A Pain in the Butt Week 3

I’ve always said muscle injuries were frustrating.  You know with broken bones you must wait a few months and they heal.  Muscles could take days, weeks, months or years to heal…you can still run through them but it doesn’t feel like rainbow and butterflies.

That’s where I’m at right now.

The evolution of the butt pain went something like this:

First it was half limping through adductor muscle, hip, hamstring, butt and IT band.

Then it went walking normally with residual pain in my adductor (which faded away) but my pain in the hip, and butt were still there. 

Then it was committing to going to a professional who knows what they were doing and working with them.  

My pain is now mostly in the gluteus medius, TFL, piriformis and SI joint. 

Now there is one pinpoint of sharp pain right in SI joint.  With all the work being done everywhere else, my muscles are constantly being forced elsewhere. The pain has been traveling which is a good sign (I guess…because it’s not a stress fracture).  Getting multiple ART sessions is beginning to loosen them up. We are currently working to loosen everything up and go from there.

All of the professionals I’ve been too believe that rest isn’t going to make it better or worse.  The problem lies in the muscles and once the muscles are “fixed”, the issue will be fixed.  So I’ve been running a little bit off and on.  I have to say I do feel better than 2 weeks ago…whether that is from marathon recovery or injury recovery, I am not convinced.

As I mentioned, since last week I’ve decided to go to a very knowledgeable sports doctor in South Jersey.  The team works exclusively with runners and triathletes.  So far the team has done nothing but great work.   I’ve seen two of their staff so far and have another appointment tomorrow.  They have informed me they will be able to get a good gauge of my issues by four sessions.  If I need to be referred to somewhere where I can get an MRI then that will be the next step.  So I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and going at least 4 times.  I cannot imagine it’s anything bone related because I am able to run without a change in gait.

Monday: OFF (recovery from Shamrock)
Tuesday: 6.5 miles easy
Wednesday: 7.13 miles easy
Thursday: Cross training AMT
Friday: 6.5 miles treadmill
Saturday:  8 miles
Sunday:  6.5
Total:  34.5

Nothing hurt any worse or better while running so I kept with that mileage.

In summary:

  • I’m stretching, doing PT and trying to get my butt to feel better.  The pain has migrated and currently seems to centralize in my SI joint.
  • I’m going to see a professional to get help.
  • I’m still running and the pain doesn’t feel worse when I run (but is still there).

This post is kind of all over the place but long story short I think what I’m doing is beginning to work.  Any injury is frustrating but I still think muscle injuries are the most.

Questions for you:

Have you ever received ART?

What was your best workout of the week? 

Hanger Cafe

One of the best meals after a marathon is a diner meal.  Adam (IE: The Boring Runner) knew of my diner reviews and when in Rome…go to a diner…right?  This was a very unique diner that it was located at the Chandler Airport right outside of Phoenix.  The Chandler Airport is a small regional airport. This made for a fun meal as we watched airplanes take off and land.  Adam, T, Matt and I found ourselves at the Hanger Cafe the day after the marathon.

The Hanger Cafe has been rated as the best airport food before!

Atmosphere: B

The atmosphere was one of the most unique restaurants I have been too.  We were able to watch planes land and enjoy our food.  The Hanger diner is a true dive.  Inside the diner is a full bar and open grill.  It’s very festive decorated with various planes and memorabilia from the Chandler airport. It’s exactly what you picture when you think “greasy spoon diner.”

We sat at a table towards the back.  The waitress forgot about us for a while, and we waited a long time before being helped (the reason the atmosphere went from an A to a B).

Coffee: B

The coffee was good but nothing to write home about.  I was happy she refilled the coffee quickly.  I don’t have anything to complain about the coffee, but there was nothing spectacular either.

Hanger Cafe Coffee

Food:  A

The menu is rather small, and they had about 5 different omelets, 5 types of pancakes and a few odds and ends such as oatmeal or French toast.  It was certainly a smaller menu than I was used too.

I ordered the Spinach and Feta omelet with buttered rye toast.  It was good, and I can’t cook omelets, so it tasted great to me.  The portion was a little smaller than I would have liked, but then again I had run a marathon the day before. Rye toast is my favorite, and it was great.  I really enjoyed the omelet a lot, and it seemed like everyone else enjoyed their food as well!

Hanger Cafe Omelet

Cost: $

For Tim and I are two omelets and coffee, it was 17 dollars.  That is the cost of one meal in New Jersey. So it’s one of the cheapest diner meals we have had.

Would I come back/Overall Thoughts:

If I’m in Phoenix again, I would probably come back.  The diner is very unique, and the food was good. I would recommend going early when we left there was quite the wait time.

Cliff notes:
Atmosphere: Outdoor: A, Service: B
Coffee: B
Food: A
Price: $5-12

Questions for you:
What’s your favorite type of omelet?
What is the best “airport” food you have had? 


Wedding Wednesday

Have you ever had a goal race that you bombed for outside factors?

For instance you trained and tapered perfectly for a race but it was 90 degrees…obviously the weather you slowed you down and you didn’t set out for what you originally had planned for.

Well my friends, for Wedding Wednesday that is exactly how I felt last week. I drove down to Virginia only to have over half of my vendors cancel because they were sick.  Both T and I took time off of work to come down, yet we left not accomplishing everything we had hoped.

To say I’m frustrated is an understatement but no amount of complaining can change that.  So after coming to terms that we would not be meeting, we made the best of the situation.  It’s hard to plan a wedding out of town but even harder when you come into town and multiple meetings are canceled.

Luckily for me, my lovely hair stylist (who has done my hair since 7th grade) was able to make a last minute appointment.  She chopped off all of my dead ends (which was probably half of my hair at this point)

Tiffany and I

To be honest, I haven’t been to a lot of weddings.  I don’t know what I’m forgetting (or not).  I’m sure there are plenty of items…I’m frustrated, worried and nervous.  I know I shouldn’t be because it will all come together but right now it seems like a mess.

Things we were able to accomplish this week:

We were able to taste all our food.  I’m sure every bride says this but I really liked my food and I’m excited for that…so the more food for me, the better. We also tried our rehearsal dinner restaurant which was also delicious.  So basically our food is covered and I approve.

Is it just me or does everything for weddings get served in a martini glass?

Hey girl...you want some mashed potatoes in this martini glass?
Hey girl…you want some mashed potatoes in this martini glass?
Strawberry cheesecake...in a martini glass
Strawberry cheesecake…in a martini glass

I tried on my wedding dress (Hard to believe trying wedding dresses on was 8 months ago!) and took it home.  Every time I have tried on my dress during alterations it has fit the same (to me).  I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing but it fit well and I’m happy.  So that was a success too.

none are mine don't worry.
none are mine don’t worry.

So what is left to do in the last few weeks?

  • We have all the little decorations. I could consult pinterest but I’m not that crafty.
  • Make sure everything is still on schedule and there are no surprises.

It’s hard to believe the wedding is less than 3 weeks away.  T and I are getting more and more excited to actually get married as each day passes.  We are not excited for all the little stressers coming with planning a wedding.

Mentally I’m very overwhelmed.  I have stayed rather calm through the entire process but I feel as each day counts down, I get more and more stressed.  I know it’s silly to be stressed over table layouts and small decorations…but I am.  It will all come together and I am grateful for my family and friend’s support.tim and I

Questions for you:

If you are married, what is something you forgot in the last few weeks?

What is the most crafty thing you have ever made?

Shamrock Half Marathon (1:33.06) 

Running the Shamrock half marathon this year was not one of my better ideas.

I was running three weeks post marathon.
I am working to recover from my bum butt injury.  While my hip and butt are improving, I’m not completely healed.
I knew it wasn’t a smart idea but Shamrock is one of my favorite races.  I didn’t originally travel to Virginia to race Shamrock.  I was in town taking care of wedding things.  I planned to run the race until it hurt too much.  Then I would stop.  Since obviously I finished the race my pain never got out of control.  (ETA: My bum butt was sore the next day though). 
Anyways, we got to the race at 5:45.  Shamrock is tricky because you never know exactly how parking will work out.  My dad, T and his dad, ended up having plenty of time before the race. I am always arriving late so it was a nice change.  We walked and headed to the start.  None of us warmed up and we all stood around chatting.  I never got to make a final bathroom stop because the line was so long (probably close to half an hour) but I figured I could just go at one of the porta potties on course if needed.
At the start I met up with Kris L and Rochelle.  We briefly chatted and by the time I knew it…it was time to go!
shamrock 2
T and I ran the first mile together.  We found ourselves with the 1:35 pacers.  Funny enough, the 1:35 pacers were the same 1:45 pacers at the Harbor Lights Half Marathon.  So my two experiences running with pacers…were with the same pacers.
By mile 2, T had dropped me and I found myself hanging out with the 1:35 pace group.  We talked about random life events, life and New Jersey.
Honestly the next five miles flew by and by the time I knew it, we were at the halfway point.  The pain in my piriformis felt exactly the same as when I started the race.  It was no better or no worse.  It was just a literal pain in the butt.  My bum butt wasn’t causing me too much harm so I just continued.
shamrock 4
The first half of the race averaged a 7:11 pace.  I felt more out of shape than anything (but that didn’t really stop me talking).  I can tell I haven’t raced fast in a while. I decided if I was still feeling good by mile 10, I would attempt to push the pace.
Around mile 9, the famous Kris L strolled by us.  She made us look like we were all standing still.  We chatted for a few minutes and then she continued to run fast and drop us.  The pacers and I laughed for a while and said we felt famous for the few minutes she ran by.  It’s not every day that such a stellar runner runs by you during a race.
By mile 10, I determined I was feeling decent enough to push the pace…so I did. Mile 10 I ran in 6:55.  I didn’t feel great but I also didn’t feel awful either.  I felt the same as if I was running a 7:10 pace so I just rolled with it.
At mile 11, there was beer!  When I ran with the 1:45 pacers at Harbor Lights, they encouraged me to take a Bakers Crust Pie.  This time for 1:35, they encouraged me to take a cup of beer…so I thought…eh why not. I have no regrets.
Mile 12 was a 6:52 mile.  Another person in the pace group and I ran the last mile together until he sprinted to the finish.   We ran mile 13 at 6:41.  I felt more strong during the last few miles then the first few.  My piriformis felt the same as when I started the race.  So my bum butt had no change in injury status,
shamrock 3
This is a prouder race photo I’ve had.
I finished the half in 1:33.06, which is about 10 minutes slower than my PR.  I’m not upset because I know I’m not at a PR fitness level right now.  I’m still recovering from my bum butt issue as well as recovering from a marathon.  It;s not a great time for me but it was a fun time.  I have no regrets running the race.
As I always say, Shamrock is one of the best races I’ve done.  The crowd, the cheering, and the race organization cannot be beat.  It’s a race that I would always recommend.  If you are ever looking for a well put together goal race (8k, half or full) Shamrock is one I highly recommend.
T and I post race.
T and I post race.
Questions for you:
Did you race a St. Patricks Day race?
Have you ever run a race that you felt better at the end versus beginning? 
Asics Nimbus 17 Review

Asics Nimbus 17 Shoe Review

Shortly before my marathon and then afterward, I began running in the Asics Nimbus 17.  Since transitioning from Newtons (last year) into a more traditional running shoe, the Asics Nimbus has been a great shoe to me.  I reviewed the Asics Nimbus 16 a few months ago. The gel and high cushion in the Asics Nimbus support my feet well.  I like more cushion shoes.  I do not like lightweight shoes at all.

asics nimbus 17 1

Side Note: I’m always hesitant to do running shoe reviews because what works (or doesn’t) for me, won’t always be the same for others.  I like a lot of cushions and am a neutral runner.  This means that shoes such as the Saucony Triumph or Brooks Glycerin are good options for me.  This also means. Personally I don’t care for minimalist shoes.  Another thing to keep in mind is that I’m not a techy person.  Either the shoe feels good to me or it doesn’t and I’ll explain why.

I don’t care so much about the technical side of a shoe so I won’t review that part.  Plus, there are much better blog posts that review that anyways…I just give my personal experience with the shoe.  (And no Asics is not paying me to review their shoe).asics nimbus 17

Asics Nimbus 17 Price: 150

The price of the Asics Nimbus 17 is similar to other comparable shoes of different brands such as the Saucony Triumph (150) and Brooks Glycerin (150).

The Asics Nimbus 17 Fit:

The Asics Nimbus has always run a little bit narrow.  Right now, Asics takes the glove-like fit to a whole new level. The previous Asics Nimbus was entirely too narrow for my foot.  I found myself being comfortable in a mens shoe versus women. I have a widefoot, so I usually run in a wide.  With the Asics Nimbus 17, they opened up the toe box space, so my foot has plenty of space to breath.  I usually wear a size 9.5 wide woman’s shoe, and my feet fit comfortably into a size 9.5 Asics Nimbus Wide.

One problem I did have was the top inner toe box rubbed my foot raw.  I ended up bleeding through the shoe.  I know it wasn’t a sock issue.  The toe box fit my foot a little bit different and caused rubbing.  My foot got used to it within a few runs, but it was unpleasant to see the shoe had caused my foot to bleed.

I like the fit much better than the previous model of the Asics Nimbus.  I think Asics did a great job with it.

The Asics Nimbus 17 Ride: 

The shoe is much lighter than the Asics Nimbus 16.  I still feel as if I have the Asics Nimbus cushion I like but with a lot less weight.  I’m honestly not sure how I feel about that aspect. You don’t feel much shock during impact and roll through the gait cycle.

I still feel protected in the Asics Nimbus and I haven’t had any issues or problems with the shoe.  The Asics Nimbus 17 does feel a little bit lighter since it weighs less.  After about 50 miles on the shoe, I didn’t seem to notice much of a difference in weight.

Overall Thoughts of the Asics Nimbus:

I like Asics Nimbus a lot.  I feel comfortable doing my training in this shoe.  The major differences (more open toe box and lighter weight) don’t effect my training significantly.  I will continue to run in the shoe (as well as a new to me shoe the Saucony Triumph).

Edit to add: I’ve ran 104 miles in this shoe (both before and after the marathon).

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Questions for you:

What shoe do you train in?

Have you ever tried the Asics Nimbus?

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