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The day after Christmas is always a weird day (in my opinion).  It’s like post Christmas blues day.  At least today is Friday though.  Speaking of the 26th, in Europe it’s referred to as Boxing Day. A little known fact of LOLZ is that I grew up in England.  Since it was far before I blogged, it doesn’t get mentioned too much. ;).  We would always refer to the 26th as Boxing day.  It seems like it is slowly making it’s way over to the US.  It was normally a holiday for my parents and a day we “boxed up” gifts.  HA.

Here is some information about Boxing Day.

boxing day

I’m relaxing with my family in VA the next few days (as well as trying to get some wedding stuff done).  It’s a much needed homecation (is that even a thing?).  I don’t remember the last time I’ve been to visit for this much time but really happy to be able too.

I’ve been doing a lot more reading and relaxing (both blogs and articles) lately, so I have a lot more to share this week.


Saving money when you live alone

Living with an ED (Part 9)  (I always appreciate how open and honest Danielle is.  Her whole series is a great read and I would 100% recommend it to anyone (suffering from an eating disorder or not)

10 Ways to Stay Warmer Without Killing Your Heat Bill  (I’m always ten jacket layers in front of people)



The 0.0 Run in Philadelphia (Seriously, who wants to do this with me.  To me it just sounds like a 20 dollar bar cover charge.  A lot of runners are getting so raged about this..I just think it’s funny).

How exercise changes our DNA

Sneak Peak at Shoes coming out Spring/Summer 2015  (New Dream shoes coming out!)

Why Running Hurts Every Part of Your Body

28 Facts about Cross Country (ha!  This is so true and hilarious)


Butter in your coffee?  I’m curious to see what other people think about this.  Honestly, I would rather just eat my calories versus loading up with a 200 calorie buttered coffee drink.

19 Signs You are a Coffee Addict 

Science urges people to stop drinking low fat milk


Bill Nye Explains Evolution with Emojis  (If only he was a little more accurate.  Thanks to Victoria for clearing that up…Oh well at least he used every emoji).

Cats on Christmas

From LOLZ:

Signing a Wedding Dress Waiver

(Personal) Looking Back at 2014 Resolutions 

That is all I have this week.  I’m going to relax and enjoy some more friends and family time.  This down time has been glorious for my soul.

Questions for you: 

How was your Christmas?  

What are you up too this weekend? 


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  1. Re: Boxing Day. Our big winter sale starts today. Buy one, get one 50 percent off too, so kinda like that image. Anyway, I’m relaxing at home for the next few days too. “Homecations” (er staycations) are awesome–quality family time, opportunities to catch up on sleep, you name it. Hope you and the fam had a great Christmas!

  2. Happy Boxing Day, Hollie!

    I tried the butter in my coffee thing. I used unsalted butter, so I figured it would be like cream, but my coffee mostly looked like the BP oil spill, not the frothy, tasty looking coffee that I’ve seen pictured. I do love that Kerrygold butter though, for anything that needs butter (not coffee). I’m not sure if it improved my athletic performance or not because I didn’t run or work out immediately afterwards, I’m kinda scared of what would happen with my tummy combining the fat from the butter with the caffeine from coffee…

  3. Feeling very out of shape after a 12 mile run I think I need to read why running hurts every part of your body, if only for validation! I think with the butter coffee thing you need to blend it properly to make it work and I’ve never been able to do that. I do like full fat coconut milk in coffee though.

  4. Between butter in your coffee and not drinking low fat milk…. I know not where to go….I have 18 miles planned fro tomorrow in the rain and wind. It is going to a party and a half, lemme tell you! Hope that you continue to have a great holiday weekend!

  5. Three cheers for Boxing Day 😀 It always used to be the day everyone went crazy in the sales over here in England, but now Black Friday seems to have invaded these shores, I’m not sure how people have the energy left to go out and fight over material goods yet again…

    I literally just went and read every single one of T-Rex Runner’s ED posts and I found them absolutely compelling, so thank you so much for linking to those. I really hope you enjoy the rest of the holidays and make the most of your ‘homecation’ 🙂

  6. Boxing Day for me is PJ’s, movies and ‘boxes’ of chocolates!
    My friend does the butter thing..yuk.. I’d rather have the food too!!
    Hope you had a great day xo

  7. The butter in the coffee thing is a HUGE crossfit/paleo thing. I have tried it and I am not a fan. I’ll take my sugar free French vanilla any day!!!

  8. The day after Christmas always is kind of sad. I think it’s cause the world rips out of the holiday spirit so fast it’s kind of a shock.

  9. wooo thanks for including my post! 🙂 I had no idea you grew up in England?! SO COOL! also that butter coffee confuses the heck out of me too… I just can’t even imagine putting those two items together?!

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