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Let’s be honest here…I’m not a big football fan and I root for whatever team seems the most interesting.  I only live about 4 miles from Philadelphia so in reality I should be an Eagles fan.  I’m not because I don’t invest my time into football.  Anyways while visiting Laura this weekend, we watched the Super Bowl.

I watched the game with no preference for whether the Patriots or the Seahawks won.  I watched for the commercials, the half time show and because America.  Here is a recap of one liner thoughts I had (mostly through twitter).

Because memes are the only photos I post these days...

Because memes are the only photos I post these days…

Here are some of the random thoughts I had:

Wow these TV announcers seem to be into the game as much as I do.

Either that touchdown came out of nowhere or I just wasn’t paying attention.

There are so many sad commercials.  I thought the commercials were supposed to be funny.

Super bowl workout:

Pick up fork.

Pick up Beer:

Do crunch to get out of seat and refill.

Half Time show:

Um, where did Katy Perry get that tiger?  Is she a power ranger?

katy perry meme 1

Why are these tin man not getting any recognition?  They are dancing tin men.

dancing tin men

And now there are dancing waves…how adorable.  She has dancing waves, dancing sharks and dancing trees.

When did Missy Elliot release her last CD, 1994?

Missy actually looks really nice and classy.

Second half:

I don’t think the Patriots will win (my lack of football knowledge).

Fast forward though about an hour of game.

OMG what the heck is going on?  A bad call, bad play…I don’t get it.  Now they are fighting?  Is there a Boxing Bowl?

If I have learned anything from this football game it’s that Katy Perry is a secret Power ranger.  I can only hope for the 50th Super Bowl, Miley Circus will ride in on a wrecking ball.  As you can probably see, my brain is always scattered.

Questions for you:

Did you watch the game?

Are you a big football fan?


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  1. I agree the commercials were really depressing and the halftime show with Katie Perry was the worst ever :(. We were pulling for Seattle because a guy my husband played football against in high school now plays for them… don’t remember who but we’re not huge fans of any NFL team really, just watching for fun.

  2. I am a HUGE Eagles fan, so I could show the ways of being rude, loud, and stumbling drunk like you own the place. We are classy here in Philly 😉

    Actually, I thought the two teams who were in the game were BORING because they’ve both accomplished a lot. I’m not gonna lie, this year was purely for commercials and MISSY ELLIOT (!!!!!).

  3. It would have been a lot better if the Eagles were in it. Go Philly!

    I thought the halftime show was one of the most polished performances I’ve seen. Did you know they’ve been rehearsing that since December!? I thought Missy Elliot was awesome. P-town represent!!! Seriously though, nice to see a Hampton Roads girl out there kicking butt.

    Most of the commercials were on the serious side. I haven’t heard much chatter about the commercial about domestic violence, but I thought it was extremely powerful, especially given the bad publicity the NFL has had regarding Ray Rice.

  4. I watched about 2 seconds of the game- and I agree the tin men were awesome! I mean they did flips in their tin gear! and my favorite part of halftime was missy elliot. she should have done the whole thing!

  5. I went out for dinner on a blind date during the super bowl. It was a 4 hour long dinner! The only reason being it was a tasting menu. The company was okay 🙂 I live in Boston and the restaurant was empty. Good night to go out for dinner if you want the place to yourself!

  6. Ha I didn’t even watch the game…just trolled Twitter for any commercials I should check out. I think my favorite part of the Super Bowl is how everyone becomes a professional commercial critic.

  7. I love football so was into the game – but honestly I am obsessed with the dancing sharks, as it seems the rest of the world is as well. I want to be one. Next career move.

  8. Ugh, that Allstate commercial was so utterly depressing. Death? Really? The dancing sharks were great, #leftshark rocked it. When the Eagles are out, I always pull for the bird team, so I was definitely upset with Carroll’s call. Oh well, there’s always next year.

  9. My husband is a huge seahawks fan. . So you could say he was really mad that last play. .. which is understandable. The half time show was interesting. . I’m not a katy perry fan though.

  10. I never watch the Super Bowl unless I’m coerced. But this year I was kicking myself for not catching the Halftime Show live, since Missy Elliott is my FAVORITE and I would have loved the surprise. She definitely stole the show. Katy Perry was just “Meh.”

  11. I like football to an it when the Ravens are doing well. Which makes me kind of not like New England b/c they took us out! The Katy Perry show was odd, but I also like her b/c she doesn’t have to be over-the-top with the sexiness like some artists of her generation. Now I am sounding like the old lady that I am!

  12. Haha…I most definitely did not watch the game. I had no idea it was such a full-day affair until I walked into my floor lounge and all the boys were still hogging it. I play flag football with friends on occasion and STILL don’t understand how the game works. I think I’m hopeless. Why can’t the players just run in straight lines instead?? 😉

  13. Since I was born and lived in the Boston area until we moved here for me to work for Corning (I was 42 at the time) … and even worked at Patriots stadium as a teenager .. um, yeah, Patriots fan from the depths of when they were lousy or mediocre every year. So it has been thrilling seeing them go from almost never even making the playoffs to one of the top dynasties in NFL history … whew.

    But at the same time that is the only football game I have watched on TV this year 🙂

    On the good side, my wife finally actually learned some of the rules this year! And we’ve been watching them together since ~Super Bowl XXII (late 80s) …

    And for me that is the key – the four of us had fun watching and eating together. 🙂

  14. Clearly since I grew up with Philly born Dad and right outside I’m an Eagles fan. Luckily the Ravens are in a different division. I watched the game but didn’t expect it to be so exciting. and holy moly the commercials all were trying to one-up each other at pulling on heart strings. What happened to funny superbowl commercials?

  15. I’m not big on football (blame it on being Canadian), but I did manage to catch bits and pieces of the game… mostly commercials and the halftime show 😆 I wasn’t a huge fan of Katy Perry’s performance, and I was actually wondering the same thing about Missy… That being said, she pretty much made the show for me. I may or may not have busted out some moves 😉

  16. I feel like I should go and watch that halftime show. MY twitters have blown up about some call the Seahawks coach made to throw a pass on second down rather than run it and I guess it was a mistake because the Patriots won. I watched Gilmore Girls and ate sushi…so I won too!

  17. The commercials really were pretty sub-standard this year. But I did enjoy the halftime show. I watched them all via youtube after the fact. I watch the puppy bowl, not football.

  18. Hahaha! I love the “crunches” you were able to get in during the game! As I think you know, I’m a huge football fan and I absolutely loved watching the game. However, the commercials were way too sad (yes, they are supposed to be funny!!!) and I have mixed feelings about the halftime show. Although I have to say, I LOVE Missy E! Of course, I’m almost 40 so that explains it… 🙂

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