Holiday Training Week 4

This week for training has been strange for me (and probably everyone who was traveling for the holidays).  I can break up my training into two periods this week:

Before Christmas mayhem

After Christmas relaxation

Monday: 5 miles recovery (Sunday was 17 mile LR)
Tuesday: 10.15 miles (stomach ache time crunch)
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Christmas Long Run (15 miles)
Friday: 10 miles easy with brother
Saturday: 10 miles easy
Sunday 10 miles easy:
Total: 61 miles


Before Christmas Mahem:

Last Monday feels like forever ago.  On monday I woke up extremely early.  I didn’t sleep well (I never do after my long runs).  I went for a 5 mile run.  My legs didn’t feel terrible, post run.

On Tuesday, I finally got caught up on sleep but I slept in much later than normal.  I woke up and had to directly go for my run.  I think the combination of shock and WTF just happened made my stomach feel a bit off.  I kept getting the weirdest cramps during my run.  They weren’t painful but I hadn’t experienced that before.  Wednesday I took off because I needed a day off and that fit well.  I drove back to VA on Wednesday evening.

After Christmas Relaxation:

On Christmas I ran my weekly long run.  I’m doing two races next week: Beat the Ball 5k (begins at 11:35 New Years Eve) and Hair of the Dog 5k (New Years Day).  I’ve done this race combination a few times and enjoyed it so I decided to again this year. I didn’t want to do a long run on Sunday (too close to the races) so I chose to run 15 on Christmas (partially with my brother and dad).  I didn’t want to do my longest long run post injury either this week (so I could hopefully recover for the races).

Friday, Saturday and Sunday all felt pretty good.  I have no real complaints or digs at those miles week.  They were all very easy base building miles with no goal in my mind.  I want to continue to build my endurance.

Thoughts of the week:

In my opinion, I had a pretty solid week. I cracked 60 miles and stayed healthy.  I don’t have any complaints (especially due to the more risky finish to my week), the week was just a blur.

Next week: I am doing two races:

12/31 Beat the Ball 11:35 PM (Your goal for the race is to run under a 25 minute 5k.  That being said, it’s not serious at all and everyone is there to support each other)

1/1 Hair of the Dog 5k

In terms of mileage, I’m going to cut down a bit.  I will be taking at least 2 days off and possibly another cross training day.

My goals for the races (honestly) are to be faster than my 5k a couple of weeks ago.  If I can do that I’ll be happy.  Finishing injury free (as well as staying awake that long are also big goals of mine.  My body is feeling a lot better than a few weeks ago so I’m hoping I will feel good.  I’m running comfortably so we will see!  I haven’t done any speed in over 2 weeks so it will be interesting to see where I’m at.

Question for you: How was your week of training?