How has your week been?  Thanksgiving was a fun week because it gave a nice break in the middle but I have felt like this week took forever.  I have been working long hours and haven’t been able to explore any new diners lately (I know…the sad life) so I think I’m a bit disgruntled.  HA, I love my job though and the NJ diners aren’t going anywhere.   This is a busy time of the year for us and I have no complaints.  At least I’m not taking finals right now (sorry college kids).

I’ve found myself at a point where I’m reading various articles (a lot more running focused) as well as planning my 2015 race calendar.  I’ve committed to at least one marathon (by committed, the thought entered my mind and I thought it was a good idea).  Once I get a good grasp on how training is going, I’ll “officially” decide.  I do know I have no plans to go to Boston, NYCM or Wineglass this year.  I want a flat, fast and smaller marathon so I have a few that could be contenders.  Once I make a decision I’ll blog about it…because nothing is official until it’s social media official. 


15 Rare Historical Photos (This is really cool!)

37 New Emoji Updates

52 Things You Thought Were True But Aren’t 

Running and Sportz:

Your Perfect Racing Weight (Pretty interesting and as it states not everyone has weight to lose)

Beer and Running A running store with a beer on tap?  I think this is a lot of people’s running dream.

Best Turkey Trots  Does your local Turkey Trot stack up?

Best Fall Marathons (It’s only December and I think Tim and I have found a good fall travel race..teehee)

Should a 70.3 be a prerequisite for a 140.6?  Interesting article (I don’t have a lot of knowledge but found it extremely interesting)


75 Reminders to get through Tough Times A great mental health booster and something I actually printed out and filed it away.


Thoughts About NJ  (My Heart, My Soul, My Life: Wawa.)

True Life: I went to barre class (this is how I assume I will feel..actually I loled and said: yeah I’ll probably never try that)

Ways Life is different at ages 18, 25, 30 

From LOLZ:

Don’t Comment on Someone Elses Food


I haven’t mentioned this yet but I began writing a few articles monthly for the a website RunHaven.  The last few months, I have enjoyed reading RunHaven and articles written by other runners/bloggers because of the overall attitude.  A lot of it is real talk about running such as why is running so expensive, etc.  I’m honored to be a weekly contributor.

Cold Weather Gifts for Under 100 dollars

Taking Time for You

Questions for you:

What articles are you enjoying lately? 

What are you up to this weekend? 



15 responses

  1. My weekend consists of running, going to the gym, studying for a quiz and two finals, take home final, and an annotated bibliography. Oh what fun finals are in college.

  2. If you are looking for a small, flat marathon, Myrtle Beach is amazing (but in February, probably too soon). In the fall, Richmond is pretty flat, and there are only a few thousand in the marathon.

  3. I love articles posts! You always have cool/interesting stuff, too. I’m going to check out the historical pictures, Emojis, and 10 ways life is different at 18, 25, and 30!

  4. Can I ask why no Wineglass? It is even on your ‘top fall marathons’ list. I haven’t decided if I am running it this year – probably not, as it is always right between my wife and son’s birthdays … and he will be somewhere as a college freshman.

    The 18, 25, 30 comparison is interesting but ‘cute’ as someone for whom 30 is a LONG time ago … 😉

    Hoping to run a charity 5K this weekend – well, I already paid for it, just see how it all goes. Would love to run for time, but after hearing how all of the Turkey Trots went I think that will be an exercise in frustration!

    And this time of year is always a mess when you are in retail!

  5. I absolutely love those historical photos and the 52 Things was a fun read. I’ll be headed to the mountains this w weekend to do some snowboarding, which I’m super pumped about. I wonder if I can just fall asleep now and wake up tomorrow before I have to leave 😆

    Happy Friday, Hollie!

  6. I love the Barre article. I think its how my fiance would feel if I took him to my yoga class!

    I’m going to the craft show at the high school – I’m sure I’ll see your mom there. If I do, I’ll be sure to say hi! Hopefully I’ll be able to finish all my Christmas shopping!

  7. Congratulations on being writer for RunHaven – I’m off to check out your articles.

    I laughed my butt off when I read that barre class review. I’m pretty certain that’s how I’ll feel when I get back into cross training. Ouch!

  8. Not sure if you’re considering the Indy marathon on your list but it might be the flattest course ever (at least for the half-marathon). I had a great experience running that half this year.

  9. Right now my Twitter feed has forced me to read about white privilege when cops kill unarmed African Americans. It’s so sad.

  10. Consider doing Grandma’s marathon! It’s a flat, fast course and the staff does such an amazing job. It’s been foggy the last two years that I have been there so you didn’t get the big views of the lake, but it was still scenic along the lake front from what I could see. hah! Think about it! Will be there again in ’15 and would love to meet you in person there!

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