Hollie Jolly Christmas

I always find it interesting to see how others celebrate their Christmas holidays.

For some it means gathering family and extended family.

For others it means a small get together at home.

Some families open gifts together, some families open gifts as they wake up. 

My family is small and close.  I always enjoy coming home to see them (Holiday related or not).

Last year Tim and I spent Christmas with his family.  I love Tim’s family as much as my own.  We were supposed to drive to see them again this but plans change. Hopefully next year we will be able see them for the holidays again!  It’s crazy (overwhelming and also crazy) that plans can change so soon!

I didn’t make an effort to take a bunch of family selfies, photos of my family or scan the internet to get the best Holiday dessert ideas.  Maybe this is why I win the worst blogger of 2014…oh well next year I can win best blogger.  There is a New Year’s Resolution for everyone.  Anyways, we had a cute Christmas tree at my parents house and celebrated as a family.

Here are some photos of my family that were not taken on Christmas:

My family is adorable.  I'm a weirdo.

My brothers high school graduation

Here is from last year

My extended family at a 2 mile open water swim

Very cold family photo.

Lake Placid.  It was -22 degrees when that photo was taken


My Christmas was pretty quiet.  We did our traditional Christmas of opening gifts and having an early Christmas dinner (around 3pm).  Then we just relaxed and sat in a food coma the rest of the day.  It was honestly the relaxing and rest I needed.

Christmas tree

The craziest part of my Christmas was I didn’t drink any coffee! 

The next day, mom and I went and got some nice clearance items.  I ended up finding a blazer at New York and Company as well as a couple pairs of pants. I always love a good sale.  I’ve always found a few good updates to my wardrobe post Holiday season (mostly because everything is on sale). Boxing day was no exception.

Blazer in action getting froyo

Blazer in action getting froyo

My Christmas was very laid back (exactly what I needed and liked).  I have no complaints and I’m truly glad to have enjoyed the company with family.  Of course I missed my significant other I had a really good Christmas with my family and friends.

Questions for you:

How did you celebrate the Holidays?

Have you found any good deals post-Holiday season?  


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  1. We stopped traveling years ago for Christmas because we felt our boys should wake up on Christmas morning in their own beds and home. With that said we began having Christmas Eve in our home. Our families live 4, 8 & 13 hours away. Christmas Day we just spend it together and open our gifts, relax, eat and watch Christmas movies. I really like the quiet time.

    However my wife and I are rethinking Christmas. We are thinking the money we spend on gifts such as video games, gift cards to throw money away on video games amongst things people do not want would serve us better as a family if we used it for say a trip, experience, etc. So we have some thinking to do.

    As for the after Christmas shopping we do not really do any of that. We did this year travel to my families (4 Hours) on the 27th for two days. Glad to be home!

      • Thank you Hollie… I actually took more photos but they are on slide film. Have to send them out to be processed. We really enjoy the time to ourselves. Someone here mentioned they were jealous at others having big get togethers. I completely get that. But at the end of the day I’m glad it is just us. Cheers!

  2. I didn’t have any coffee on Christmas this year either. Instead, I had hot buttered rum with extra nutmeg. Heck, yeah!

    My wife and step-daughter are not early risers like me so I usually get a few hours on Christmas morning to putter around the kitchen or turn on a Christmas movie. This year was no different…baked two pies and watched “Elf.” 🙂

    We open presents together in the morning and then usually just hang out together and talk. It’s nice. That’s how it went this year, too, and then later I went for a run before the snow started. We ended the day by driving around to see nearby Christmas light displays, which were made even better by a blanket of badly needed snow.

  3. My Christmases are usually pretty quiet and laid back as well. It’s only me and my parents since all of my family lives back in Poland, so things never get too crazy with just the three of us. Sometimes I get a little bit jealous when I see people having huge family get togethers, but at the end of the day, I think I really do prefer quieter holidays.

    Oh, and I barely took any family pictures either, so you and I are tied for worst blogger of the year 😛

  4. It looks like you had a really great Christmas. I’m glad you got to spend it with your family because you guys seem really close-knit. We spent it with Clay’s family (we do celebrate with my family but it’s a few weeks before because I have a big extended family, so we all celebrate early so that everyone can spend the actual Christmas Day with their immediate family). We actually opened all our presents on Christmas Eve this year and went to an oyster roast, and on Christmas Day we just hung around in our pajamas, then grilled steaks, salmon, and veggies, and enjoyed the day.

    I haven’t really been shopping lately because I had to buy a new washer, and the bills are due this week, so I’m kinda broke, but we did buy a new Christmas tree. That will probably be the extent of my after Christmas shopping (and shopping in general until I get paid next week).

  5. We travel for Christmas every year and I really do not like it at all. I’d love to just stay at home in a food coma and not deal with airports and baggage and nonsense. Don’t worry, I didn’t take any photos either, so you’re definitely not the worst blogger!

  6. Your family is so cute! Unfortunately us both having family far away we are lucky to see some of them. I could only get 3 days off work and a lot of our time was spent driving BUT i am glad to have seen most of them for at least a little bit! My family is THE WORST at photos. we are barely ever all in the same place at the same time. I swear the best we have gotten in years have been at our wedding because we were all actually there LOL.

  7. I love a quiet holiday. I always need a break afterward if its loud and crazy. I don’t have a loud family but my in-laws can get a bit loud (loud for me, maybe?), but love them regardless! I did no after Christmas shopping other than buying half price wrapping paper since I ran out this year. Not very exciting! Glad you had a great Christmas!

  8. Family time is the best time–seriously. Not that I didn’t value it before (like during college), but now that I’m an adult (ahhh!), it’s even more special to spend time with everyone. That’s basically all I did while I was home–hung out with the fam. And it was awesome.

  9. I celebrated the holidays with my family (not fighting!!!) watching Frozen, eating spaghetti and relaxing. That evening I went to the movies with my friend to see Wild. After that, I was pooped so I ate more spaghetti and went to bed. The best holiday deal I got was free “Beyond Meat”, a new vegan meat alternative. The website was giving away free coupons. Score!

  10. I kinda forgot about all the post-holiday sales. It’s been nice. I bought a pair of shoes for NYE that ended up being 72% off at Payless.

  11. Merry Christmas!

    You’re family sounds a lot like mine, really small, and (relatively) low key.

    That’s so awesome that you are that close with Tim’s family! I want to spend as much time as humanly possible with my family, my dream would be to meet a guy whose family he an I feel the same about!

    I also love how you keep your British influence with Boxing Day haha! My parents always use to use it as an excuse to hang out with their closest friends haha.

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