Articles: Feb 6

Is it just me or did this week fly by?  I guess it is because I spent the first half of the week in Rochester.  The second half of the week was spent catching up on sleep and assimilating back into real life (which is something that never really happened).

I spent some time reading articles in the airport and on the airplane.  I found a few that I found were pretty interesting.   Other then that getting back into the grind, there was nothing too exciting going on with me.

I recently discovered!  This isn’t sponsored but you can edit your photos from your computer.  It’s like the instagram for computers…now I can edit myself ten times and look glamorous every blog post!

snow bank 1


Tracking your budget without feeling overwhelmed For me, starting anything seems overwhelming but I always enjoy how easy Ashley makes it seem.

16 Ways to Pay it Forward 

This Girl Can (Response)  Loved this post from Jess.


Branding Your Blog 


8 Toxic Believes People Thought were real 

Food Fear (A personal post by Sarah talking in depth about overcoming her eating disorder.  Sarah is such a strong woman who I’ve had the honar to hang out with several times.  I couldn’t be more proud of everything she has overcome).



8 Running Injuries No one talks about 


Health Benefits of Beer As if this needed any caption…



Football Musings If you watched the Super Bowl with me…

Five Types of Runners And yes, I’m working on part 2 soon!

Question for you: What are some interesting articles you have read?  (Feel free to post links!)

4 thoughts on “Articles: Feb 6”

  1. Thanks for sharing Hollie! This week did go by really fast, I completely agree. I can’t complain about that. I feel like I get all of the links I’ve liked this week from other posts (like yours) linking up to their favorite posts, so I don’t have any to add. I wish our schedules were going to match up this weekend but we’ll make it happen soon!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention 🙂 I really enjoyed Sarah/Picky Runner’s post too, and of course your brilliant piece on running ‘types’ was completely inspired. I am eagerly awaiting part two!

    I’ve just discovered Picmonkey too ~ I used it to make my current logo, so it’s probably evident that I still have a lot to learn 😉 It’s a fantastic free resource though. Also, our snow was not quite as bad as you’ve had in Rochester, so it’s definitely put things in perspective for me somewhat.

  3. I read Sarah’s post and loved it! I am so glad she’s back! The health benefits of beer article was interesting…but I still prefer sangrias and hard cider. Beer is just not sweet enough for me.

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