

  5. Ugh you should definitely be happy that you aren’t in Upstate anymore…it is terrible here in Buf. I know it’s cliche to say because we know what to expect here but man was this a terrible winter. So ready for 45 degrees next week!!!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing my article, Hollie; it means so much to me! I also enjoyed the Mary Cain article, especially since the fact that she sleeps twelve hours a night means I should totally sleep at least 11 hours a night from now on. 🙂

  7. I like the twin article! Interesting! I wish the study was expanded! I’m sure way more than 10 sets of twins have differences in exercise!

  8. I absolutely loved “like a woman” so thank you for turning me onto it. I’m sorry your hip/hamstring are still feeling bad. I was hoping you’d heal quickly.

    Littershilling..that’s a good one!

  9. I really enjoyed that Mary Cain article. It actually makes me glad I’m not a professional runner. I often think that would be the dream, but her experience makes me glad I have other things in life. Sure, I love to run, but it’s not my money or livelihood. I think she’s fantastic, but does not have the life I want to live.

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