Wedding Updates

My wedding is less than 100 days away. 

wedding engagement


To say I am nervous is an understatement.

To say I’m excited is also an understatement.

Tim and I are both extremely happy together and we are both excited.  I love Tim, his family and the family I am going to be welcomed into. I know my family is also very excited to welcome Tim into our family.

When I went home at the end of 2014, I ended up getting a lot more wedding related items crossed off.  Since about half of my readers are personal friends and family (hello family who never comments but I know you are there!) I thought I would continue the wedding updates.

The biggest update is…we are still getting married! 


What exactly did I do in Virginia wedding wise?

  1. I had my first wedding dress fitting. I still like my dress (good because that would be bad news if I didn’t).  My alterations are only going to cost 160 dollars (best wedding deal of the day).  I bought shoes so now all that is left is jewelry.  I want bdazalled blinged out bling and hoop earings…or something.
  2. I ordered invites. I hate wedding invitations.  They are pieces of paper to address and mail but they are done. They will be in the mail within the month.  
  3. Tim and I booked a honeymoon. We are really excited for it.
  4. I touched base with a good portion of wedding vendors, etc. I need to make sure they are still on board with the wedding you know. 

The most common questions are: Are you stressed? Are you a bridezilla? Are you tired of wedding planning? 

The answer is no.  Like I said, I’ve gone to the first vendor recommended for each category. They’ve all done a great job.  I think planning a wedding is as stressful as you make it.  I’ve gone to the first wedding vendor and said the following: I have no idea what I want but you are an expert.  Each time they come back with really great ideas.

The wedding vendors are professionals, they have done this before.

I have not done this before.  It makes sense for me to utilize their wealth of information and knowledge about the industry.  Plus, I’m not trying to be stressed about our wedding.  It’s one big party.  I know if we were married within a few months it would be more stressful.   That is the reason we chose a year…so we can truly enjoy the process.

What is left to do:

I’m heading down to Virginia Beach the weekend of Shamrock.  Not for the race itself (except it works out that way) but to do final touches with all the vendors.  It’s hard to believe the last 9 months have flown by.  There are now less than 3 months until our wedding.

Cliff notes of wedding updates:

We are still getting married.

I touched base with a lot of the vendors and have started planning a lot more out.

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Questions for you:

What was the most stressful portion of wedding planning for you?  What was the least stressful?

What is your favorite type of wedding flower?