Blizzard Thoughts

As most people know, the North East got a blizzard this week.

In South Jersey, It cancelled everything.

It closed schools!  It closed businesses (like gyms!)!

It gave me plenty of time to relax and clean my house while I’m “snowed” in.  At least that was my excuse.   While it was a serious storm for many people, we didn’t receive much snow down in South Jersey.

The winter storm, Juno hit the east coast earlier in the week. I honestly didn’t realize there was a big storm coming until Sunday night. Then we got multiple news alerts, media updates and text messages to stay safe.

Due to the mass amount of media updates, many people panicked and bought out super markets from their produce, milk and eggs.

I had the fortunate event of working on Monday before Juno “hit”. I knew the storm was a big deal when it took me 8 minutes (due to lack of traffic) versus 15 to get work. It snowed off and on but nothing stuck. In fact it was safe enough I went for a 90 minute run before work with no issues.

After work I got home and went to bed. I snapped this photo for good measure.

The evening before the storm
The evening before the storm

No snow stuck.

I went to bed and woke up with about 2-3 inches of snow. It led to so much thinking.

The morning after with about 3 inches of snow (already plowed)
The morning after with about 3 inches of snow (already plowed)

How did the media create this to be a super storm?
I do realize areas such as the shore and Long Island received a lot of snow.  The Southern Jersey and the Philadelphia region did not. I was thankful for less snow because last week’s snow brought quite a few car pile ups and deaths.

Thought: People are complaining about the “lack of snow”.  While it stinks to not get as much snow, think about the lives that are saved because we didn’t.  Inevitably there would have been more car pile ups because people weren’t safe. 

What should I do on my snow day?

I cleaned my house.

Thought: My house was in desperate need of cleaning. It was nice to actually do that. 

While this snow day didn’t live up to the media’s expectation, it was nice to relax.

Questions for you:

Did you get a lot of snow?

What do you do during snow days? 


24 thoughts on “Blizzard Thoughts”

  1. We got a ton (as you know) so naturally I blogged all about it:-) I also didn’t know we were getting this “blizzard” until Sunday. I hate it when people complain so much about NOT getting the storm that was predicted. It would be much worse if the opposite happened, right?

    1. I agree. I’m glad people were prepared and it would have been a nightmare if we were underprepared! I can’t believe the difference of our snow falls!

  2. Last year we got ice, we don’t get snow here, and the ice shut everything down because it shut the bridges down and you can’t go anywhere in Charleston without going over a bridge or two because of so much water/rivers around here. So, schools were out and lots of people didn’t work depending on where they lived in relation to their jobs (Clay could not go into work, but some of his coworkers went, most businesses were open if staff could come in).

    The media definitely makes a big deal out of storms but it is better than shrugging it off and the storm being really bad and people just aren’t prepared. If we had a snow day (ha) I would probably clean! Maybe that’s the kick in the pants I need to clean more!

  3. We haven’t seen snow in close to a month, which is crazy for us up here in Alberta. Usually it’s around -25 and blizzardy in January, but it’s been above freezing and clear for close to 3 weeks now. SO strange. And are people really complaining about a lack of snow? I mean… I guess I can see false alarms being annoying, but I”m pretty sure the alternative is worse…

    1. I understand that! When I went to college in the most northern part of NYS, we went through periods where it was just to cold.

  4. I live about 50 miles from Buffalo, and I can’t tell you how many times this winter the local media has hyped up a “storm” that amounted to a couple of inches. Of course, after what happened in November with parts of our area getting upwards of 7 feet (!!!) they’re a little trigger happy to close the Thruway and take extra precautions. Can’t blame them, I suppose.

    1. Where do you live at? That’s awesome. I went to college at SUNY Potsdam and then worked in Oswego so I understand your cold/now pain!

      1. I’m in Pike – it’s a blip on the map, but I’m an hour from Rochester, an hour from Buffalo, and Letchworth State Park is my backyard!

  5. I can’t wrap my head around the 2.5 feet that some parts of boston got… that happened here in WI a few winters back. i only want snow cause this “winter’ has ben more like a spring and i want to go skiing!!

  6. It wasn’t really media that “created this to be a superstorm,” the travel bans, closures, etc were all put in place by government entities, who consult with meteorologists, including our own National Weather Service. Weather prediction is far from an exact science, with several dynamic factors interacting with each other in a non-deterministic manner. Had the storm converged just 100 miles southwest of where it did – which was well within the uncertainty bands for the prediction of a storm system spanning 500 some miles – you would have been under 2 feet of heavy, wet, snow. There’s no way to know exactly where the storm will hit until maybe an hour beforehand. So it wasn’t media hype, simply a storm behaving within the expected range of deviation from the mean prediction.

  7. We haven’t even had snow this year. Haha. Well.. I thought it was a lot worse, just from what I’ve heard in the media. But yea, in the west coast we ate experiencing unusually high weather for this time of year. . Odd huh

  8. Ahh, the great French toast grocery store clean out. Lol My parents switched their cars around in case my mom couldn’t go to work… My dad came home the next day and said, “Did it even snow”?! Lolz. But like you said, snow days are always a good way to relax. Mostly, I bake… But I do that a lot so I cannot really say it’s due to snow. Ha!

  9. We got a ton of snow! I’m in a suburb of Boston. I was pretty much in heaven as we had a snow day from work! Very rare. I woke up, did 3.2 miles on my treadmill, had breakfast, watched t.v., read your blog and others :), did 3.3 miles on my treadmill, had lunch, watched t.v. , then 3.5 miles on the treadmill, dinner, t.v., reading, bed. 10 miles on the treadmill! It was so fun because I read some cookbooks 🙂

    Kind of got me thinking how someone could easily become a homebound recluse… I’m sure it MIGHT get old but man it was nice. It would have been terrible without power but thankfully that stayed on.

  10. I’m glad that it ended up a lot less serious (for some areas) than it was supposed to be. Better safe than sorry! We got a dusting, which was pretty, but I want more! I’m usually a bum on snow days, lay on the couch, watch movies….MAYBE do a little cleaning…

  11. I always think it’s so bizarre when people complain about getting less snow than was predicted/forecast…you haven’t been short changed, people! Less snow is always a good thing.

    It’s great to be prepared, and I would rather the forecast erred on the side of conditions being more dangerous and then we’re pleasantly surprised than it being overly optimistic and then the whole region is thrown into a state of panic.

    We do get a lot of snow, but recent winters have been all about the ice. On ice/snow days I generate a lot of excess heat through anger and complaining…if only it was enough to melt the darn stuff 😛

  12. We didn’t get A TON of snow, but we did get enough for subways, schools, business, etc. to close. And there was a huge line outside TJ’s because so many people were trying to stock up on food and supplies. But it’s better to be over prepared than under prepared.

  13. I hear ya! People were completely happy to hate on meteorologists for being wrong than thanking God for sparing people hardship and safety. We got a couple inches here, enough to ski to work and to enjoy the white wonderland but not so much that everything was closed. Even in the lack of snow, a local college professor was in an accident and lost his life. I am thankful there wasn’t more snow and roads were safe.

  14. It was SUCH a weird experience to get all of the hype and none of the snow! I hear you about being grateful for inevitably fewer accidents (even though I was hoping for a lot of snow in order to to trapped inside with no excuse not to edit my book, I was obviously hoping everyone would stay safe in the snow as well). I like to write, eat, and listening to U2 during snow storms. I still did all three during this “faux storm,” but it just wasn’t the same.

  15. In spite of what most people might think, the Denver metro area does not get a lot of snow. We do get our share of snow days – some can be severe – but the bulk of the snow that falls here falls up in the mountains. If it snows on a weekday, I go to work. If it snows on the weekend, I run! 🙂

      1. It’s a bit schizophrenic. In November, we had a week of sub-zero temps and significant snow. Last week, it was in the 70’s. Next week could be a blizzard. You just never know!

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