Week 6: Recovery (37 miles)

The week before last was meant to be a cut back week.  At the end of the week I added up miles and the total was 62 (Week 5 review).  That wasn’t the intent so during week 6, I stuck true to having a cut back week.  I had hoped for a 40 mile week but hadn’t given it much thought.  While I felt great during week five and week 6, I know it’s better to be proactive with recovery.

In running, it is easy to “get away with things” when you are uninjured and healthy.  When you get injured you look back and say…that was a dumb mistake.  Hind sight is always clearer.  I decided to get serious and cut back.

I trust you to google articles about why cutting your mileage and taking extra rest is good.  The google articles will be better written and more knowledgeable.

Here is one I like from Runners World. 

Personally I know if I don’t cut back miles for some weeks, I will be injured.  Since I would prefer to stay injury free, I cut mileage this week.

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 5.3 miles snowy and easy
Wednesday: AMT cross training (1 hour)
Thursday: 10.6 miles treadmill 8:57 pace
Friday: Rest
Saturday 7.2 miles easy
Sunday: Wilmington 10 mile race (plus 2 miles warmup/cooldown)
Total:  37 miles

I had a solid week.  This week allowed me to recoup and to recover.  I wasn’t breaking any personal mileage records but these are necessary parts of training (a lesson I’ve often overlooked).

On a side note since I had more free time this week, I finally updated my racing schedule.  My main goal is to get through all of these races injury free.  As I get closer, I’ll make more adjustments.

Overall thoughts:

With the exception of my race on Thursday, my runs were easy so I could recover.  I didn’t stress that I only ran a few miles.  I wanted to keep a midweek longer run in there (instead of 12-14, I did 10).  Other then that everything felt good.

Random thoughts:

I slipped and fell on my butt on Tuesday’s run.  Luckily, I didn’t break anything.  I also dropped a drawer on my (recovered stress fracture) foot so that was a double knock out.

Wednesday I cross trained because I do believe that keeps me healthy.

On Thursday, it was too cold for me to want to go outside…so I didn’t.  I posted few weeks ago that it didn’t matter where you ran as long as you were staying active.  I still believe that.  I’ll run wherever doesn’t feel bad.

I did a10 miler in Delaware to see where I was with endurance.  The course itself was hilly and challenging.

Update: I ran the race in a 6:42 average pace and was 2nd female overall. I negative split the entire race and have no complaints. I had a great race.

Other than that, not too much else going on this week.  I rested and recovered and now I feel ready to conquer the world…or at least return to high mileage weeks.  As of now I’m taking two weeks off from racing and just focusing on building up more endurance.  If I can find a race 1/18 or 1/24 I will do it but I’m not stressing.

Question for you: How often do you take rest and recovery weeks?