Who Cares Where You Run?

This week of weather has been miserable (at least on the East Coast).  Pouring rain isn’t a bad thing but it’s been freezing rain (between 30-40 degrees as well as windy. It has made for has made for some disgusting rainy outdoor runs.  It happens and you cannot control the weather.  You’ll never be able to control the weather.  You cannot control the weather on race day and you cannot control the weather on any other day whether you are a runner or not….

treadmill versus outdoor running

The weather actually gets me into thinking out loud about justifying yourself and your life.  Before social media, we had no one to report back too.  If we wanted to run on the treadmill…fine…if we wanted to run outside…fine.  There wasn’t a “which one is better” or “you aren’t a real runner if you run inside” type of mentality.  We didn’t go for a run and immediately upload it to whatever social media website preference.  I am as guilty as anyone for doing this.

Now with social media, it seems easier and easier to fall into the comparison trap.  You can compare running where, why, how, when, how much…the list is endless.

It’s easy to tell someone to get outside. It’s easy to tell someone that there is never an excuse to run inside.  It’s easy to critique someone else…but you know what?

Who the eff cares?

Who cares if you run inside or outside?  At least you are getting out there doing your thing. I personally hate running outside in pouring, freezing rain.  It’s miserable, I look a mess and honestly it’s just not fun.  Sometimes I would rather zone out on the treadmill and  catch on TV inside.  I don’t ever plan to justify my decision of where I run…O do what makes me happy.

To those who think the only running is outside…that is false.

To those who think the only race out there is the marathon…also false.

To those who think there is no reason to ever run inside…

LOLZ, sorry running in 35 degree rain is not fun. 

Running in hail is not fun.

Running in 120 degree weather is not fun.

Or what if you are short on time and want to catch up on your favorite TV show and fit a run in?  I think that’s better than sitting on your couch catching up TV? 

Some people are not comfortable running outside and it’s important (for others) to realize that people do what they are comfortable.  The majority of us are never going to be elite athletes and we don’t need to have a rigid plan.  Even elites athletes use all sorts of methods.  Some elites love the treadmill, high mileage or low mileage.  We do what makes us happy and what is best for our personal needs.

Life is to short to do something that makes you miserable.  Running outside in the rain is miserable and I feel no need to justify that to anyone.  

I guess I’m thinking out loud about the ways social media has affected our running.  Before social media, we ran hoe we felt like it.  If we felt like running outside, we did.  If we felt like running inside, we did.  If we felt like training for a 5k, we did…a marathon…we did.

Social media will always cause us to compare us to each other.  It’s something that is very hard to avoid in our modern day world.  I guess my point is that not to put others down because where and how they choose to run.

We are all one large community of runners and human beings.  There is no need to tear anyone down because they do not agree with you or how you train. 

Questions for you:

Where is your favorite place to run?

What are you thinking about today?


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46 thoughts on “Who Cares Where You Run?”

  1. I don’t get the holier than thou attitude either with many runners and social media is obnoxious. Apparently everyone is the next professional athelete. 😉 This is why I barely follow anyone anymore. PS-I’ll run on the treadmill with you, lol.

  2. TRUTH AND LOLZ!!!! Awesome and totally agree!

    Running outside is what *I* chose to do … for *ME*. But I am an idiot … anyone who says that being out in -20 makes you ‘more of a runner’ is a moron with issues. It gets dangerous out there FAST in the winter! And isn’t the whole point supposed to be about *running*? NOT about trying not to slip and break your neck or avoiding cars and snowplows or whatever?

    Though I will say that the workout from running through several inches is definitely different than just pounding the pavement … not saying that is what I did this morning or anything 😉

  3. I really couldn’t care less where anyone else runs. I have my own running rules (freezing rain means the treadmill!) and yesterday I actually had a great run with a friend on the ‘mill! That run would have never happened outside so, sometimes running inside can surprise you 🙂

  4. I am against any and all types of fitness shaming–if you are making the effort, you are making the effort. And besides, running on the tmill can be just as hard to sustain without injury as running outside due to the strain it puts on your hamstrings!

  5. I prefer the great outdoors but I don’t care what others do. I think treadmill running certainly is real, it’s a major mental test because running hard and getting nowhere is boring as shit.
    I certainly use the treadmill occasionally, and while it is not my fav it is better than nothing!

  6. I was talking to a guy in Starbucks the other day who said that -20C is his ideal running weather, and I’m sitting there thinking to myself “You, sir, are cracked in the head.” I’ll snowboard in that kind of weather, but the gear is different and I’m not exactly running on ice, trying to avoid breaking my neck/legs. Running is a rough enough sport as it is without all the comparison. The community should be supportive instead of turning its nose up at how someone chooses to train.

  7. I ran in hail for the first time yesterday, my face still hurts and as much as I get bored on the treadmill I agree it’s better than sitting on the couch and most definitely better than running in hail! 🙂

    1. I can completely relate to that! My first 18 mile run ever was an out and back course (first mistake). When we got to the halfway point, I just started hailing. It was awful and painful!

  8. If the gym I go to had better temperature control and a TV, I’d run on the treadmill a lot more (I have only run on a treadmill there once, I was covered in sweat because they keep it really warm in my gym, if the weather is so bad I can’t run I do one of their many group fitness classes instead). The weather is usually pretty nice in SC and typically I run with other people so we run outside, but I’ve done my share of treadmill running. A lot of my first half marathon, I spent training on a treadmill. It can be a good training tool and excellent for bad weather or if you’re short on time.

    I don’t know why others on social media care so much about how or where someone else trains or what they do. It’s not just social media though, one guy I know told a girl she wasn’t a “real runner” bc she said she won’t run without her ipod. Shouldn’t people have enough to worry about with their own lives, jobs, workouts, and trying to stay injury free and healthy, than to worry about someone else’s?

  9. I go back and forth between outside and the treadmill. I really like both, but since I went to college I’ve been outside more. At home I had a state of the art treadmill, but now the gym treadmills just don’t compare.

  10. I totally can see this happening on social media and it makes me give folks a major eye roll. Most days, I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. Since I value my life, I often resort to treadmill running. Heck, as long as I get in some miles, that is a victory in and of itself…despite the location!

  11. I ignore it. I run when I feel like it, and in the winter I generally don’t “feel like it”. I hate the cold and the snow and the ice and pretty much everything. I have been watching these two ladies run every day no matter what the temp is. I’m sitting there thinking how they can they not be freezing? I have done some cold runs this winter (actually Fall, it ain’t winter yet….) and it was like not stop shivering. Plus – some people can’t run outside all the time (kids, jobs, etc) and who cares if they run on a treadmill or not

  12. I definitely love running outside and hate the treadmill, so if possible I try to arrange my runs to avoid the worst weather. If I’m marathon training like I was last winter though, inevitably I find myself on the treadmill once per week at least. I agree that cold rain/freezing rain and hail just suck, along with really hot weather. I almost always choose outdoors or rearrange my schedule though.

  13. I would like to be permitted to run at this point in general, outside inside where ever!

    But, I dislike bad weather so bring on the treadmill. Plus I can zone out and watch episodes of 24 (which I am now working through the series) instead of sitting in bed. I have been shying away from social media lately because I feel there is sooooo much judgement going on. It’s silly. Just do what makes you happy!

  14. Since I practically live in the North Pole there are SO MANY shaming images of “look at this runner outside when it’s -35C”. Sorry. No friggin way. Nope nope nope. Ima choose to not run (because whatevs) or hang out with my good friend the treadmill.

  15. It’s always been the reverse in my mind: people who run on treadmills, particularly for long runs, seem the most badass and dedicated/disciplined to me. That’s probably because I find running outside infinitely preferable to the treadmill in all conditions except for sheet ice. Some of us love treadmill running, others don’t, and others like myself are stuck with bodies that freak out at the repetitive motion of the treadmill. I would absolutely love to be able not to worry constantly about the ice stopping me from running because I could just go on the ‘mill instead, but sadly injury prevents me from doing so.

    All of this posturing and pretending to be superior really has to stop…honestly, the only things that matter are race times, and yours more than do the talking. You enjoy your treadmill runs, and nuts to anyone who looks down on you for doing so.

  16. Although I prefer to run outside, and will do just about anything to avoid the treadmill, I completely understand that others may make the choice to run on a treadmill. There was a time a while back when I always ran on the treadmill (hard to believe now) and just because I run outside now it doesn’t make me a better runner, its just my preference and what works for me at this point in my life.

  17. I’ve noticed that weird mentality on social media, and it’s probably partly why I don’t run very much. But there really is no reason not to run on a treadmill or in the rain or wherever the heck you want to run. Thanks for posting this.

  18. The internet can never leave anyone alone these days. Nothing we do is “right”. I’m grateful to bloggers like you who challenge trends and remind us to be true to ourselves. It’s actually a blessing in disguise that I have no concept of miles and pace (in miles)… I just read the training recaps for what they are and am more interested in hearing about the thoughts in between the actual specific details of the workout. I purposely try to stay “stupid” so that I don’t get caught up in mileage comparison traps. 😀

  19. Thank you! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my treadmill. I do on occasion like running outside, and have gotten up to weekly in some seasons..but not for long – schedule, weather, habit, safety, convenience are all reasons I mill it. (and I do feel “guilty” or “less” of a “real” runner or whatever sometimes b/c I do treadmills when I see others running outside in horrible conditions, being so hardcore)

  20. Personally I prefer to be outside, I don’t mind running in a variety of weather but I know that’s not the case with everyone and I’m not going to tell anyone their doing it “wrong”. I agree with you that social media creates a lot of comparison, but at the same time it creates a community of people that share what I like to do that I wouldn’t connect with otherwise. So I guess I’ll take the bad with the good and remind myself who cares what everyone else thinks is right and do what I want.

  21. You know my opinion on this. I hate cold weather and I hate WINDY cold weather. If I want to run on the treadmill I do with no apologies. Why would I go be miserable for 10 miles when I can safely avoid ice, listen to pandora, and have my beverage of choice within reach if I can? I’ll be a treadmill lover til I die 🙂

      1. Kris–I feel the same way about the treadmill–why would I be miserable for 10 miles when I can go outside? : )

  22. I run on the treadmill all winter. I honestly like the gym environment and it’s dangerous outside (cold, icy and hilly). The old people who are in the gym with me are so cute and it really makes my day to see them still plugging along well into their ages. I never thought to feel bad about that…you’re right, who cares?

  23. I definitely prefer to run outside and +100 points if it’s on a trail. But sometimes weather and other conditions force me inside on the treadmill – and that’s OK. And if people have the opposite opinion – that’s just fine. I might think they’re crazy but so what – it’s not my business. And if you’re running in crazy weather……..you’ll probably get a shake of my head and then I’ll forget all about you.

  24. So…for ME, not anyone else, running inside on a treadmill is not running. It’s hell. Running is enjoyment to me and when I’m on a treadmill, I’m not enjoying myself. So I do go out no matter what and I encourage others to try it, too. I think that getting out is always going to surprise you in a good way, no matter how awful it might seem before you go. On Twitter this week I tried to get that point across to a couple of fellow bloggers (you probably saw the exchange) and they felt I was criticizing them. I wasn’t–I was trying to say “get out there and try it!”

  25. This this this this this. ALL OF THIS. I, personally, am a treadmill hater. It takes a lot to get me to want to run on one. There are circumstances, however, when the treadmill is ABSOLUTELY the right call (in my opinion). Every single time I run on the treadmill at my work gym, I invariably get a comment about why I’m not outside and I always feel guilty and end up rambling on for a minute or two with my “excuses” for doing so. It’s BS! How about I’m running on the treadmill because I want to. End of story.

    That was real rant-y for a blog comment, wow. I apparently have a lot of feelingz about this topic.

    tl;dr – stop being judgy, everyone! Let people enjoy their run no matter where, or what, or how fast, etc etc.

  26. SO true! I prefer to run outside, but I totally run on the treadmill if the weather is crappy..my issue with the treadmill is that I get bored very easily! I really don’t care if someone runs inside or outside as long as they are out there doing SOMETHING that is AWESOME. 🙂

  27. I think this is a great post. I personally run inside maybe 4-5 times a year when it’s too horrid out to run… and now that I live in California that number will probably be zero.

    That being said… I think if people ONLY run inside maybe they don’t really love running but just think they SHOULD run. There is something about running that is so primal that it feels best outside, where it was meant to happen. I think the treadmill has its moments, but if people are able to run outside (i.e. it’s safe, good weather, etc) they should. You can zone out in front of the TV when you’re done. Go enjoy nature for a moment.

  28. After realizing that I would have to carry a gun for bears, pepper spray for dogs and wear ice cleats & a headlamp- I got a treadmill for Christmas last week and it’s totally changed my attitude about running :0) now I can run in the house in my underwater if I want and read cool blogs like this! Yay for running anywhere anyhow! Love my summer daylight runs but here in Alaska- yeah put me on my treadmill most months of the year

  29. I love this! I personally run on the treadmill alot. Where I live the only places to run outside is on roads, which I don’t love. I don’t love dodging cars either. I love being outside and running outdoors when I can, but if the weather is prohibitive or its dark and I have to run alone, treadmill it is. I actually enjoy treadmill runs. It’s fun to catch up on my TV shows or if I have to go to the bathroom, having one handy is nice! To each their own, just getting out there and being active in any way is good, so we should all respect that!

  30. Valid point on the treadmill running, honestly… I don’t enjoy running inside on a treamill, but I did my workout indoors yesterday because it was icy as all heck outside and I don’t enjoy tipping over. It’s a really good way to get injured. Additionally, some people love the control of the treadmill. I know a gal that can only run indoors on a treadmill. She is OCD and loves that she can lay out her gels on a table by the treadmill, control the pace to the second, she won’t get stranded anywhere…. it’s what suits her. She loves to run, and this is the form running takes for her. More power to ya, hun!

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