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This week has been random.  I’ve been working on my wedding, running and just working.  Honestly, it’s exactly the routine I needed.

In no particular here are some (thoughtful?) random life updates.

Random wedding: I’ve continued wedding planning.  I know I’m beating the dead horse here but seriously when one thing ends, a new one begins.  Being a bride isn’t stressful, it’s just another portion on my life plate.   I have decided weddings are one big party and that is my take on it.

Random Running: This week I’ve had some tightness in my plantar fascia.  I’ve upped my mileage so it isn’t surprising. I got my deep tissue massage yesterday and am planning to rest today.  I don’t need to risk injury now.  My “go to” running problem (no matter how much I stretch) is tight calves which ultimately leads to tight a plantar fascia.  I’ve learned when things are only going to get worse and it’s time to rest.  I don’t foresee it being a problem since I caught it early.

I searched plantar fasciitis on my blog and this is the photo I found.  Random and it will do...
I searched plantar fasciitis on my blog and this is the photo I found. Random and it will do…

Random Creeping: I was staring out of my window a few days ago and holy view (via Instagram).  I could not believe how beautiful it was on the lake.

morning sunrise view

Random Life: The winner of the internet this week is Danielle.  She was able to find extremely inexpensive plane tickets to Rochester next weekend.  I was planning to drive but I’ll always choose plane ride adventures versus driving.  I’m still getting used to living so close to so many big airports (Philadelphia, Newark, JFK and even Baltimore).


Not even ashamed
Not even ashamed

Random Life Part 2: I’ve been craving ice cream more lately.  I don’t understand because it’s been so cold.

I seriously think I like whip cream more then ice cream.  Whatever...it counts.
I think I like whip cream more then ice cream. Whatever…it counts.

I think that is all I have for now.

Questions for you:

Do you have a problem area for running?

For me I know it’s time to back off when my plantar fascia gets sore.

Random Question for you: What TV shows are you enjoying?  I need something new to DVR.

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  1. Hey – it’s been ages since I commented so I thought I’d show my face so you know I still read every post!

    My current TV show’s that I’m netflixing/catching online (actually obsessed) are (in no particular order):
    – Pretty Little Liars
    – Once Upon a Time
    – The Good Wife
    – Suits
    – The Vampire Diaries

    I am so unoriginal! I feel like these are such coommon TV shows!

    I’m hoping to hit the trails soon, I havent run since my half on Sunday and my body is starting to feel normal again. Marathon training is beginning (oh dear!)

    1. I was just thinking of you and wondering how you were feeling post race! I hope you have a good trail run and it’s always great to hear from you Charley 🙂

  2. Holy cow that is a beautiful picture, it could be a puzzle.

    Hope your foot doesn’t act up anymore! You’ve dealt with enough injuries recently. My problem area is my knee, I’m finally starting training for my next half and I swear any little ache makes me solo nervous, so far so good though 🙂

  3. My first thought in swing that picture of the PF is dang that person has nice feet. Runner problems, I guess. Slash I just have a tendency to pick at my toenails when I’m bored. there’s your overshare for the day. MyPF also tends to get tight, but I also have issues with glute activation, so the whole system gets pulled tight and I’ve deaalt with problems literally from one foot up the peronral tendon to the hamstring to the. SI joint to the other hamstring to that calf to that PF. I’m am the poster child for the kinetic system.

  4. I watch a lot of tv. I woukd blame treadmill running, but the real truth is that I love reality tv. Anyway, i have to dig deep sometimes to find something to watch for five hours on the ‘mill and love Game of Thrones. Also fun is TLC’s My Fat Fabulous Life and and Project Runway All-Stars!

  5. Your ice cream love makes me think of my current smoothie addiction. I feel like as soon as the weather turned cold, I switched from eating hot breakfasts to cold ones. Makes perfect sense 😆 And I love how the random foot person’s nail polish matches her pants. Hope -your- foot feels better soon! Calves are always a problem area for me as well.

      1. I just painted over it i think that may be “ghetto” but im living on the edge!! Ill have to try that and see if it helps. Maybe instead of a half size ill go up a whole size bigger.

  6. Same here. It will be a cold day in helll before I will ever grace the internet with a picture of my feet. I envy you. Anyway, “random” is good. “Random” is normal life. Sore PF is not…so glad you caught it! My problem area of late? Two things – achilles have both been a little tight and one is sore, at times. More cooldown stretching is the ticket. My other problem area is my watch. I think it is moving too fast because I never seem to have enough damn time to get all the things done I need and want to do. Nothing new this time of year for me. Still annoying because it affects my running.

  7. “Life plate” 👏👏👏

    I usually get giant knots on the top outside of my calves and tendinitis on the tendon across my first metatarsal flares up when my mileage bumps up.

    I’m glad you love NJ…I’ll tell my mom she’s not the only one. #jerseygirls

  8. We love loads of different TV in our house, like Game of Thrones, True Blood, Grey’s Anatomy, Downton Abbey…just loads. But I love (the husband does not sadly, well he *says* he doesn’t but I reckon he secretly does love) trashy reality TV like Keeping up with the Kardashians.
    I always seem to have ITB issues but I just know I need to up my strength training and foam rolling to resolve it.

  9. The Good Wife is an amazing show! Also I started watch Veronica Mars on amazon live…it’s awesome! I know I”m a little late to that party…ha. speaking of party- your wedding should be just that! 🙂

  10. I never understood the allure of Big Bang Theory and then I started watching it – I can’t get enough now. I’ve marathon watched up to season 4 so far…:)

  11. Love the picture!

    I had PF issues about 3-4 years ago but they went away. My problem area now for running is up here … motivation – when it’s chilly & windy & icy out on the streets.

    Shows: “Empire” is pretty good so far; I also like “Agent Carter”, “Gotham”; no reality shows except “Animal Cops”.

  12. Lately, I can’t get enough ice cream either. I don’t know why since it is so freezing outside? Weird. Anyway, for tv, I’m loving the Blacklist, Nashville, and Downton Abbey. Hope that some rest works wonders for you!

  13. Ice cream is something I love in all weather. I killed half a pint of coconut milk ice cream the other night watching Netflix, haha. That sunset photo is stunning! I’m glad you’re trying to keep the wedding planning stress-free, I agree-it’s just one big (expensive!) party.

  14. My problem area is also tight calves leading to a tight plantar fascia. And if I let it go too long, that leads to tight hips. I hope your feet will stop feeling sore soon!

  15. I really hope your foot behaves itself for you!

    My problem areas are always my hips and my hamstrings. I’m sure the former informs the latter, but all of my stress fractures were pelvic and since my hips are permanently out of alignment due to my scoliosis it’s no mystery as to why they cause so many problems.

    I would recommend American Horror Story. I know the latest season has had a mixed reception, but I have absolutely loved it and I think it would be fantastic to binge-watch (not that I did that with all of the preceding three seasons once I discovered it…)

  16. I will always choose flying over driving anywhere. Always. Too bad I haven’t been able to find any really good deals on flights lately or I’d be in Florida by now. We all know my calves are my problem area with running but massages and a rest day usually leave me feeling great the next day. Hopefully your plantar fascia starts feeling better by tomorrow!

  17. Right now I’m really into “a girlfriends guide to divorce” and The Batchelor.

    Oh and I always have issues with my groin. Aughh. I hate it. Almost a week of no running

  18. YES – my IT band is very naughty and a lot of it stems from a weak glute on my left side. My kids have also been craving ice cream like crazy. After dinner I’ve been letting them made sundaes 🙂

  19. My calves are usually act up first too. I’ve been much better recently about foam rolling (after *every* run and bike workout no matter what) and getting massages. In order to keep doing what we love long-term, we need to be smart and take care of ourselves now. And in TV show news, I am currently binging on “The Office.” Yet again. 🙂

  20. I don’t watch a ton of TV but we like Master Chef Junior, the cooking show with the little kids. Except I really just want to adopt the children because they all know how to cook and it makes me feel kinda bad. I mean I make an awesome bowl of cereal but beyond that…

    I’m glad things are going well with wedding planning and life. Hope your PF issue gets better soon, I had some hip weirdness before my half and am hoping that taking it really easy this week will nip that in the bud for good so I can get to training for some March/April races. Not an injury, but a “niggle” and better to be proactive than get hurt.

  21. TV Shows: Pretty Little Liars, Shark Tank is always good, and there is this new show on MTV about a serial killer which is pretty good, too!

    You’re making me love New Jersey through glimpses of your life lol.

  22. I’ve been craving ice cream too, which is something that only happens during subzero winters. Weird! I just got into the HBO series “Togetherness” last night – it’s so good only two episodes in!

  23. Inexpensive plane tickets are always great! I think I would take more trips if I new how to score good deals on hotels and stuff.
    The top of my foot sometimes hurts when I don’t get new shoes in a good amount of time.
    The BEST SHOW on Netflix is Scandal…or The Blacklist…or The 100. All are amazing and I am addicted. An old standby is The Office or Parks and Rec if you need a quick laugh and pick-me-up 🙂

  24. Oh plantar fasciitis! HATE it! I had my first ever experience with it about a month ago and was baffled because it’s never been an issue for me. I think it was a combo of upping my miles and take my orthotic inserts out of my running shoes.

    I ended up buying this sleeve http://www.dickssportinggoods.com/product/index.jsp?productId=20628406&camp=CSE:GooglePLA:20628406:15650486:GENERAL%20ACCESSORIES&CAGPSPN=pla&CAWELAID=120138600001016457&catargetid=120138600001586766&cadevice=c and I think it helped a bit. I also took some extra rest days, and put my inserts back in my shoes and was back to normal in no time! I hope yours heals up fast!

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